Hey Guys! Guess who’s back. I’m really sorry I haven’t posted much here on Tumblr, I’ve been too focused with some outside things outside of this site and maybe outside of the internet.

Here are some artsy stuff you missed from me, for the past few months that I was gone.

1. Ambi has a backstory now.  He’s a pony born in manehattan and migrated to ponyville to solve some crimes.
2. Hugs for the cute horse?
3. Just your normal cutie drawing, Thunderlane.
4. Pearl Shine, our FB group’s pony mascot. Representing the Philippines for the SeaPonyCon 2017
5. Look, it’s my old OC, Levity! :D

My inbox is open for messages from you guys.

anonymous asked:

Thanks for responding so quickly to my ask about the aging mod! I really appreciate it. I went through all my mods and unfortunately the recent version of MC Command Center conflicts with the aging mod. For example, my sims are about 8 days before aging up into adults, but when both the aging mod and MC are loaded in game, they age up immediately. In fact, I would say themod isn't being recognised because the 56 days that should be there for adults is back to the default 20? Any ideas?

Can you let me know which exactly version of MCCC you are using? I actually don’t think I updated mine after the last patch come to think of it and that might be why I am not experiencing issues. When I read it was just a minor fix, I figured it wasn’t necessary. Let me know. Also wondering what your settings are in MCCC. Have you made any changes to the aging components of it?


lmao, this took long to finish all these first batch of 1500 Follower special, but hey, i finished it!

For this first batch, the following OCs are:

Dissy Luna ( @askdissyluna)

SS Twilight Sparkle ( @ask-ss-twilight-sparkle)

Starlight Sparkle ( @starlight-sparkle)

Snow ( @maxdoodlesstuff)

USA Pony ( @ask-usa-pony)

Guyra ( @ask-guyra)

Cloudbelle ( @karmainthemoonshadow)

Hartenas ( @hartenas-themod)

Skype ( @askskypethepony)

Dulcet Epiphany ( @askbloodsugar)

I MIGHT or MIGHT NOT be able to continue more of this one, but to be honest, I’m having fun doing this even though this took long for me to finish all these 10 because of busy times (mostly games, and i blame that) and the promise about new blog is still a thing but im still not sure what will be the concept of that blog.

((Edit: My long promise to MaxDS were now here, im sorry for long wait))