Details on the Britten V1000.

Only 10 of these were ever built. Following the dream of John Britten, a handful of New Zealand enthusiast made the motorcycle from scratch. Engine and all…

When it was produced in the early 90’s, the Britten V1000 was considered the fastest 4-stroke motorcycle in the world. Riders were seen pulling wheelies at 150mph. All the bodywork, including the wheels, is carbon fiber. At that time this was revolutionary. 

The Britten seen here in Solvang is the last one ever produced. John Britten died in 1995 at the age of 45 and the dream died with him.

This is also the only Britten V1000 that has not been raced. It sat in its crate until 2004.

It was amazing to see one of these in person and to admire a man’s passion turned legend.