One of those small joys is waking up to facebook tag notifications that direct me to pretty photos using my corsetry : ) Shown here is the wonderful Mosh and Vishaloo in their black and white shoot. The legendary Mosh flew down to Calgary November of last year for the Crimson Events Hollywood event which Sweet Carousel was a part of. See the ballet shoes in the photos? She not only can stand in them, but effortlessly perform a bold burlesque act with them on too! This further reminds us why she is the one of the top queens of alternative modeling =) This is a great collaboration because Mosh and Visha are both very well known for their flexibility and size. Vishaloo, if you aren’t aware, is a contortionist.

Underbusts by Sweet Carousel Corsetry
Black: Filigree Floral vinyl and satin
White: Nursery Print Cotton toile with yellow flossing
Photo: Jeremy Adshade
Models: Mosh/Vishaloo
Hair: Janice Adshade