Kingdom Hart.

Since I decided to get back into the Kingdom Hearts games and play them all through in the hopes of being caught up before KH3 is released, I wanted to remake the classic Sora stained glass image.

I asked @hartenas-themod to name off 4 of his Tumblr friends, although he had no idea what I was up to. He named off @blujetink, @dojero, @darthlucario, and myself.

I had a lot of fun making this and have wanted to make something like this for such a long time. I’m really happy with how it turned out!

Collab between me and @hartenas-themod! I did the sketch, and Hart did the lines and coloring! Honestly I think this came out awesome!

Together we’ve decided my clothing designer, Paisley, is his designer, Rent Coin’s, aunt, and that she was the one to inspire him to become a designer! They’re picking out fabric to make a dress together.


Hey Guys! Guess who’s back. I’m really sorry I haven’t posted much here on Tumblr, I’ve been too focused with some outside things outside of this site and maybe outside of the internet.

Here are some artsy stuff you missed from me, for the past few months that I was gone.

1. Ambi has a backstory now.  He’s a pony born in manehattan and migrated to ponyville to solve some crimes.
2. Hugs for the cute horse?
3. Just your normal cutie drawing, Thunderlane.
4. Pearl Shine, our FB group’s pony mascot. Representing the Philippines for the SeaPonyCon 2017
5. Look, it’s my old OC, Levity! :D

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