Echolalia Remix: Why Would You Hate JD He Just Loves You and Wants You to Be Happy???


This is a song with the same four chords 


I cry when I’m hungry. Something is wrong with my brain

terror song (again, sing!)

She asks me how I feel today. I feel like Lovecraft in Brooklyn. Yeah!


You took apart the alphabet letter by letter

(Disappearing, reappearing, out there in the clearing)

Busy hours for joyful hearts and later maybe head down to the pharmacy

I don’t have to be afraid. I don’t wanna be afraid.

(But Jesus what a mess)


I hide down in my corner, because I like my corner

Never get away, never get away, I am never ever gonna get away from this place

(But no one screams, ‘cause it’s just me)

Stay sick, don’t get well

(If not by faith, then by the sword)


Front row: can anybody up here give me the first line of Up the Wolves?