I am accepting submissions of your true music story to be published here and in published book.

Submission Guidelines to ‘The Music Pages’ by happyplayground:

1. Send text only, no limit on word count.

2. No celebrity or musician or band names.

3. This is a call for stories about you and your friends and the culture that makes up music life - NOT the famous people (there’s enough of that already).

4. To be published you must send all of your contact information with the text along with a phone#, NONE of which will be shared with anyone.  This information is ONLY to be used to call and fact check with you, let you know your story is being published, and to have you sign an agreement that allows us to publish it.

5.  You will be given full credit for your story.

6.  Keep it real.  Dont try to write a pulitzer prize winning novella (unless you feel so inclined), just share your fun times, your bad times, your memories, your last night.  We want a candid, authentic, and interesting take on what its like being a part of the music community.

7.  ONLY stories sent to ctaylor3333[at] email will be viewed.

8.  Thank you.

Interdisciplinary Maker & Art Director Christine Taylor