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I know lots of people are always on about Aramis and Porthos together and it is kinda obvious why. But I’m intrigued by Athos and Aramis and their relationship. Just remembered there are two scenes where they also have almost the same lines and are in similar - quite dire - situations.

Season 1, episode 1, Friends and Enemies:
Athos: Come on, shoot, damn you!

Season 3, episode 8, Prisoners of War:
Aramis: Do it. Shoot! Now!

Is it really only that Aramis would gladly give his life in duty to make sure that Grimaud gets killed, too? Or is there more to it? I wouldn’t go as far as to call it a death wish which Athos in the very first episode surely had. I really do miss some kind of talk between Athos and Aramis after this happened. I mean, season 3 is basically full of missing scenes but this really sticks out to me.

Anyone else got any thoughts on this or on Athos and Aramis in general?

nevawaveharp  asked:

King Louis XIV: 10, 17, Athos: 1 and 18


10. Fears/phobias

I absolutely agree with the show and what Louis told Rohan—his biggest fear is being alone. As far as phobias…hmm. I think he might not like snakes.

17. Regrets

Louis thinks he has no regrets, that he’s above such things, but in fact, he very much regrets not convincing his mother to let him marry Henriette.


1. Their physical weak spots

Other than his addiction to alcohol? He’s pretty put together otherwise, although all of those old injuries will catch up with him someday.

18. Things they’ll never admit

That he actually likes Anne even more now that she’s a badass than he did when she was the sweet woman he married.

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heron9moon  asked:

9. humiliating memories - Aramis

Not being a person who feels much shame, Aramis has few humiliating memories. In fact, I’d go so far to say that he’s only felt this on someone else’s behalf, never his own. So, the memory of watching other boys get yelled at while in school will still make him cringe. Same with fellow soldiers getting chewed when the commanding officer aired a soldier’s secrets publicly as punishment. (These memories are also tinged with a lot of anger.) He’s had far fewer of these bad memories since coming under the command of Treville, and that makes him very happy.

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