Westminster seems to be the most iconic place of London… Even if I prefer Camden Town (of course!) Westminster ist amazing and it always feels great to be there. And when the weather is grey and cloudy, the river Thames looks dark underneath the Westminster Bridge and You hear the dark and full sound of the Bells of Big Ben… Then You can imagine how it must have felt in the 16hundreds, when the fog over London gave birth to hundreds of thousands horror stories…

London, I ♥ You!

Fuck people, fuck commitments, fuck  family, fuck friends every one is always i lying fucking 2 piece sack of fucking shit who doesnt care about noone but themse;ve, time to solve this problem and go the easy road. 

Another shot I took on my Day Trip to London! Thanks to my friends who waited patiently until I took the picture I wanted 🙌 #london #greatbritain #awesomefriends #england #unionjack #westminster #parlament #bigben #ben #londoneye #westminsterbridge #bridge #langzeitbelichtung #water #themse #wasser #green #penisbrücke #westminsterabbey #ryanair #sonyworldphotographyaward #swfa #brücke #canon #canon_photography #hot_Shots #60D #doreenhatkurven #ndfilter #sirui by timo.pd

Auf den Brettern übers Wasser  

Für wassersportbegeisterte Trendsetter ist Mecklenburg-Vorpommern ein Urlaubsland par excellence

Für einen kurzen Moment könnte man meinen, am Picadilly Circus zu sein. So sehr ähnelt der rote Doppelstockbus den legendären Wahrzeichen des Londoner Nahverkehrs. Doch dann schweift der Blick und sieht Wasser, das definitiv nichts mit Themse zu tun hat. Es ist viel Wasser. Flaches Wasser. Ruhiges…

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According to official documents in the National Archives, 763,000 German civilians died from starvation caused by the blockade with another 150,000 deaths due to the 1918 flu pandemic. While the British and US public knew about the desperate situation, no one informed them about the atrocious policies that generated it. 1812 German officials protested but to no avail. Georges Clemenceau and Wilson sided with the Polish officials, many of whom were closet Bolsheviks. British officials tried to reason with Wilson so he temporarily distanced himself from Clemenceau and then reverted to his position of granting the same consideration to the invaders as the victim. He said, “Since Germany and Poland both claim these people (Silesian Germans), wouldn’t it be wise to let them decide for themse…