Some of you might have been seeing some random art showing up in your tags: here they all are.

They’re doodles based on your blogs! 

From top to bottom, left to right:

Sue, Charlotte, Chris, Janelle, Gabby, and Ela

you guys are all fantabulous 

(i separated them into individual posts here for your enjoyment)

themoonshoes  asked:

I FOLLOW U bc initially i was starstruck bc you wrote the limit and i knew literally nobody else who liked storm hawks and now i follow u bc you're a cool cat and i enjoy seeing you be successful!!

HOLY SHIT THE LIMIT…. still my proudest achievement….. every time I’m reminded of it im like!!!! i wrote that!!!!!! yow!!!!

Amazing, I used to think I was SUCH A good writer back then. And now I look at it and I cringe! 

I wonder how much better I’ll be 5 more years down the road…… (stares into the distance)

themoonshoes  asked:

i wholeheartedly believe that cyclonis's real name is lark. also i get sad if i think about her too mucH

I wanted a redemption arc for her SO BADLY 

half the reason I started writing The Limit was to give her a redemption arc, you can tell she’s my favorite because she went thru the most trauma before earning her happy ending

(the other half was because I wanted Cyclonis to kiss Piper on the lips)