So I’m watching Palo Alto (2013) — you know, the movie where James Franco’s character (apparently I haven’t finished it yet) seduces Emma Robert’s character; and who should I find but this gorgeous smiling idiot

He’s been on screen for approximately 30 seconds and has smiled more than his entire 2 seasons as Danny Castellano and I love it (spoiler: it’s coz he’s high as f*ck)

Day 97 — The Mindy Project (Edit)

I just had to make a few adjustments and add some colour! Caught up tonight; can’t wait until season 4. Stephen Colbert cameo was great!

Drawn by hand in sketchbook and coloured in ProCreate on iPad. Adjusted the chin, back of head, and the hanging “y”. Almost @ 100 days.

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The 33 Best Moments From The Premiere Of "The Mindy Project"

Woah, Nelly. Season three of The Mindy Project is kicking ass and taking names already!

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Unfortunately, I believe the Mindy Project will only air on City TV in Canada in November :(

 EDIT: CityTV will be showing the first 7 episodes starting September 16 with a new episode every Wednesday (source)

 Thank you to the anon who sent this in as well


Damn, we were so close to a legitimate, legal, and timely way to watch!

In the mean time nadixoxo has amazingly offered a watchseries link where the first episode is available to stream (the vidbull link loads fastest for me)

Thank you on behalf of all of the international viewers nadixoxo :)

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Don't you think the 'big ass' comment was rough?

I see where you’re coming from, but I don’t think Danny meant it in a serious, angry way, but more of a cute-ish inside joke way –

I also don’t think Mindy (the character as well the real person) would take offence to being told she has a big ass - I know I don’t! If I have learnt anything from Kim Kardashian it’s that having a big butt is a good thing and something to be proud of :)

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It might be easier to watch with a Canadian VPN when it goes up on their CityTV online, too?

CityTV Online

Just from looking this up in under 2 minutes this seems like a much easier way to watch – from what I can see CityTV does not require registration or payment, only the use of a VPN.


If you’re worried about using a VPN you should be able to just google whether it’s legal in your country or not - again, in Australia it is 100% legal.

HOLA has undergone some issues regarding it’s safety, although general consensus is that it is safe to have as long as you turn it off when you’re not using it.

If you’re very concerned about your privacy and security though, (which you should be if you use a personal computer) Unblock US is an excellent service (although it does cost about $5 a month, which I’m willing to pay for guaranteed security as well as the access it allows you to all kinds of site: e.g. CityTV & Hulu).

Of course there are other VPN extensions other than the two above, but use so cautiously and do your research to see if they’re legitimate and safe to use.

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hey where can we watch the episode other than hulu, because i live outside of the US..?

this is something i’m still trying to figure out, b/c i’m outside of the US as well - from what I can see you have a few options:

1.  use a VPN system (like Hola and my personal recommendation Unblock US) and sign up to Hulu (I don’t want to do this though b/c I already pay for Netflix, I’m not going to pay like an extra $10 a month just for Mindy when I’m planning to buy the DVD anyway)

2. use a VPN and someone elses account (good luck finding someone to let you use their account though)

3. wait (and pray) for someone to upload it on a streaming site (e.g. couchtuner) - this method is not exactly above board - I haven’t been able to find it on any sites YET but it only just aired… maybe in a day or two it will be uploaded

If anyone has any other ways of watching the new season, please let me know and I’ll publish it.. hoping Hulu will come up with a way for Mindy’s international fans to legitimately watch the show ASAP

NOTE: (In Australia) using a VPN is not illegal, however using certain streaming sites that have been logged is and use of such can result in a penalty, so please be cautious in doing so if that’s how you’re planning to watch

I’ve gotten a lot of asks revolving around Mindy’s big ass, but these two sum up the varying opinions pretty well –

While both opinions are obviously valid, I tend to agree more with the first anon – it’s just playful teasing as opposed to a serious back handed insult. I think we also need to look not just how Danny treats Mindy, but how Mindy treats Danny. She’s not always so caring and sweet and sincere to him all the time, it’s just how their relationship works. They both give as much as they get and it’s coming from a good place.

Plus, let’s not forget it’s a sitcom, and they’re just jokes that are intended to make us laugh. And every time Mindy gets offended and makes that ‘O’ shocked face I laugh, so I think they’re succeeding!

Thanks for sharing your opinions guys I love hearing opinions about the show and I’ve gotten other asks agreeing :)