Cuz Time

Dorry was outside on the grounds, stringing and restringing the standard bow that always hung in her dorm. She wanted to use it but was pretty sure she wasn’t allowed to transfigure up arrows and shoot them, even if it was just at a tree or something. The desire came mostly from people making threats against her little sister lately. It had her all twisted up with anger and worry and her normal outlet was practicing at home. Here she couldn’t do anything to relax, but just holding the bow kind of helped. At least, it reminded her she was capable. She kind of hoped someone would come along and join her though…

hmmn ...

(sitting by the fire, lowering a rock in and out of it while doing homework.) i’ve got the strangest feeling that everyone in the school has something to do and i’m just sitting here, lowering a rock into the fire like some child. |: ;; (mostly talking to self, lets it drop, leans back against a chair near the fire.)

The Ball

Dorcas was a bit behind in getting ready and didn’t exactly know where her date was for that matter but she managed to make it into the costume that a friends studying costume design for muggle films had made as a trial piece and magic on her mask. She had to take the stairs slowly but got there eventually, only twisting her ankle once. She spotted Daisy and went over to say hello.

kitchen escapades are bestcapades.

Since the beginning of time, the idea behind having different common rooms for each house was that they would all be kept secret. Also since the beginning of time, the idea itself had kind of belly-flopped. Not that everyone knew where all of the Common Rooms were, but it really wasn’t that hard to deduce their locations when students came from different directions every morning. At least, Cary didn’t find it difficult—but then again, he was a secret-hoarder. And he didn’t know where the Hufflepuffs’ was, but that was because they were just as good at hiding as they were at finding.

That being said, he didn’t hesitate when Gideon told him to meet him outside of the Ravenclaw common room. Actually, some might even say that he was a little too enthusiastic—who would blame him, though? The truth was that Cary had been spending too much time with books and he was probably going to die of boredom. Literally. Curl up and die. Right there outside the entrance. Gideon would come out and stumble upon his dead body any minute now, of that he was sure.


Because I had to… I just HAD to.

5 Things Wesley Goldstein Wouldn't Bring Up in an Average Conversation.

1. He gets lost easily. By “easily” I mean he still sometimes forgets where his own common room is. When he was a child, his parents tried putting him on one of those child-leashes, only then they forgot that they actually had to hold onto it.

2. His parents used to smoke illicit substances in the house because they are trolly and kind of stupid. He forces them to stop these shenanigans whenever he’s home and writes owls to their friends to make sure they haven’t started up again because he will not tolerate these shenanigans.

3. That being said, he’s never smoked. Or drank. Or done anything really super illegal. He’s scared of being yelled at.

4. His little brother is pretty much the reason for his existence. If ever he “needs” to buy something, it’s probably for Riley. If ever he “needs” to do something, it’s probably for Riley. If ever he “needs” much of anything… it’s probably for Riley.

5. He’s pregnant. He wants to be a Healer because he feels like it’s his responsibility to do something big with the magic he has. It upsets him beyond all belief to see other people hurting (and he’s a sympathy puker) but he figures he can get over it for the greater good.