5 things you wouldn't realize about me

Wow! I’ve never been tagged on here before!! Ty Lostmindinseoul

OOOH!!! Apparently they went invisible when I posted from my phone… How odd!!! Although, it would make a funny joke imo to leave the rest blank, I will try to rewrite it here again.

1. I love camping/outdoors. I’ve worked many summercamps and actually prefer sleeping outdoors to indoors. (Sadly I cannot do that where I live now, just not safe)

2. I am a MMORPG freak. I love gaming and have for years. Currently I am playing Wildstar

3. My dream vacation (other than Hajj) is to visit Siberia in the summertime, I hear it’s beautiful.

4. I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunities to school and travel in many countries, having lived in Mexico and Spain. (Fortunate for a Chi-town girl)

5. I love ethnic foods, my favorites being pollo con mole, biryani, ruberi and jelabi.

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