Elizabeth Price (United Kingdom) - “The Woolworths Choir of 1979,” 2012

There's Always Room for Mistakes: Cesar Garcia's The Mistake Room That Is


There is always room for mistakes and Cesar Garcia proves it to us with the opening of his art gallery, The Mistake Room. Founded in Los Angeles as a nonprofit organization to display contemporary artists who have not had the chance to be publicized yet, it leaves nothing but intrigue to the natives and visitors of Los Angeles. It also has produced a creative ripple! 

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“I’m a fairly boring, almost well-adjusted person. But I am fascinated by extreme mental states. I love outsider art from people who are exposing some part of human life that would be really uncomfortable for most of us – they do something that touches some part of you and you go, ‘I recognize this person is probably out of their fucking mind, but I recognize that part in myself, too.’”

— David Byrne


Jonas Mekas (United States) - “Walden/Diaries, Notes and Sketches” (excerpt), 1969