Ted waited quietly in the Ravenclaw common room for Andromeda. He was dressed as King Henry the VIIIth (ooc: lolol, it was either that or plain old suit xD) with a plain black mask covering some of his face, mainly arround his eyes. He smiled at a few of the first years who where sitting in the common room, the first years didn’t get to go to anything like this, neither the seconds or thirds so he couldn’t blame them for being interested in what everyone was wearing. He saw a few other people he knew, all dressed up and heading out of the common room down to the great hall.

Cuz Time

Dorry was outside on the grounds, stringing and restringing the standard bow that always hung in her dorm. She wanted to use it but was pretty sure she wasn’t allowed to transfigure up arrows and shoot them, even if it was just at a tree or something. The desire came mostly from people making threats against her little sister lately. It had her all twisted up with anger and worry and her normal outlet was practicing at home. Here she couldn’t do anything to relax, but just holding the bow kind of helped. At least, it reminded her she was capable. She kind of hoped someone would come along and join her though…

The Ball

Dorcas was a bit behind in getting ready and didn’t exactly know where her date was for that matter but she managed to make it into the costume that a friends studying costume design for muggle films had made as a trial piece and magic on her mask. She had to take the stairs slowly but got there eventually, only twisting her ankle once. She spotted Daisy and went over to say hello.

and i'll do anything you ever dreamed to be complete~

Sitting by the hospital bed and waiting for Azalia to wake up, Leo was trying his best to do exactly what anyone would have expected out of him by now– that is to say, he was trying to remain stoic. Apathetic. Any number of other words that people used to describe his characteristically calm demeanor. It wasn’t hard, actually; it was just a matter of closing his eyes and sitting back in his chair and trying painfully hard not to strangle the blond kid farther into the wing who kept asking ridiculous questions. Not hard at all.

He didn’t know what to think about this, couldn’t wrap his mind around it at all. Emotionally, he was coasting somewhere between rage and just… just. Whatever owls had been sent as of late, whatever threats either of them had received, he just hadn’t expected it to actually happen, least of all at the hands of Alecto Carrow. Weren’t they supposed to be friends or something? He didn’t know. He didn’t know much of anything except that he wasn’t going to let it all slide– that, though, was something he’d have to save until after Azalia woke up.

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there's an open door I could just go through

Ophelia didn’t have time to put much effort into her appearance, not that she ever really put much effort into her appearance, so she settled for putting her hair up in a ponytail and tying her tie before throwing her robes on over a ruffled white blouse. She shoved her wand into her robes pocket and headed out of her dorm, which by now had been deserted by her roommates who were all off to breakfast.

She was paranoid of running into Mcgonagall, a prefect or any other professors since the night she started dating Jack. Of course both Heads were in her House as well, but from what she knew of Lily and James, she wasn’t too worried about them ratting her out. Forcing herself not to sprint, Ophelia walked to Jack’s dorm at a slightly faster than human pace. She tripped on her robes a total of four times before arriving in front of his room and knocking on the door.

Echo’s barking sounded from inside the dorm, prompting her to laugh lightly. He would probably make a point of jumping on her at an inopportune moment as he seemed to have knack for doing. She didn’t mind it too much. Well, actually, she did, but she had explained to the canine why he shouldn’t do that multiple times now and he still didn’t get the hint. She assumed he never would.



would anyone like to help me write it / decide the outcome / the score / the key players / etc.? i don’t want to be like the *only* one who decides this stuff and then everyone gets mad at me because they don’t like the results >_< maybe each member of both teams can decide how much / well they did in the game, remembering to include both victorious and failing moments, just to be fair. we can’t all be perfect ^^

also, i was thinking we post the quidditch results as a post to the real-time clock thing? maybe that blog can also function like a mini-news feed, telling people of up-coming events, the results of quidditch matches, any faculty announcements, etc. just an idea. ^^