themomentwekissed asked:

I have had a crush on a guy friend of mine for a few months and at one point he found out. he just saw me as a friend so nothing happened. recently a different guy friend zoned me and the guy I crush on told our other friend that I didn't deserve that and that he him self would probably date me now. things have changed I guess because now he considers me. idk what I should do. I really like him and we get along so well but idk how to make a move. please help!

I say just have the balls and ask him to a movie or something. don’t call it a ate tho, just ask him to hang out

themomentwekissed asked:

so I have been talking to and developed a crush on this guy who has started hanging out with my group of friends. my best guy friend introduced us. we have been hanging out and he texts me everyday but he won't kiss me still. he's nervous because he just got out of a relationship but I just want to kiss him so bad. it's obvious he has the feelings but he won't make the moves and I don't want to make a move and then him tell me no. any help would be great:)

You already have your answer, my friend. He’s nervous about kissing you. He has a reason. You know that. Don’t try to make him do anything he doesn’t want to do. When he’s ready to kiss you, he will. Until then, don’t push him, it’s very uncool.