Welcome to Thunderdome

Yesterday I received a good chunk of followers due to themostinterestingbeard.  He’s an awesome dude with an adorable gal.  So thank you sir.

Well introductions are called for I suppose.  My name is Zach, I’m, married to a hobbit, and I’m a dad blogger. I have twin children, and one day I swear they will kill me.  I’m pretty easy going, so hit me up if you need a bud or an ear.  I do post random music videos, songs, blah blah because..well just because.  

But I digress…so welcome!  Be merry, it’s a celebration.

mammamanna replied to your photo “we all want to be loved.”

Because of what you choose to show me, I see you. because of who you are, I love you. You deserve to be SEEN and LOVED.

i always think of your gigantic little family, mammamanna. i often here RuPaul or somebody verbalizing your screen name in my mind:

“Yes,  mammamanna…eleganza!

 how can someone not look in on you themostinterestingbeard, & the daughterofthebeard, and not feel the power of family & love.

 for opening your lives up to those who want tho share your life, i love you right back.

the family that blogs together, lives forever.


Never shave off your beard or you will die… or maybe just start to suck.


Woohoo! I broke 30,000 views!


360 Degrees of Beard (Extended Cut) - The Most Interesting Beard goes on a trip.


360 Degrees of Beard