So I’m watching Palo Alto (2013) — you know, the movie where James Franco’s character (apparently I haven’t finished it yet) seduces Emma Robert’s character; and who should I find but this gorgeous smiling idiot

He’s been on screen for approximately 30 seconds and has smiled more than his entire 2 seasons as Danny Castellano and I love it (spoiler: it’s coz he’s high as f*ck)
The 33 Best Moments From The Premiere Of "The Mindy Project"

Woah, Nelly. Season three of The Mindy Project is kicking ass and taking names already!
Mindy Kaling Shuts Down Rude Fashion Blogger in the Best Way Possible
It's been a pretty great month for Mindy Kaling: The Mindy Project is moving over to Hulu, she's got a book coming out in September, and the comedian just debuted a sleek new bob we can't get enough of. So can haters just let her live already? Apparently not. Fashion site posted a

Striving for the day we pick each other up rather than tear each other down

When we don’t consider cyber bullying to be ‘news’ and do nothing to combat it

And we are judged based on who we are and what we do rather than how ‘many shades of pink’ we wear