“He knows the Musketeer motto - every man for himself.”

Preface: Set in 17th century Paris, The Musketeers is a fresh and contemporary take based on the famous characters by Alexandre Dumas - D'Artagnan, Athos, Porthos and Aramis.

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Last Update: February 25, 2014

Spoilers: Please be aware that interviews might contain spoilers. If there are spoilers for future episodes at a link, it will be indicated.

Series 1:

01 - Friends and Enemies (Download)
02 - Sleight of Hand (Download)
03 - Commodities (Download)
04 - The Good Soldier (Download)
05 - The Homecoming (Download)
06 - The Exiles (Download)
07 - A Rebellious Woman (Download)  
08 - The Challenge (Donwload)
09 - airs March 23, 2014
10 - airs March 30, 2014

Please note: Videos/Radio shows on the BBC’s website are only available for a limited amount of time. They are also mostly geoblocked. I use Expat Shield to watch them, but there are other services out there.

BBC One Breakfast - Meeting the Musketeers
➛ Luke Pasqualino, Tom Burke, Howard Charles, Santiago Cabrera

BBC Radio2 - The Musketeers chat to Steve Wright
➛ Luke Pasqualino, Tom Burke, Howard Charles, Santiago Cabrera

Sunday Brunch
➛ Tom Burke, Santiago Cabrera

The Musketeers discuss their training
➛ Luke Pasqualino, Tom Burke, Howard Charles, Santiago Cabrera

The Musketeers on horseback
➛ Luke Pasqualino, Tom Burke, Howard Charles, Santiago Cabrera

Interviews with the Cast of The Musketeers
➛ Tom Burke, Howard Charles, Santiago Cabrera

Peter Capaldi talks about Cardinal Richelieu
Maimie McCoy discusses the merciless Milady
The Musketeer Athos - Tom Burke Interview
Luke Pasqualino went to Musketeer bootcamp
Maimie McCoy: Viewers may hate me
!Contains Spoilers

It’s all for one, hopes the beep
➛ Tom Burke, Hugo Speer, !Contains Spoilers

Musketeers stars talk Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi Appointment
➛ Luke Pasqualino, Tom Burke, Howard Charles, Maimie McCoy, Tamla Kari, Alexandra Dowling

The Musketeers video interview
➛ Luke Pasqualino, Tom Burke, Santiago Cabrera, Maimie McCoy, Tamla Kari, Alexandra Dowling
Tamla Kari as Constance
The Musketeers present at the 2014 NTAs
➛ Luke Pasqualino, Tom Burke, Howard Charles, Santiago Cabrera
■ Peter Capaldi depicts his heavy leather costume
Luke Pasqualino tells us about the secrets behind special effects
The Musketeers on BBC’s Daybreak
➛ Luke Pasqualino, Howard Charles, Santiago Cabrera

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Musketeers Info & Resources

BBC MediapackBBC Musketeers WikiaFarfarawaysite GalleryScreencaps at GrandeCapsAlexandre Dumas’ The Three Musketeers EbookMusketeers Filming Locations

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Here is a recapitulative of the videos dedicated to the visit of The Musketeer’s cast in Paris.

This videos belong to TMC, but it seem’s that some countries have difficulty to watch it. I’ve rehosted them, but please if you can prefer the links to the TMC channel.

Jessica Pope & Phoebe De Gaye interview

Luke & Howard speak about their roles

Tom & Santiago speak about their roles

Maimie speaks about her role

Luke & Howard discover their french voicesçaises.mp4

Tom & Santiago discover their french voices

Maimie discovers her french voice

Santiago’s interview

Luke’s interview