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Oh gosh, those fics were adorable! You have great taste :) I was wondering if you could recommend any others (I'm rubbish at finding good ones)? Any setting is fine.

Boi, you just unleashed the beast lmao I have soooo many recs. This should definitely be more than enough, but if you want more recs, feel free to ask lol


Super Long (150k+):

Battlesong (first bc i’m re-reading it rn 😁) by chaoticspaces

White Shadows by Good Afternoon

(I’ve Never Reached An Answer) I’m Only Given Clues by thefooliam

Wherever the Dandelion Falls by Lingering Lillies

Influence by Sappho’s Ghost

The Best Trick (inc) by dance-tilyou'redead

The Knife Thrower’s Daughter by themostrandomfandom

Find Me Another Life by chaoticspaces

Freaking Super (inc) by LateInLifeTiburon

Sirens / A Sirens Halloween by Cactusgirl329

Love, and Other Drugs by sailormoon19 

Furthest from the Truth (inc) by spiercemint

‘Long’ (100k-150k):

You Gave Me the Word, I Finally Heard byLeighKelly

Flowers of the Bowery by Lingering Lillies

A New Friendship by slaves4hemo

Heartwood by jerzeyredhead

1663 Days by HeMoIsBoss

That Awkward Moment When / That Awkward Moment When 2 (inc) by gurj14

Completions and Connections / Completions and Connections: Baby New Year / Completions and Connections: My Funny Valentine by LeighKelly

‘Short’ (you get the idea):

Cops and Drugs by Fever-Induced

Grill the Heart to Medium Rare by cr0wznest

My Girlfriend’s Sister’s Keeper by bodybroke

Baby It’s Cold by bohemianyc

The Score by gurj14

I Learned A Little Bit About The Good Stuff by heyho

By The Light Of The Moon by thefooliam

Small Town by BeyondCanon

Screwing The Milkman by StraightShark

Don’t Know Why (Just Do) by thefooliam

Now I Know / Love Tomorrow by Kairos27

Angsty AF (get the tissues ready):

Pas de Deux / The Only True Paradises by la rose carnation

Goodnight, Baby / Goodnight, San / Goodnight, Girls (DON’T read these in one sitting, just trust me) by PoppieJoy

Memento Vitae by 0atis

Dance On Our Graves by pleasanthell

ZDay by bohemianyc

Afterimage by Perfectly Censored

The Only Voices Are Me and You by themostrandomfandom

S*mut, more or less:

Unicorn Blood by lehhhgoo

Exposed by MissHeatherMichelle

Lecture by BeyondCanon

Fixed Odds by lehhhgo


In the Hours When We Wait: Ever since she and Brittany decided that, yes, this thing- this awesome just-the-two-of-them, same but different, private, happy thing- that they’re doing equals “dating,” Santana has decided that she wants to make a list of all the best parts. 

But right now? She just thinks that this is perfect, that they’re perfect, that this- just Santana loving Brittany and Brittany loving her- is the whole fucking list, all of it.

for msfire, on her birthday

The flames subsumed the tent.

Fire ate their air. Smoke took its place. Fear threatened to take them, but love pushed up from their hearts as they clung together.

They were at peace, ready to succumb.

The Death card is often read as “Change is Coming”. The end of this world, the beginning of the next. Change was coming. Change was here.

For the central support gave a resounding crack. 

Ashes and flaming canvas rained down.

And one of them realized there was a chance. Change. Air. Fear. Love.

She took her love’s hand, nearly melting, slipped the chain over the broken stump, and ran. They ran together, ridiculously, fortuitously, in a bubble of smoke, the canvas still aloft. They ran to the air.

Injured, exhausted, adrenalized, they ran.

They did not stop. They did not look back. 

They were free.

(a/n: this is completely without permission from anybody. I’m just sharing my headcanon.)

Themostrandomfandom’s Author Interview

Yes, we have saved some heavy hitters for this last week of BrittanaCon Author Interviews!  We aren’t sure if you’ve heard of this quiet little fandom genius who goes by JJ or themostrandomfandom but you should probably go check out her stuff if you haven’t. ;)  Not only is she the best Brittanalyzer around, she’s written on of the most moving and epic Brittana stories to ever exist, The Knife Thrower’s Daughter.  She’s been a big supporter of our Con, we can’t wait for the second annual Dramatic Reading of JJ’s Tags at this year’s convention!!!  Thanks so much to JJ for her support and for taking the time to answer the plethora of questions we sent and thank you to all who submitted them!  Enjoy!

1) What do you think are your particular strengths as a Brittana writer? What do you wish you did better? (Submitted by Lindsey via email)

One of my strengths as a Brittana writer is my ability to write “quiet Brittana” (i.e., Brittany and Santana just enjoying private, low-key moments together). Another one of my strengths as a Brittana writer is in allowing Brittana’s gestures to do a lot of “work” within my prose.

Something I wish I could do better as a Brittana writer would be to write “Snix.” In canon, Santana can be truly caustic, even though I think that, at her core, she is an inherently sweet and vulnerable person. When I write Santana, I tend to heavily favor her sweetness over her edge. It is very difficult for me to write Santana being genuinely mean to people, so I always tend to always vindicate her or even downplay or sidestep some of the harsher things she says.

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BrittanaCon Prompt Project - 14b

AUTHOR: themostrandomfandom (FF account)

PROMPT: High school Brittana going to the movies by themselves for the first time where Santana knows it’s a date but is too nervous to call it that.

PROMPTED BY: allthrumyribs


TITLE: First Time for Falling

Word Count: ~3,700

Author’s Note: Written for the BrittanaCon Prompt Project. I hope the prompter forgives me ‘cause I deviated just a little bit from the prompt; Santana calls this a date, but she’s still a nervous mess about it. So.


Santana runs her hands over another dress in her closet. A ring of discarded outfits lies scattered around her on the floor. She’s already tried on five different options, and she’s wearing number six and considering number seven. A dress is too much for the movies. She should wear jeans. But, like, nice jeans. And a nice blouse. And she should hurry up and make her decision because she still has to fix her hair and makeup, and Brittany will be here to pick her up in less than an hour, and—

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Top 5 AU brittana fics???

First and foremost will always, always be The Knife Thrower’s Daughter by JJ. If you haven’t read it (and I can’t imagine who hasn’t), please do yourself the favor of doing that immediately. (Of course, the equally flawless prequel, A Careless Man’s Careful Daughter is included in that.)

JJ’s Dr. Lopez, I Presume is completely different, short, and hilarious, but just as masterfully written. I die from how cute Santana is every time I read it.

Gorshenin’s aptly named I Need a Medic is also one that I highly recommend. And I always do after I read one of her chapters.

I debated about what really constitutes an AU when trying to pick this one, but ultimately I decided that Beth’s In Echoes most encapsulates the whole AU thing, though, of course, I highly recommend every single word that comes from her fingers.

Louisa’s Dunder Mifflin, Lima Branch is so funny, quirky, and wonderful that I think it’ll have to be my last spot here.

I hope this helps you!

One-Shot: Among the Stars, Just Me and You

Title: Among the Stars, Just Me and You

Pairing: Brittana

Word Count: ~1,400

Summary: “They’re alone together for the first time since they got married.” Canon fic. Set during the events of episode 6x08.

Author’s Note: papertigeress1 asked, “I’m such a huge fan of your writing!! Any chance you will grace us with a fluffy canon Brittana piece?” This is what happened as a result.

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favorite brittana fics ?

So I’m actually really picky when it comes to fics. I like my Santana dorky and my Brittany clever, and I have to be in the right mood for literally any angst, so I actually just reread a lot of the ones I really like instead of finding new ones lol, but here’s some of them!

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One-shot: First Time for Falling

Title: First Time for Falling

Pairing: Brittana

Rating: K+

Word Count: ~3,700

Summary: Prompt: “High school Brittana going to the movies by themselves for the first time where Santana knows it’s a date but is too nervous to call it that.”

Author’s Note: Written for the BrittanaCon Prompt Project (see here). I hope the prompter forgives me ‘cause I deviated just a little bit from the prompt; Santana calls this a date, but she’s still a nervous mess about it. So.

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Fanfiction Recommendations

80s AU by LeighKelly
Against the Clock by GiveMeEverything
Bard for Hire by Cactusgirl329
Completions and Connections by LeighKelly
DJ Snowflake and Scrooge by Cactusgirl329
Dr Lopez, I Presume by themostrandomfandom
Don’t Go Dropping Glass Slippers by heyashleys
Ever After: A Brittana Story by Hemogasms
Faster by LoneGambit
From Cold to Fire by pleasant-hell (sequel to In Blood and In Fire)
How You Want It by gurj14
Let it be by Fanwriting
let me dream the rest by el_em_en_oh_pee
Love, and Other Drugs by sailormoon19
Lover Dearest by privatephilosopher
A Marriage of Convenience by M0nk3ysRUs
Mrs and Mrs Lopez by GiveMeEverything
On The Edge by SkyeBrandleyWorks
Out of Darkness by tinlizard20
Phones by littleoases
Playing House: A Brittana Fanfic by g0dblessthefandom
Recipe for Disaster by FloatYourBoat21
The Road to Unicorn by RainManWithBoobs
Role Reversal by hlnwst
She Who Bears the Shield by Cactusgirl329
She’s the Man by natxtk
Short Change Hero: The Case of Delmonico by 0atis
Sing Me Sweet by daysofinspiration
The Sound of Silence by MissHeatherMichelle
a spanner in the works, you know by acid.glue234
Strangeness and Charm by small frost
Strong Enough by satonawall
Truth or Dare by Sunny Kapowski
We’re not in Kansas anymore by TheHFness
Whipped by Portamento
With One Look I Knew by Sweet82405

Under the cut are fics that I enjoy. If you don’t like something, then don’t read it. It is totally okay to dislike a fic, but please respect the writers and their hard work. Thank you. I hope you find something you like.

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