Take care, my dear family.

I wish you can see what I see.

The three girls, Mom, and I, together in the den. My wife is leaning on my shoulder, talking to Jane, while Lizzie and Lydia are on the floor fighting over new outfits from NYC. For this short while, my family is back together.

I look around and see how much we have changed and I can’t help but feel a sense of pride in saying that in my later years, I still have the chance to grow. And in the course of a few months, these girls have taught me so many things and I could not have known just how much without Lizzie’s videos.

There was a time when all I cared about was if we were going to keep a roof over our heads and how my wife and I were ever going to manage our income. I didn’t think of how I could manage the people I love under my roof because I never thought they needed me. From my youth, I understood how to make my own decisions and resolve things without my family’s help. I shouldn’t have expected the same for my girls and I learned from that.

I have learned that silence isn’t always golden. And that there is a time and place to intrude. I learned that there is hope in finding what you love and with luck comes hard work. I learned that first impressions are not always accurate and peaches are banned from the household. And I learned that my girls are as resilient as they are incredible.

And you, Internet, have been through it all with us. You were there for them when Mom and I couldn’t and I am grateful for that. And now I know that I can take it from here.

This will be my last entry for this diary of mine.

Thank you. For everything and I will miss our time together, but I look forward to the next chapter in our lives and what new things they will teach me. And in return, I hope I can still guide them in the challenges to come.