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hanabiisms asked:“Do you want some cocoa?

"Shadow blinked.  “What?  No.  No… is it made with real dark chocolate?  I’ll drink a little if it is.”

She thought about it for a moment, trying to remember what the can said. “Well, I think it said so on the package it came in? It’s dark chocolate, so it’s probably real cocoa.”

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Shadow cringed at the comment.  “What?”  There was only one person Shadow knew who talked like that, and clearly this wasn’t Jack.

“Who… who are you?”  Somehow she felt drawn to this entity, despite the suffocating aura of malevolence.  Then again, she had lived with Chase for who knows how long, and thought that teaming up with an all-powerful witch was a good idea.

   Is that fear it hears in her voice or just uncertainty? Either way this is going to be an interesting encounter. This woman just exudes magic and Yingzi could always use another pretty lady around to play with. Besides, she has just so much hair.

    Always grinning, the mask has an idea. A little showmanship does wonders for making a woman uneasy. The demon steps back into the treeline, fading into the shade. It reappears behind the girl, rising out of her shadow with light glinting off its forming horns. Its hands remain sequestered within black stained sleeves.

   “Yingzi would be what most people call me. The Yingzi Mask more specifically. Or you could go with demon, monster, bringer of darkness, diablo, shade, oni … I got wendigo once.” A memorial sigh. “Ah, that was one bloody summer that did not last nearly long enough.”  


Shadow stared at the page of type.  None of the symbols looked familiar.  Or maybe… no.  She glanced over at Raimundo.  Did he know she couldn’t read?  What would he think of her once he found out?  He’d probably think she was stupid, and just a war machine.  Just another dumb girl with hair for brains, or whatever bimbos had to make up for their lack of grey matter.  Maybe if she just played it off in a cute way he would think of it as sweet.  He might even read to her.  She chewed her lip at the thought.

“Um, Ra-Rai?  What does this word say?”  She pointed to the first word on the page.

“It says ‘chaos,’“ Raimundo replied, fingers ghosting over the parchment to come to a stop where Shadow’s currently rested. “Chaos reigned ere order came; Darkness wrapped the world around; When at last Panku appeared…”

He trailed off, turning his dark eyes to Shadow. They were sitting closer now than they had been when they started. Shadow must have started leaning closer at one point in order to see the scroll spread out across his lap. The press of her shoulder against his was comforting, almost, but not quite, familiar. He hoped she wasn’t inconvenienced. “You recognize it, right? It’s part of the Chinese creation myth.”

Strangers like me || Closed RP

風—          He would successfully sneaked in to Chase’s lair without encounter him, not that he doubted the Heylin Lord knew of his presence, he just didn’t want to see him at the moment. Entering the place he knew she liked to be in the most, Raimundo looked around hiding behind a rock before he spotted her and smiled.

“Psst, psst, pretty girl.” He called her from his place. “Ready to go?”

Spies and Spices

  He was getting hungry again. Rory tossed and turned in the bed that he shared with 13, arms flailing and an angry look on his face. He really hated being hungry, specifically with this type of hunger. Rory rolled out of bed and quietly as the tall can could, he crept out of their room and into Shadow’s domain.

  Rory opened her door a crack and he hissed, trying to get her attention. “Hey. Shadow. I’m hungry again.”

oh, what a shame the you came here with someone...

Jordan slipped quietly into her room, smiling at the sight of Rory snoring on top of her bed, limbs long and sticking out every which way. She set her laptop on her desk and went to her closet, selecting a pair of jeans and a plain grey long-sleeved shirt to wear for the… not-a-date-outing that she was having with Shadow.

After donning those clothes, she grabbed a bright green scarf to make herself slightly more colorful, and stuffed her feet into a pair of tan boots. She also tugged on her black-and-grey-speckled pea coat and put it on, as it was cold outside. She then grabbed her purse, making sure that her wallet and keys and phone were inside, before heading back out to meet Shadow in the sitting room.

She was rather on edge, due to nerves and confusion. But that didn’t stop her from putting a smile on her face as she walked up to Shadow.

“I’m ready to go, Miss,” she said, adjusting the purse on her shoulder.

Shadow and Mark 4: Can I trust you? Should you trust me too?
We shamble on through this hell
Taking on more secrets to sell
Till there comes a day when we sell our souls away!
-The Riddle, The Scarlet Pimpernel


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laid across her bed all nicely wrapped in cloth were a small collection of finely made arrows with unusual metal tips unlike any that had been seen before, beside these sat a small note that said "these arrows are more than they appear to be and are quite valuable so keep them for a special occasion, also this is only half of your gift but I won't be able to give you the rest until I come back from my trip~S"

She smiles when she sees the arrows, and reads the note curiously. Only half, huh? Interesting… She sets the note down and starts examining the arrows, weighing them in her hands. Wow, these are some lovely arrows, very well crafted. She collects them all and carries them to her desk to set them down out of the way.

“Thank you, Miss Shadow…” she murmurs softly, even though Shadow can’t actually hear her.


Ladies, ladies. Please. I have no clue who this M4 is. But as I have announced numerous times by now, my designation is iVIN. 

-His eyes travel the length of each of your bodies, calculations present in his left eye, a gaudy “Parental Control” icon popping up as he tries to guess each of their ages. He smirks at them-

I was not built by Miss Stark but by my former Mistress, Miss Justine Hammer…I am rather anxious to be acquainted with Miss Stark though. -His smirk deepens, folding his gleaming white hands behind his back-

Perhaps one of you lovely things can tell me where to find her?

Shadow's final bow...

BB: -Drops in through the hole in the roof, and makes her way down the stairwell in a series of well timed flips and jumps. Having seen to it her child is safe and sound back home, she has two objectives on this mission inside the now perilous base. One, find and secure the portal to the other universe. And Two…well. Make a point to a certain Shadow.-

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