So as you all know, TimH and crew (me included) have been secretly making a webseries for months and months and have recently announced it publicly.

Today The Multiverse released a Behind the Scenes Featurette of the series, featuring an interview with Tim and Jack about the show.

Guess what… that was me… I made that… WOOP WOOP!

Alongside being one of the key production crew on set and in pre-production, my key role was Director of Behind the Scenes (a separate project in itself).

What this meant is that I was on set and filming almost all of the time, when Tim shouted “CUT”, I kept on rolling! It was down to me to capture as much footage as possible and to this day (and still going) I have nearly 1TB of footage… that is a fricken LOAD!

Helping me do my job was a friend called Jordan who attended some shoots and took the pressure off me when I was fulfilling my other roles whenever weapons were on set, along with a few members of our Production Assistants crew who also took some time out to get more experience around the set.

They’ll all receive their credits in the Behind the Scenes section of the main series credits.

A big thank you to Channelflip and The Multiverse for funding the project and for featuring my footage on their channel and keep your eyes out for the second featurette coming soon!

Until next time,
Take it easy!