DC doesn’t fucking understand Wonder Woman at all

and cissexism is like 80% of why. like Wonder Woman would never see a man at first sight (unless he’s dressed in how her history books depict them - which is greek men circa 1200 BC or something. BTW Greek men were ridiculously sexist anyway).

Like Steve Trevor? guy who crashed into Paradise Island/Themyscira? The Amazonians might capture him because he’s a unknown person or unknown origins in a contraption that’s probably a weapon and might be an enemy. But they sure as hell don’t capture him because they immediately know he’s a man.

No the Themyscirians are simply a people who only have one gender in society. They would assume Steve Trevor is a woman before he clarifies he’s not. Which, of course, would only turn the situation from bad to worse because a man? on Paradise Island???? Fell from the sky in some death machine???? They’d probably think Man’s World was starting a freaking invasion!

And then there’s Diana, who’s a headstrong, skeptical warrior, but kind and loving to the bone. When her lasso of truth reveals Steve doesn’t mean harm and he just wants to go home, she escorts him.

When they reach D.C. Diana is astounded by 1. the technology/architecture/landscape 2. the shear population size and 3. All these people are men? What!?

Steve is confused. “What do you mean all these people? Like sure there are lots of guys, but there are women too.”

“Which ones? How do you distinguish this”

And then Steve gives a halting, cissexist, generally sexist, overall awkward explanation that just confuses Diana even more. “what do you mean females have breasts? Most children do not have breasts. And why should mere cloth determine anything of one’s gender. Are you trying to deceive me Steve Trevor?”

as you can see i would write a 300% more interesting Wonder Woman comic than anything DC’s put out in the last two decades.