American Candy

Lyric’s heels clicked on across the warehouse as she walked forward. Her eyes shifted around the room as she watched her employees package drugs. They all wore bikini and were subjected to daily cavity searches. Her lips curved into a smirk as one of dealers came forward. She had the large drug empire in the city so she had multiple people working for her. She grabbed the money from the other, counting it. Her eyes darkened in disapproval. She slapped the other.

“You’re 500 short, bitch, you trying to hold out with me?” she pulled out her gun, placing it against the other’s forehead. “Don’t fucking lie to me”

Es gibt wenige Städte, die zu jeder Jahreszeit in vollem Glanz erleuchten.
London ist definitiv so eine.
Unzählbar viele urbane Highlights, die es zu entdecken gilt. Denn neben Shopping und Sightseeing steht auch die multikulturelle Vielfalt der Stadt im Mittelpunkt.
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