boyfriend!noh taehyun
  • this golden boy i can’t
  • he’s your boyfriend and best friend at the same time
  • have you seen like he didn’t cried when got eliminited but cried when sungwoon got choosen for 11 place
  • that’s what i’m talking about
  • this boy is so clingy you won’t believe this
  • he always need to hold you hand and it could be the hottest day in summer and yall are gonna be sweaty af but he still have to hold your hand
  • play with your fingers or rings when he’s nervous
  • basically plays with your fingers all the time
  • he’s like that little overhyped kid thats always excited about everything
  • saying cheesy/cringe comments out of nowhere and getting embarrassed
  • for example what he said to 
  • you guys are in place where there’s so many flowers and you’re just panicking bc there are so many bees
  • “now i know why there is so many bees around you”
  • get it wink wink bc you’re a flower wink wink
  • dancing 24/7
  • and asking about your opinion on his dance
  • the cutest dates with this boy
  • watching stars while laying on blanket at 3am 
  • he have the most original plans for your dates
  • like making couple cups with clay and painting them
  • taking pictures of you all the time
  • have a separate album for your pictures and when he’s sad he just look at them
  • sings at the most random time
  • singing for you when you can’t fall asleep
  • if you’are shorter than him then get ready to be teased
  • but if you’re taller than he always gonna try to stand on his toes next to you and be all proud when he’s taller
  • couple shoes and rings
  • he’s your supporter number one
  • he’s so proud of you and always show you off to his friend and members
  • he’s just the cutest


“Have the Maester ready a raven please Lady Brienne” Sansa let out a small sigh. “It is time to inform his Grace of my condition”.

“Your condition my Lady”? Brienne asked tentatively.

Sansa smiled softly at her sworn sword. “I have been off my food and retching every morning for moons now Brienne” she placed a hand upon her slightly swollen belly, her lips quirked into a smile as she looked down at her growing body. “I do believe you know what it is I speak of”. 

Brienne returned her Lady’s smile. She had known - she had known for some time. “I shall have the raven readied for Dragonstone my Lady” Brienne said, turning to leave before changing her mind and taking a step forward. She opened her mouth as if to speak, only to close it again before any words escaped her. “Sansa?…the father?…I made a promise to your brother to keep you safe…if someone has forced themse-”. 

“Jon will know who the father is” Sansa interrupted, her smile melting away from her face as she stroked her stomach and stared at nothing at all. “He’ll deal with it when he returns”.

B.A.P As Fathers


  • protective af (especially if he had daughters holy)
  • would be unable to resist the wishes of his kids
  • he’d love playing with his children
  • his children would bring out the inner child in him
  • he’d always be smiling when they were around
  • never push his children to pursue a career or profession that they didn’t want
  • would always encourage the dreams of his children
  • he’d correct his children when they did wrong
  • if he was away on tour, he’d facetime his wife and the children whenever he could
  • whenever he had a stressful or tiring day, his kids would be able to effortlessly cheer him up (like just the mere sight of them would bring a smile to his face)

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  • he’d turn his smols into little fashionistas omg
  • he’d buy them clothes from differrent countries he visited while on tour
  • teach his smols the way of the Janggu
  • he’d be very accepting of his children’s flaws and would teach them to see the good in them
  • sing lullabies to them every night
  • he’d love playing dress up for them
  • he’d pretend to be their knight and would join in on any of the games they were playing
  • i feel as if himchan had daughters, he would love to do their hair for them 
  • would love taking them to play dates
  • would always ask for a kiss before they went to school

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  • very understanding of mistakes his children make
  • the type to read bedtime stories to his children
  • he would love playing with them
  • sing to them whenever they had nightmares
  • the type that goes along with the whole “monsters under the bed thing” and turns into their childrens hero
  • would find his children’s antics very amusing
  • would love to play with them (like if his daughter(s) was playing with dolls he’d ask if he could join in)
  • would constantly call his daughter “his princess” and his son “his little warrior”
  • whenever his children got even the littlest bit injured from playing he’d be so worried 
  • he would let his children put makeup on him and play with his hair

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  • very nurturing
  • take a lot of pictures of them
  • the type to literally film anything and everything they do and ask you to do it for him if he had to go away on tour
  • he’s be proud af of his kids
  • he’d love to tickle them omg
  • he would kiss his kids head and tuck them in every night
  • he would hang his kids drawing on the walls and even frame some of his favorite ones
  • he’d feed them a lot so they’d be strong and healthy
  • he’s the type to cry on his kid(s) first day of shcool bc he’d be attached
  • he’d always encourage them to do and tryt heir best in everything they do

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  • he’d be the quiet protective type of dad while at the same time being very laidback
  • he’d express his love for his children a lot through actions rather than words
  • he’d save the “I love you”s and the “I’m proud of you”s for special occasions so that they carried more meaning to them
  • introduce his children to the world of manga
  • i can see him buying his children pokemon costumes for halloween lol
  • teach them how to dance if that’s something they wanted
  • he’d be so supportive of everything they did
  • he’d make sure to show up to every school play/performance his child was in and would continue clapping even after all the other parents had stopped
  • he wouldn’t show much physcial affection but he’d lowkey love it when his children hugged him or clung to him
  • His kids would think he was so cool bc of how he let them do stuff as long as they stayed safe

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  • very playful (he’d be the most playful out of all the members)
  • push for his children to learn other languages
  • he’d tease his children a lot
  • bring his children souvenirs from the different countries he’s visited while on tour
  • make funny faces to get them to laugh
  • take a lot of pictures of them
  • would always dance with his kids and try to teach them to rap and skateboard
  • i can also see him being a very active dad and taking his children on a lot of adventures
  • always lift them on to his shoulders and give them piggy back rides
  • he’d always lift them up and marvel at them in awe, amazed that they were his

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Thank you to the anon who suggested this! THIS NEARLY KILLED US WITH FEELS!! We wilI most likely also make one of these for BIGBANG and BTS some time in the future!!!

~Admin K-(hope) + Coffee

A walk by the Thamse with England

Requested anonymously

The people seeing you both walking down the street, would compare you both to the sun and moon. As different as day and night yet complimenting eachother perfectly, you were the textbook example of the saying opposites attract. While you were beaming your boyfriend trailed behind, wearing a rather grumpy expression which was mainly caused by the typical English weather. It was raining cats and dogs, but under the aspect of getting to see one of the trademarks of London, it was unable to dim your mood.
The sooner you got to the famous river of London however, the better the weather got eventually resulting in a sunny day with only a rainbow serving as a reminder of the former rain. While you had your suspicions about who was responsible about this abrupt change of the weather, you feigned ignorance and plpayed along. Having arrived there, the realization that the real deal was much more impressive than pictures on the Internet or in in textbooks.

He tried, he really did, but England couldn´t help but smile at your awestruck Expression. After having the privilege of seeing the Thamse along with the bridge everyday he tends to forget just how much of a tourist attraction it actually is.

Deciding to stick true to his selfproclaimed title of a gentleman, Arthur took your arm and lead you down the Thamse. Making sure to add informations he found interesting, he represented the nation of Britain there was nothing he didn´t know. Considerate of your knowledge of English, he kept it as easy as possible. This was meant for your enjoyment and not to confuse you with words you didn´t know yet. Not everyone grows up with English and Arthur respects that, even offering you to teach you if you want to.

As the sun began to set you left with your camera roll full of selfies with him in front of the Thamse or pictures of you goofing around. You were amazed by the fact that a river in such close proximity to a capital was left mostly unpolluted.

“We come back here, yes?”

Seeing you try your best at English along with your adorable smile, he was in no position to decline your request.

“If that´s what you want, sure.”

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Gerard Lacroix and Ameliee

                     SHIPPING MEME || ACCEPTING

send me a pairing and I’ll tell you who:

falls asleep on the couch: gerard. he is Tired™

makes friends with the neighbors: probably both of them. amélie’s a little more introverted i think but if they have good neighbors then she’d also befriend them

is the adventurous eater: i feel like gerard is always coming up with weird new ideas or getting excited about trying some crazy thing. amélie goes along with it as long as its not too ridiculous. she’s a bit of a food snob

hogs the covers at night: amélie. she doesn’t mean to, but she just gets all wrapped up in them. gerard thinks its cute

forgets to do the dishes: gerard for sure. amélie scolds him and he gets overly dramatic about how much he loves her and how she’s the light of his life and he’s so sorry. then she makes him do the dishes

tries to surprise their partner more often: gerard. he just really really loves her and loves seeing that glimmer in her eye when he surprises her with something she likes

leaves dirty laundry on the floor: hm neither. gerard would be more prone to tho

stays up til 2 AM reading: both of them

sings in the shower: gerard does it loudly, amélie does it softly

takes the selfies: both of them. they’re either perfect with both of them looking absolutely unfairly flawless or they’re silly and gerard looks absolutely ridiculous. amélie’s always still so beautiful in those but either has a fake stern look or she’s laughing

plans date night: gerard. he likes spoiling amélie and having everything taken care of so she can just enjoy herself

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Who is messing with your L o S e RS, Sewer Daddy? - pennywises-tiny-dancer ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽˆ

Wh O   Wi ll 
So O n  F iN D 
theMSE LveS
Com ING  A p AR T

I think itโ€™s important to note and interesting that I canโ€™t recall it being mentioned in discussions on Wufei that his colony, L5-A0205, was going to be the colony they dropped in the original Operation Meteor.

Let that sink in.

It was Wufeiโ€™s home they were going to drop on Earth.

I think this a wildly huge factor in understanding Wufei and his motivations/actions. So letโ€™s get all up in this shit.

(also just an fyi, all of what I say is based off of the english dub at this time, since Iโ€™m finding it hard to find subs that donโ€™t feel like theyโ€™re dub script subs.)

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Okay but what I find great about KH is that is isn’t *just* a disney/ff love child.

They aren’t just using disney stories for the sake of using them but rather exploit their narratives to ask rich and philosophical questions while also in some cases using the characters as direct parallels to their original main characters.

Like they use stories like Pinocio and Beauty and the Beast and question what it really means to be a living feeling being or explore the themse of having your humanity striped away from you.

Like, honestly, it’s such a great narrative and I’m getting all giddy over it again.

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hi! how would each function flirt? like, what are the tactics of each function when it comes to flirting? thank you and i hope whatever you do today, youre doing something you love! xx

Si: looks for little ways to be helpful or indispensable to you, is probably the person you’ve friend-zoned

Ni: generally dislikes flirting, secretly tries to learn as much as possible about you, prone to stalking behaviors so you’ll feel like someone’s always watching you

Ti: not great at flirting, keenly observes your behaviors, probably makes somewhat pathetic or awkward or even weirdly aggressive attempts to impress you or get your attention

Fi: no strategy, acts erratically, does weird impulsive unpredictable things, gets giddy when you pay attention, the shy ones have a knack for magically disappearing from view when you notice them

Se: tries to impress you with their shiny qualities/skills/talents, will do fun/creative things to make you feel great about yourself

Ne: becomes weirdly and intensely fascinated with you and asks you lots of questions, they may not realize they’re flirting hard with you

Te: painstakingly constructs the perfect environment or conditions for things to… happen, awkwardly tries to “steer” you towards things happening

Fe: goes the extra mile to be warm and friendly, possibly invites you out to all the various group things, suddenly takes a lot of interest in your interests

Nalu Soccer Au: Red Card

Here I go again with another multi chapter story. I won’t post it on fanfiction until some other time

Well I know this isn’t smart of me to start yet another story but @illustraice inspired me to make a Nalu soccer au and well I started typing away lol. I really hope you like it! This was made in a 3 hr car ride in the trunk of my own car with my phone so excuse typos *sigh*

Story name: Red Card
Rating: T for now for colorful cursing, suggestive themes, kissing, etc.
Pairing(s): Nalu with a side of Sting x Yukino, Gajeevy, Gruvia, and Jerza
Summary: Lucy had always been a hard core soccer fan despite her girlish appearance. Her idol, Fairy Tail’s number 14 and forward, Natsu Dragneel. When by chance she’s gifted tickets for a meet and greet of her favorite team, she excitedly sets off only to unknowingly bump into a disguised Natsu who was on the run from his fans. What could this encounter unfold? Nalu

Setting the Net

Full on concentration. A complete and calculated concentration. Swift movement of feet and disheveled grass thrown aside by the quick and very sudden movements. The ball kicked with such grace as it soars and rolls to its next caretaker until it finally, with a piercing blow, is sent past the white line known as the edge of the net. The greatest excitement and disappointment all in one go. Cheers from those who saw the glorious entrance of the ball while the others yelled a string of curses or slapped their hands on their face knowing that was a point for the team not of their own. Soccer, a sport of passion.

“Yes! Gooool!” A blonde squealed prancing around the room with her arms flailing about her face contorted in joy and her chocolate brown eyes glowed. “Uh, L-Lucy, you really do love soccer, huh?” A silver haired girl with brown eyes smiled nervously from the couch as she saw her friend go crazy around their apartment living room. The blonde turned to her roommate as a blush spread at her cheeks.

She scratched the back of her head sheepishly. “Sorry, Yukino. It’s just I’ve loved soccer since forever. It’s so exciting! It’s such a rush even when you yourself aren’t playing.” Lucy breathed dreamily as she went to slouch on the couch. The silver head could only examine her. Her blonde locks in a high pony tail. The meticulously applied make up on her face in addition to the perfect manicured nails. The pale pink dress at her thighs and even the nude heels. The epitome of girlish. At that Yukino let out a snort of amusement, startling the blonde.

“W-What?” Lucy questioned as she saw the woman beside her begin to laugh to herself. “S-Sorry! It’s just…your looks…totally contradict your hobbies and interests”, Yukino apologized while still chuckling in between her explanation. The blonde shrugged thinking about it herself as she allowed herself to giggle at the truancy of the words. “You’re right, which is why I can’t date a guy unless I cab talk to him about soccer”, she joked lightly.

Another fit of giggles and Lucy was yet again entranced with the game going on the tv. No one, but Yukino knew at the university about Lucy’s infatuation with the sport. Not the blonde would mind them knowing, but she liked it better that way because boys would tend to kiss up to her for a date and knowing her secret would only lead to a fake ‘same’ interest on their part. Yukino blinked when she noticed Lucy’s eyes brighten up suddenly when a specific player got the ball with ease.

Yukino looked at the male player and noticed off the bat, the pink colored hair he possessed along with some beautiful emerald eyes. He wore a red jersey with a fairy insignia at the left side of his chest with the words ‘Fairy Tail’ right under. The number 14 was plastered at the back with 'Dragneel’ written above it. “Do you like him?” The silver head asked suddenly as the blonde squeaked in response. “I love him! Natsu Dragneel is just amazing. He’s Fairy Tail’s prodigy, their best forward followed by their second forward and number 11, Gray Fullbuster. What I would give to meet him”, Lucy explained with such a love struck expression on her face. Yukino let a discreet smile pass her lips as she retrieved her purse lying behind the couch.

“Hmm, is that so, the I’m sure you’d like these”, the petite girl sang as the blonde turned to her. Yukino held two tickets in her hand and waved them teasingly in front of the blonde’s face. Lucy tried looked over them and read the words “Fairy Tail meet and greet 5pm at Magnolia”. “Oh. My. God!!!” Lucy yelled as she hugged the silver head tightly.

“Where did you get those?” Lucy questioned as she looked at Yukino as if looking at a goddess. the latter only smiled knowingly. “Oh, I have my ways, and just so you know, this is today just when they’re game finishes~ So you should retouch your make up, and go or else you’ll be late”, Yukino sang as Lucy jumped up to run into her room while still squealing uncontrollably.

“Oh boy, if only she knee how I got these she’d go crazy”, the silver head smiled to herself.


No later, Lucy had run out of her apartment, purse in hand and tickets safely inside. It was 4:30 and she’d be late if she didn’t hurry up. “Dang! My make up and finding my jersey took longer than I thought”, she scolded herself. She’d put her jersey in her purse for her idol to sign and just the thought of seeing him made her heart race. So much, in fact, that she’d started running again to ensure she would definitely not be late. She crossed the street despite the crossing sign with the red standing man lighted up. Looking around for any policeman, she ran down the street.

She squeaked apologies as cars honked furiously at her reckless action as she ran towards the other side. She almost felt panic rise in her when she noticed the train bars begin to lower signaling the subway coming in the way. “Not today!”, she growled as she kicked off her heels and carried them from the straps as she ran as fast as she could. After all, a former soccer player like herself was still just as fast as she used to be as she sprinted down the street.

The bars lowered and she picked up the pace managing to go under them and running past as the subway train began to pass over. She fist pumped the air feeling a sense of victory and she leaned down to set her heels on the floor. She wiped her feet from the light dust and dirt on them and looked around making sure no one had seen her, which she doubted since the street was bustling with people and cars.

Regardless, she strapped back on her heels. She breathed relieved for a few seconds before continuing to run taking a sharp left turn and hitting straight into someone. She fell back with such a force on her bottom that she almost cried from the sting especially from the scrape at the side of her leg when she fell backwards. Out of all things, she just had to go and get herself hurt. She even figured her dress was a little dirty now.

“Shit! Oi, are you okay?! ” a male’s worried voice questioned as he looked around him as if looking out for someone. However, he looked down to her bleeding leg. “Oh, man that was a stupid question”, he huffed embarrassed as he offered to help her up. She wasn’t really angry since he was being so attentive. She took his hand and was shocked with his strength as he picked her up effortlessly. Lucy felt weird though, there she was allowing a complete AND suspicious stranger treat her to some coffee after properly treating her wound. He was wearing a red hoodie and his face was for the most part concealed. That made him even more suspicious, but he had helped her and was now in a public place with her so he would probably not be a danger

“Uh, you really didn’t have to buy me coffee”, she finally interrupted the silence between them. The way his form was positioned gave off an apologetic vibe. “I had to. I did hurt you really bad”, he motioned to her leg which now had a scab where it had healed when he had carefully cleaned it. She felt slightly guilty for making him feel unintentionally responsible.

“I mean, I was running too so it was partially my fault. Thank you, regardless”, she smiled. “Why were you in such a hurry, anyways?” he asked interested in continuing their conversation. She blushed at that trying to formulate the words to say.

“Meeting up a boyfriend?” he chuckled, but she shook her head and crossed her arms defensively. “Definitely not! Er well, I don’t really have one”, she muttered.

“No way! You’re beautiful! How does someone like you, not have a boyfriend?!” he questioned almost outraged and seemed to look away when he realized what he said. The atmosphere became awkward as she answered his previous question. “ W-Well, I was… heading off to Fairy Tail’s meet and greet”, she finally confessed as to which the stranger perked up. “You like soccer? I mean are you going to see the 'hot guys’?” he questioned.

“Well, not really, I mean the guys being hot are a plus, but had they not been handsome I’d still definitely go”, she smiled fondly as leaned on her elbows. “Why?” he followed up.

“Well, I’ve loved soccer and Fairy Tail since I was young. I remembered watching Igneel play when I was younger”, she began to explain before the latter interrupted her. “You knew Igneel?” he questioned startling her. “Yeah! He was one of the reasons I myself played soccer from middle school and high school, but then I just stopped after my father demanded I quit that nonsense and then Igneel retired”, she sighed sadly a longing beginning to show in her voice.

The stranger remained silent and Lucy almost felt he was judging her. “I’m strange, aren’t I? A girl and a girlish one at that who likes soccer. You must be bored”, she sounded apologetic. “ Not at all. I think you’re awesome! But don’t you think it’s waste of time to go to superficial meet and greets?” he questioned. She hummed in thought before giving him a wide smile.

“Of course not. For real fans like myself these events are the world. The players themselves might not realize that it means the world to them. To see the person you admire, your idol, in person, is a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to meet Natsu Dragneel. He was my idol after I first saw him play. His skill on the field is spectacular. The smooth passes, the force of his kick and those rare occasions of corner kicks as they curve beautifully is something I’ve always admired. I have hope that he’ll become the next Igneel. They do have a similar style”, she explained so animatedly.

“You really think so?” he almost muttered. “He’s amazing! Of course, he can. If he keeps playing as passionately as he always does. I believe in him”, she chuckled. “You speak so fondly of him even though you haven’t met him”, he laughed. She blushed furiously. “I k-know, but I feel he loves soccer more than anyone just like me which is why I talk like that”, she sputtered embarrassed.

The stranger just gave a hearty laugh and Lucy felt she really liked it after how reserved he had been at the beginning. “I’m Lucy by the way. Lucy Heartfilia”, she smiled. “Hey, isn’t the meet and over, Lucy?” he asked her and she looked at her iPhone’s clock. Her face immediately deflated, but then she huffed and smiled once more. “Yeah, that’s fine. I had a very enjoyable time regardless. I’m just as content watching them on tv”, she mentioned as she settled to fix her belongings.

“I could still get you to meet the team”, he casually mentioned. The blonde looked at him incredulous. “No way!” she squeaked as her grin widened. He only nodded . “Are you like someone important at the event?!” she asked excitedly as he stood as well. “Uh, you could say that”, he smirked secretively as he guided her out of the shop and down the streets.

“So how come you listened to your father and stopped playing the sport you loved?” he asked her as they walked while he dipped his hands into his jean pockets. “Well, my mother died when I was in my sophomore year of high school and I still played soccer even after that but he guilted me into quitting saying that I had to listen to him in my mother’s stead and so I stopped after I graduated”, she sighed looking straight ahead at nothing in particular.

“If you could play again, would you?” he asked as they finally crossed in front of the establishment of the event. “Many more times again and again.” He smiled lightly as he approached the guard at the door. From his pocket he pulled out a tag and without hesitance was led inside as he motioned for blonde to follow him. He led her down a series of complicated hallways holding her wrist to avoid her from getting lost before they reached a door which had big white letters with the name Fairy Tail on it.

She breathed heavily as she tried containing her excitement. He seemed to sense it as he turned to her. “Ready?” He asked teasingly. “Nope, but really nervous and excited”, she muttered as he finally opened the door. “I’m back”, he drawled really casually. “Damn you! I can’t believe you got away with it, flame brain!” a voice howled as Lucy almost felt she would faint at seeing Gray Fullbuster in front of her. He had black hair and dark blue eyes with firm features.

“Oh my god! Gray Fullbuster”, she whispered as she clutched onto the shoulders of the stranger. Gray blinked as he looked at the blonde. “No way! You brought a girl? This is the end!” Gray laughed as all the players seemed to near them in shock. Lucy felt overwhelmed as she met their 2 of their defenses Jellal and Elfman, numbers 3 and 5, respectively and two of their mid fielders, Loke and Gajeel, numbers 7 and 12, respectively. The rest of their team seemed busy getting their things together.

“Hey what’s your name?” the black haired male asked her. “L-Lucy”, she mumbled.

“Okay, idiots, chill. She’s a huge fan and you guys are scaring her”, Lucy’s companion interrupted. “Didn’t mean to. Nice to meet you, Lucy”, Gray grinned stretching out his hand to shake hers. She grinned as she shook his hand vigorously. She seemed to look around in hopes to find her idol and not finding him.

“Hey Salamander take off that ridiculous hoodie already”, Gajeel motioned annoyed. Lucy noticed that it was awfully hot to be wearing such a thing as she looked at him expectantly. He had to be some sort of manager or maybe even a friend of theirs with the way they spike so casually to him. And by Gray’s words, she was probably be the first girl or even person this man had brought with him to meet them team. She was extremely grateful to him for indulging her so.

“Haven’t properly introduced myself, huh, Lucy?” he smiled at her as she nodded in confusion. This whole time he had been nameless to her and she felt almost ashamed. He grasped the hoodie by its hem as he pulled it off with one pull. His shirt rid up a little and the blonde was shocked to see the glimpse of defined muscles. He threw the red hoodie at Gray who cursed under his breath as he shoved it to the floor. “Stupid”, he mumbled irritated. “Chill, ice princess”, he motioned with a cackle.

Lucy returned to look at her companion after he began to laugh at the black haired male and she felt herself remain speechless at the sight of a handsome face with pink spiky locks, gorgeous smile, and beautiful emerald eyes. He stretched out his hand a large grin still plastered on his face and feeling amused as her face became beet red in both embarrassment and shock. He chuckled lightly as he stretched out his hand to her.

“I really had a good time with you. I’m Natsu Dragneel by the way. Nice to meet you, Lucy.”

Welp that’s the first chapter! I hope you guys liked it. I was really excited to write this sort of au. Please do tell me what you think! And wait up for next chapter!!!


Carlo Bossoli (1815–84, Italy)

Landscapes 2: Great Britain and France

Bossoli was a Swiss-born Italian painter and lithographer, who spent his early career in Ukraine. He is best known for his landscapes, vedute, historical scenes from the Risorgimento, as well as his depictions of eastern Europe.

The Devotion of Sound

I’ve spoken on the use of music in witchcraft before – but I would like to expand on that which was previously covered by the use of music (and sound) in devotional works. Vibration and frequency are key components of energy and thusly, tones can mimic and explore these energies. Music, however, is particularly suited as it represents a collection of tones that evolve – often accompanied by words and lyrics that, too, expertly mimic or capture the essence these beings. As such, music is uniquely suited to devotional works.

Most faiths possess an integral musical component, for music has the ability to unite – physically, mentally and spiritually – and (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again) while traditional music is very important, that should not prevent you from new association or the use of modern music that speaks to the same part of you. Don’t cast it out, utilize it. This extends not only to deities, but spirits and creatures of all sorts – whomever/whatever you serve, chances are, there is a song/collection of songs for that.

A few possible options to the use of music in devotional works:

  • Make them a playlistthis doubles both as a means for you to connect, but also shows the spirit that you care, that you have taken the time to create something in their name, something interactive – if you write or make music, even better: Write them a song! I have a particular affinity for this one – as it can put me in the right place, and when any of the songs come on shuffle, they immediately bring the spirit to mind.
  • Dance with themnever underestimate the power of dance and coordinated movement within the Craft. As with music, dance is an extraordinarily important piece of many faiths – it can capture emotion, tell a story, and release tensions. Dance can convey your character or a message of intention to the spirit. Don’t worry if you aren’t a good dancer, they won’t judge you… (Except maybe Xango…)
  • Sing to themit can be something you’ve written or just a song you rather like. You can also sing freely – making noises or composing as you go. This method is great for capturing a moment and giving the spirit a glimpse into your state of mind. I’ve always been partial to singing to the Dead, and they seem pretty receptive (aside from the occasional crotchety spirit). It goes back to showing them appreciation. Not all gifts must be physical. So go forth and sing in the cemeteries!
  • Set a devotional poem or prose to musicthis goes along with writing them a song. It can be a poem you have written or one you have found fitting.
  • Take up (an) instrument(s) associated with them
  • Compose a rhythm that can be clapped or tapped while working or calling to them
  • Sing mantras or phrases that apply to themit doesn’t have to be a whole song to prove your devotion, smaller phrases or poems are just as efficient!
  • Search your range for the tone that matches their impression and begin workings with it

Of course, these are but a few options off of the top of my head: I’d love to hear what you guys do or other suggestions to add to the list!

Photo Source: Burundi’s ritual dance of the royal drums was last year placed on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list ©Carl De Souza (AFP) “ Today, the drums are played for entertainment: but for centuries they were a sacred rite, symbolic of a united kingdom […]”

Ich will um die Welt reisen. Ich will Orte sehen, die ich nur von Filmen oder Zeitschriften kenne. Ich will den Klängen fremder Sprachen lauschen, die Gerichte der traditionellen Küche kosten, zur Musik der Einheimischen tanzen. Ich will in einem kleinen französischen Bistro sitzen und dabei einen Blick auf den Eifelturm haben. Ich will durch die Themse fahren und die Londoner Sehenswürdigkeiten besichtigen. Ich will die italienischen Landschaften bestaunen und in die Sonne lächeln. Ich will bis spät Abends am Meer sitzen und den Wellen beim Brechen zusehen. Wollen wir das nicht alle? Oder zumindest fast alle? Aber wie viele von uns, werden niemals die Möglichkeit dazu haben? Viele. Zu viele. Aber hey, hör zu. Leg dich hin. Egal wo du bist, egal wo du lebst. Ob im Dschungel, in der Wüste, oder im Park. Leg dich einfach hin und schließe die Augen. Ignoriere das feuchte Gras, den staubigen Sand, oder den kalten Betonboden unter dir. Blende alles um dich herum aus. Es gibt keine herumtollende Kinder, keine hupenden Autos, keine Tiergeräusche. Es gibt nur dich. Dich und deine Fantasie. Und glaub mir, davon hast du reichlich. Du musst es nur wollen. Konzentriere dich. Hört du schon das Herz in deiner Brust schlagen? Hört du deine regelmäßigen Atemzüge? Hörst du wie alles still wird? Und jetzt, beschwöre die Bilder herauf. Wenn du keine genauen Vorstellungen hast, dann lass deiner Fantasie freien Lauf, mal dir die Bilder aus, wie sie dir gefallen. Den Eifelturm, den Big Ben, den schiefen Turm von Pisa, den South Beach von Miami. Spürst du, wie der Pariser Kaffee auf deiner Zunge zergeht, einen wundervollen Geschmack hinterlässt? Spürst du, wie der Londoner Regen auf dich herab fällt, dich bis auf die Haut durchnässt? Spürst du, wie dein Körper, nach einem Bissen der köstlichen italienischen Pasta, Glückshormone ausstößt? Spürst du, wie die Sonne, die über die Amerikanische Küste schwebt, deiner Haut Farbe verleiht? Schlendere durch die Pariser Straßen und lass deine Begleitung mit seinem französischen Charme spielen, auch wenn du kein Wort verstehst. Gönne dir einen Besuch in einem klassischen Londoner Pub und unterhalte dich mit Fremden, über Gott und die Welt. Genieße den Sonnenuntergang über der Toskana, während du mit einem Glas Champagner auf dem Balkon eines Hotelzimmers stehst. Mach einen Spaziergang durch die Strandpromenade, schau aufs Meer und lass den Wind dein Haar zerzausen. Du kannst es fühlen, du kannst es sehen, du kannst es hören, du kannst es schmecken. Du kannst es, du musst es nur wollen. Auch wenn sich all das nur in deinem Kopf abspielt und hunderte oder tausende Kilometer von dir entfernt ist – selbst der Gedanke fühlt sich wunderbar an.

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