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Okay, so we all know that Kermit the Frog would be the ideal fit to play the various Jojos in a Muppet adaptation of Jojo’s bizarre Adventure, but I’m still wondering which muppets’d be best fit to play Speedwagon; Dio; The Pillar Men and Pucci.

For the Sesame Street adaptation of course, it’s a bit more cut-and-dry. Big Bird would be the various Jojos, Elmo would be Dio*, Zoe would be Father Pucci, and the Grouches would be The Pillar Men (With Oscar as Kars)

But, as for the main Muppet troupe, I’m at a loss. Anyone have any ideas? @isleofrangoon, @rasec-wizzlbang, @polygonalfish? Or, for that matter @sesamestreet, @themuppets?

*Yes, I do remember that Sesame Street has an actual vampire, Elmo’s still a better fit for Dio.