Recently, my Psychology 101 professor gave a short lecture on the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and I jotted down some notes that I’d like to share with you.

Habit #1: Be Proactive

  • be responsible
  • show initiative
  • choose your actions and attitudes
  • do not blame others for your wrongdoings
  • learn from your mistakes
  • do the right thing without being asked
  • be a part of the solution, not the problem

Habit #2: Begin with the End in Mind
(My professor always has this on the first slide of her PowerPoint presentations and when she introduced its meaning to us, it definitely became something that I live by.)

  • plan ahead
  • set goals
  • do things that have meaning

Habit #3: Put First Things First

  • spend time on things that are important
  • set your priorities straight
  • make a schedule
  • follow your plan

Habit #4: Think Win-Win

  • see other people as a teammate rather than a competitor
  • look for alternatives
  • balance

Habit #5: Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood

  • listen to other people’s ideas
  • see things from another person’s point of view
  • listen without interrupting
  • voice out your ideas but remain respectful
  • look people in the eyes while talking

Habit #6: Synergize

  • value other people’s strengths and learn from them
  • get along well with others
  • seek out other people’s ideas
  • be humble

Habit #7: Sharpen the Saw

  • invest time on yourself
  • spend time with family and friends
  • find meaningful ways to help others
  • put importance on your physical, spiritual, social and mental development

Try to evaluate yourself based on these habits and see which ones you have already developed and which ones you need to work on!

Female childhood experiences:

  • getting pushed around, shoved, bullied, hair pulled and things stolen by boys and being told to not react because “boys will be boys” and “that only means they like you” or “you’re only encouraging them to do more if you respond” and “they’re only trying to get a reaction”
  • being repeatedly scolded, called out, and punished for not acting enough lady-like, for getting dirty in the mud or getting your knee bloodied, boys of course don’t get punished for this because “it’s only expected of them”
  • being fitted into uncomfortable, limiting clothes that makes it hard to play
  • having boys lift up your skirt and laugh at you to embarrass you
  • not realizing what is so embarrassing about it but feeling ashamed
  • having to wait to go outside to play because first your hair has to be braided/styled and you have to look respectable at all times
  • gangs of boys laughing at you for being a girl and thus somehow beneath them
  • getting shoved out of “boy’s clubs” and chased out for being a girl
  • having “you’re a girl!” shouted at you as if it was an insult
  • demanding same respect and freedom boys have and getting told that you are somehow different and pushing you to focus on clothes and makeup instead
  • getting your ideas, suggestions and voice yelled over by loud boys 
  • not getting a say in anything
  • feeling self conscious about your body and very early trying to locate where you are on the spectrum of “sexy” to determine your social value
  • figuring you were really low on the spectrum and either giving up on it or panicking and trying to increase your value somehow
  • figuring boys will hate you unless you can get their attention with your looks but even if they like you for a bit, as soon as they get what they wanted from you they will turn against you and join other boys in humiliating you again
  • hating boys
  • feeling like you don’t have a voice and you don’t matter
  • feeling like your interests don’t matter and being actively discouraged to developing any except for stereotypical feminine ones
  • seeing only celebrated adult women are those which are high on the “sexy” spectrum and thrive on getting men’s attention but you don’t really want to do that and you feel like you have nothing to strive for
  • realizing older men are staring at you in a weird way and not understanding why
  • feeling like your parents are ashamed of you and not understanding why
  • having thousand chores that are undervalued and not appreciated when you do them, it’s considered the least you can do as you’re a girl and need to apparently work to make up for it
  • feeling that you’ll end up having to get married and helpless with the issue
  • being told that you’ll “never get a husband” with your kind of behaviour whenever you act like yourself
  • being repeatedly taught that being unwanted is the worst thing you can possibly be

so i finished my first year of college last month and thought i’d share things i learned and advice on entering and starting your first year 

  • keep a planner
  • take advantage of student id discounts
  • try to go to class as much as possible
  • in cases that you don’t go, make sure you have a friend, or at least someone who will fill you in and give you notes, in each class
  • network as soon as you can and as often as you can
  • wait a week or two until you purchase your textbooks, people aren’t lying to you, they’re expensive as fuuuccckkk, you’ll want to wait for multiple reasons because in some cases you never even end up using the book, or your library has it and you can just borrow it for free
  • wear flip flops in the shower if you don’t have your own bathroom
  • speaking of, go to the bathroom before class
  • set multiple alarms
  • take advantage of as many opportunities that come your way as possible
  • have a very, very open mind
  • watch your drink
  • watch your friend’s drinks too
  • never, ever, ever, ever, ever, under ANY circumstances, drive while intoxicated or get into a car with a driver who is 
  • get to know your professors
  • do the extra credit, it’s rare
  • back up your files
  • if you take your laptop with you somewhere bring your charger as well
  • take the stairs, seriously, a little goes a long way
  • 99.9999% of people don’t give a shit about what you were in high school
  • try to plan and work ahead
  • never travel alone late at night
  • don’t hesitate to ask for help—material that took a week to learn in high school can be taught in one lecture in a college class, no one will slow down for you or help you unless you speak up
  • participate in class
  • again, talk to your professors, it’s good to in general, and you never know how they can help you outside of class
  • if you have a problem with your roommate, if you’re not getting along with them, or it’s not working, do something about it ASAP
  • keep in touch with those you care about, don’t burn bridges
  • it’s ok if you don’t make friends immediately, it took me awhile to find people i could truly be satisfied with, sometimes it happens when you’re not looking
  • take this to heart: do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do before. the best things i did this past school year were things i never tried in high school, going on trips with people i didn’t know, who i now call some of the closest friends i have, and going on service work trips out of state
  • build up your gpa in the beginning by taking classes that are not as tough in your first semester, a gpa is harder to bring up than to knock down, tldr; start strong, start easy
  • grades matter, BUT, don’t sacrifice your health and well being for them
  • get enough sleep, you can, i did
  • don’t base your decisions off what other people would think but if something goes against your morals, stick with your morals
  • take care of yourself and your body, just because it’s free does not mean you have to eat it, college is the perfect time to make your physical health crash and burn but it is also the perfect time to start having a healthier one
  • take the time to check over assignments you’re submitting
  • is your bff, use it and reference it
  • sign up for a variety of activities and test out the water to see what you like most
  • early classes are not that bad
  • attend campus events
  • know what’s going on on campus, don’t be clueless in your own environment
  • get involved in clubs and groups that are associated with your major…but also stuff that isn’t
  • and if a group/organization that’s associated with your major, like for me PRSSA, has a membership fee, it’s probably worth it
  • explore your city, campus, downtown….
  • try to get an internship before it’s required
  • get a LinkedIn account
  • always keep an umbrella and a phone charger on hand
  • make friends with as many people as you can, but don’t “collect” friends, ya know?
  • go to job fairs/career fairs
  • it’s ok to stay in sometimes and just j chill
  • decorate and personalize your room
  • when preparing to register for classes, make a mock schedule first
  • find a mentor(s)
  • first impressions are a big fucking deal
  • you don’t have to put on a ball gown, but put an effort into the way you represent yourself
  • make a budget 

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hi do you have any witchy refs for what to do with mason jars? (im hoarding them)

So, like a master list of what to do with jars?

Hey witches, let’s give this a whirl. Add your own!

  • store herbs in them
  • store crystals in them
  • make spell jars (makes one that are pretty so you can put them on a shelf like a trophy)
  • use them to catch rain water
  • store rain water
  • store moon water
  • make some war water
  • get a mesh top and grow some sprouts to eat
  • use them as candle holders (mind they don’t get too hot and crack or explode. if you put tea lights in them they should be fine)
  • use them as drinking glasses (I personally don’t like the feel of the threads on my lips)
  • make and store tinctures in them
  • make a black out jar
  • make and eyes on you jar
  • make a protection spell jar to bury in your yard or in a potted plant
  • I’ve seen someone build a glitter happiness jar, you could make your own.
  • store your kitchen spice in them
  • store your bulk food in them
  • get a sippy lid and use it as your water bottle (they make one specifically for mason jars)
  • make creepy labels for witchy sounding ingredients and use them for Halloween decorations
  • Here’s 40 things to do with Mason  jars
  • Here’s 50 things to do with Mason jars
  • Here’s 101 things to do with Mason jars

Add your own!

  • loves to roast you
  • like boi tears you to shreds same way he would mark
  • but its lowkey just like a reflex at this point
  • he’s actually a sweetheart
  • nd super shy and embarrassed when anything about your relationship is mentioned
  • had a crush on you forever and didn’t know what to do
  • he wanted to ask his hyungs advice but was not ready to be roasted
  • he eventually worked up the courage to ask jaehyun about it

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Polyamory relationship with the Weasley twins!!

Originally posted by writingissatansworstnightmare

(both of them dating just you, no incest you sick people)

  • having a crush on the boys since 3rd year
  • but you couldn’t choose one
  • the boys both had a crush on you
  • they slip you a love potion for Fred first. 
  • nothing changes
  • Freds like “damn she likes me…yay”
  • George slips you a love potion for him.
  • nothing changes
  • they confront you
  • you are just like “can we all date?”
  • and then you guys do
  • having threesomes all the damn time
  • them holding both of your hands
  • so many hickeys
  • sometimes having sex with them separately
  • sleeping in the same bed together
  • Ron being weirded out
  • Ginny being accepting
  • Percy not giving a horcrux 
  • hes just like “dont sneak into the girls dorms”
  • they do it anyways
  • loving them
  • getting depressed when Fred dies
  • you marry George and name your kid Fred
Master post of ALL my imagines so far

Yeah this list is going to be long already

Dylan Klebold

Hearing rumors about him cheating

You’re pregnant

Breaking up with him

Him comforting you about your parents

He has insecurities

Being a family friend of his and spending the night

Having Dylan as a class partner

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Just some headcanons.

  • Harry telling puns 24/7
  • I feel like that should be a given
  • After all he is James’ son
  • Neville giving him a look because “bravest men you ever knew are you serious”
  • (Sirius in the afterlife going “no but I am” while James screams because “Lily he said Snivellus was the bravest man he ever knew I think I’m dying” “James we’re already dead” “I know but  S n i v e l l u s ”)
  • Harry being a stay at home dad because he needs some time to recover and just look after children
  • And Ginny, although growing up in a large household, was the youngest and isn’t as knowledgeable about how to raise younger people as her brothers are
  • Plus she’s off playing Quidditch so Harry decides to stay home
  • He doesn’t get as hounded by the reporters as much anyhow
  • Internally combusting the day someone asks him if he’s Ginny Weasley’s husband and “if so what’s she like because she’s an amazing Quidditch player” because finally his wife is being recognized for herself and not for being the wife of the boy who lived
  • Keeping a little string attached to the end of his glasses because he very quickly discovered his kids liked pulling them off when he picked them up and he was getting tired of stepping on them
  • Getting new glasses entirely to make a fresh start from his past(and the shitty frames the Dursley’s bought him)
  • Going to events with his kids and him and Draco arguing
  • “You’re pumpkin pasties are dry, Draco” “Haha not as dry as your humour Harry” “At least mine is accessible to the masses, Malfoy” “At least mine requires intelligence, Potter”
  • Ginny having to step in because they were becoming PTA moms and Draco was one more insult away from asking to speak to the manager
  • Harry dragging Ginny along to dinner’s with their classmates
  • “Haha, nothing like a glass of wine, am I right, Seamus?” “More like the whole bottle, Harry!”
  • Ginny dying because “dear lord what have I married”
  • Harry being proud of his children when they go to Hogwarts because no matter what house they’re getting sorted into, at least they get to do it in a safe® environment and time then he did
  • Harry being completely oblivious to Albus and Scorpius until he walks on them practically naked and just sort of… coughing and saying “Just stay safe”
  • Albus coming back home after crashing at Scorpius’ due to shame to find some condoms and lube on his bed as well as a chocolate bar and “don’t tell your mother about who killed the plants and we’re good”
  • Harry constantly making deals like that with his kids
  • “Don’t tell Ginny” being one of the most common phrases
  • The kids telling Ginny and Harry acting completely betrayed before spilling their secret
  • Idk guys
  • Harry as a dad
  • Having to go see Arthur for advice
  • Because Arthur basically raised him and would know what to do
  • Bringing James(Sirius) to James and Sirius’ graves and telling him about his namesakes
  • The children being confused about why mom and dad always disappear May 2nd, and just knowing that when they turn 16 they get to know
  • Harry being glad that his kids don’t treat him any differently after knowing about the things he’d lived through
  • The only thing changing being that on the dates important to him(deaths, anniversaries, etc…) he’d find his favourite chocolate on his pillow
  • Harry loving his kids to death and never raising his voice at them and always listening to them and treating them as equals
  • Remembering everything the Dursley’s did that wasn’t right and making sure he never did it
  • Just Harry as a dad yo
BTS headcanons on their S/O stealing their clothes 24/7

Requested by; anon

Bts headcannons where you steal their clothes 24/7 Thank you💕


  • accepts the fact that he’ll never see his clothes again
  • decides to make the closet a shared closet
  • often buys two pairs of the same hoodie
  • finds it adorable when you do it
  • matching clothes!!


  • will fight to get his clothes back
  • eventually gives up
  • stares at you whenever you wear his clothes
  • has caught you wearing his underwear
  • sneakily takes a photo of you


  • giggles when he sees you in his clothes
  • doesn’t find it annoying
  • hugs you because you look cuddly
  • sometimes doesn’t recognize that it’s his hoodie
  • ends up matching with you


  • couple goals
  • always asks if it’s his shirt
  • your closet is huge
  • “isn’t that mine? I was searching for that for days!”
  • gives you extra hoodies of him when he goes on tour


  • giggliest boy
  • always speechless when he sees you
  • finds it funny when you almost drown in his clothes
  • it confuses him when you even wear his pants
  • always wonders where his clothes go to


  • his clothes are expensive and he often worries about them
  • gets panicky when you grab his most expensive clothing item
  • doesn’t mind it as long as you don’t mess them up
  • always prepares outfits for you
  • “I’m going to put a lock on my closet.”


  • finds it cute as hell
  • loves it when you wear white shirts he barely owns anything else
  • even finds it cute when you wear his underwear for some reason
  • gets you matching hoodies and even shoes
  • loves to show you off to people
relationship [class 1a girls] hcs #1

Someone earlier today asked for dating hcs for Toga, Momo, & Jirou, and (unsurprisingly) it turned into another class 1a shitpost. 

Ashido Mina 

  • is the type that would message their s/o at 5 am for no reason at all
  • be prepared to hold her endless amount of shopping bags when you two go on mall dates
  • will get irritated if her s/o responds with super short texts
  • probably reads into things that she doesn’t need to read into
  • always the first to initiate PDA, but loves when her s/o does it first
  • her ideal date is just being around her s/o
  • is very direct with her s/o, so she expects them to be the same with her

Asui Tsuyu

  • museum and aquarium dates are her favorites
  • loves when her s/o plays with her hair
  • she is a bit insecure when it comes to relationships, so her s/o would need to comfort/reassure her 
  • hand-holding makes her feel nervous; she is afraid her s/o will notice her clammy hands

Uraraka Ochako

  • classic dinner and movie dates are her thing
  • secretly wants to recreate the kissing in the rain scene from The Notebook
  • loves wearing s/o’s sweaters/jackets
  • nose kisses make her blush, she thinks they’re sweet
  • really loves the smell of her s/o
  • likes sparring with her s/o

Jirou Kyouka 

  • s/o should expect to go to warped tours with her
  • she also would not be the “dominant” one between you two, so be prepared to make the first moves
  • this relationship would be full of inside jokes and teasing, so playful banter is inevitable
  • is totally down to get matching tattoos as long as they’re rad
  • claims to hate relationship cliches but secretly loves them

Hagakure Tooru

  • always sends good morning texts
  • loves sneaking up on her s/o and scaring the shit out of them
  • gets jealous easily and will stalk her s/o if they are with someone 
  • is very affectionate with s/o
  • one of class 1a’s seven wonders is that Tooru can blush so hard you can actually see it

Yaoyorozu Momo 

  • has a written itinerary for dates 
  • will be thrown off if things don’t go according to schedule
  • if the date does not go as planned, she will internally malfunction but her poker face is so good you won’t even know
  • probably needs a s/o who is a go-with-the-flow type of person
  • will always offer to pay for dates 
  • loves when her s/o ruffles her hair
  • forehead kisses make her legs feel like jelly


Toga Himiko

  • her idea of a great night is ruining someone else’s great night
  • sloppy kisser
  • not possessive, but if boundaries are crossed, she will kill someone who she feels threatened by
  • reads shoujo manga to get dating tips and tries using them in real life but ends up coming off weird and confusing every time
  • her mood changes quite a bit so s/o needs to be adaptable
  • loves cuddling 
  • loves clinging onto her s/o   
  • likes the nice, good guy/girl types

anonymous asked:

How would Todoroki, Bakugou and Midoriya react to their S.O. being kidnapped and tortured? Sounds crazy but just curious

todoroki shouto

Originally posted by desu

  • its over
  • there shouldnt be anyone stopping him because he’s going to find them
  • basically ices everyone out until he gets his s/o back

bakugou katsuki

Originally posted by yurrikatsuki

  • he would internally self combust while blowing up on everyone who talks to him
  • he would basically be in an even worse mood than usual until he has them
  • gets into more fist fights

midoriya izuku

Originally posted by dazaiosamu-s

  • he would feel terrible
  • would try to be strong for them and find them but if he even hears theyre getting hurt, he crumbles
  • would basically spend most of his time figuring out how to get them
EXO Plays Hide and Seek

[[ // Masterlist // ]]

// Xiumin


  • curls up into small spaces that he thinks no one will look in
  • never hides in the same place twice
  • is found 30% of the time


  • checks every spot in the room before moving onto the next one
  • finds most members eventually, but it takes a long time

// Suho


  • holds his breath the entire time
  • likes complicated hiding spots
  • is found 50% of the time


  • checks the spots he would hide in first
  • tells jokes to try to get members to give away their hiding spots; this works 10% of the time
  • usually can find 60% of members

// Lay


  • hides in places that aren’t hard to find
  • always has to use the bathroom as soon as he hides; sometimes leaves his spot, sometimes doesn’t
  • is found 80% of the time


  • calls out everyone’s names as he looks for them
  • gets sad when he can’t find anyone after five minutes of looking
  • finds 30% of members

// Baekhyun


  • pre-plans before the game where he’s going to hide
  • watches the seeker, and switches to a spot they’ve already checked
  • is found 20% of the time


  • tricks members into giving away their locations
  • pretends he doesn’t see you hiding, then scares you
  • usually finds everyone

// Chen


  • likes to hide with someone else
  • screams when he is found
  • is found 60% of the time


  • keeps track of where everyone has hidden so far
  • sings while he looks, so everyone knows where he is
  • usually finds 60% of members

// Chanyeol


  • has to get creative about his hiding spots, since he’s so tall
  • tries to control his loud breathing, especially when Baekhyun is the seeker
  • is found 80% of the time


  • giggles or gets scared when he finds someone in an unexpected place
  • tries to make those who he already found help him look
  • usually finds 50% of members

// D.O


  • can hide anywhere
  • doesn’t put much effort into choosing spots, but somehow always chooses good ones
  • is found 30% of the time


  • is really quiet when seeking, and thus startles members when he finds them
  • won’t play if it’s night time, but doesn’t tell anyone why
  • usually finds 70% of members

// Kai


  • gives himself away by giggling at the seeker when they pass by him
  • falls asleep if it takes the seeker a long time; these are some of the only times he isn’t found
  • is found 80% of the time


  • does choreographies while he looks
  • laughs for five minutes when he finds someone, especially if they were scrunched up when he found them
  • usually finds 60% of members

// Sehun


  • hides in plain sight using disguises; when it’s night time, he wears all black and can’t be seen
  • likes to watch the seeker pass by him multiple times, and is good at suppressing his laughs
  • is found 30% of the time


  • is really good at seeking for some reason, and usually very quickly, and everyone wants to know his secret
  • sometimes prolongs the game on purpose so his hyungs won’t feel bad
  • usually finds 90% of members

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can i request some yandere HC for Shinsou, Todoroki and Aizawa?

[sorry for how late these were school came back on though this is somewhat just really overprotective his for shinsou I think? tell me if this is okay or not hitting my weak points with shinsou and aizawa are you]

Shinsou Hitoshi

  • Shinsou will definitely not want or let you anywhere near class 1-a without him because of how many times they’ve been attacked by the villain alliance
  • Midoriya is your only friend he doesn’t go helicopter mode on since he knows that Midoriya would never go after someone already in a committed relationship
  • orders Bakugou away whenever the blonde even attempt to come near his s/o and is even more possessive than normal when the other is around either of them
  • gets monumentally pissed whenever someone insinuates he brainwashed his s/o into dating him and can’t be seen without them for nearly two weeks and barely talks at all to prove he hadn’t
  • will shower his s/o in affection and love no matter how possessive he gets and will 100% physically hurt himself if he ever loses control and tries to brainwash you to avoid certain people

Todoroki Shouto

  • Endeavour has never seen or heard of you because of how much Todoroki loathes the idea of his father thinking a quirk marriage why he and his s/o are dating
  • will freeze anyone trying to hurt his s/o and has to be restrained or distracted before he shatters them while encased in ice before setting them on fire
  • like Shinsou, Bakugou is on the never interact with list and Todoroki will go to physical harm to keep him away from his s/o because he would lose his mind if the villain alliance took them because they thought s/o would be good leverage against the blonde
  • nearly kills a several villains during the lodge trip when they try to go after his s/o so he would hand over Bakugou and than nearly kills Bakugou when he is retrieved from the villains
  • instead of going with the group to save Bakugou he goes straight to Aizawa to tell him about their plans because he refuses to do anything that may end up in him having to leave his s/o

Aizawa Shouta

  • has killed nearly 20 different villains that went after his s/o for leverage and claimed it was the only way he could stop him but since he is such a valuable hero not only for the fact he can stop Shigaraki but because if someone distracted All for One he could cancel his quirk out
  • is highly possessive and aggressive whenever someone tries to flirt with his s/o and practically snarls whenever they get handsy with his s/o and they have to stop him but the flirter runs away quickly each time
  • doesn’t like it when Yamada mentions Aizawa and his s/o on his radio show and has a huge fight over it the first time it happens because it brought his s/o to the villains attentions 
  • the only reason his apartment would be decorated is for them and only if they asked or looked uncomfortable with the blandness of his living space
  • hugs and kisses you hello and goodbye to reaffirm the fact you already have a partner and should not be hit on

Look into my eyes

That’s a phrase you simply love to hear

To just look and feel everything else fading

All your surroundings fading away

Becoming irrelevant

They don’t really matter right now

All that matters are my eyes

They’re the only thing you need to focus on

Need to care about

You simply look into them

Feel them drawing you in

Slowly drawing you in

As everything else fade

You just look at them

Focus on my eyes

Feeling your body relax

Your stress and tension fading

As you look

As you focus

As they draw you in

Slowly feeling your surroundings fading

All that matters are my eyes

All you think about

All you care about

All you need right now

Is to look into them

Focus on them

As everything else fades away



Feeling yourself drawn in by them

Feeling yourself getting lost in them

Getting lost completely

All else fades

Your Worries

Your Cares

Your Thoughts

All vanish

As you look into my eyes

Feel them drawing you in

Drawing you in and captivating you

Captivating you completely

You don’t want to look away

you can’t look away

you simply want to focus

To let go

To give in to them



Drop down

Drop deep

Simply drop and keep on looking

Focusing completely on them now

They are all you see

All you need

It feels so good

Making you feel so happy 

Having no care

No worries

No thoughts

Simply looking



Letting go

Dropping down

Deeper and deeper

All the way down

You give in to how hypnotic they are

How Captivating they are



Deep down

All you see are my eyes

My eyes and words

Nothing else matter right now except those two

My words and eyes

Feeling great Joy

Great Pleasure

From looking into my eyes

Having a desire to look more

To look again

Feeling drawn in and captivated

Knowing that from now on whenever you see my eyes

You can’t help but feel yourself getting drawn to them

Feeling so happy and good

Getting a bit lost in them

Drifty and dreamy

Calm and relaxed

Dropping deep

Deeper and deeper

Once you feel that way

Know that from now on whenever you see my eyes you feel that way

You reblog and Type

“I fell for your hypnotic eyes”

Feeling so happy 

Dropping even deeper once you do that

Deeper and deeper

Wanting to look into my eyes more

Finding that when I wake you up you’ll want to read more of my eyes fixation inductions

Finding yourself dropping deeper and deeper each time you look into my eyes

Read one of my eye fixation posts

Feeling wonderfully good and happy doing so

In a minute I will count to 3

when I reach the number 3 you’ll be awake


happy and relaxed

loving my words

my eyes

and my trances

Looking forward to read more of my eye fixation posts 

and looking forward to more post in general


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First Headcanon

Did this whole thing and it fucking deleted, excuse the language sorry not sorry I’m pissed, it’s three o’clock in the morning, but no way can I give up now, let’s see how long my battery lasts and do this!!! YEAH!!!!!

Headcanon: MC is sick RFA V and Saeran



  • Totally doesn’t notice at first
  • No offence Zen, but you need to become more aware
  • Justsayin’
  • Once he does notice is when you legit have to stay in bed
  • Is super sorry
  • Medication is a problem
  • “MC you have to take this”
  • “But I hate medication I’ll be fine!!”
  • Once your fever hit 40 he insisted
  • It took over a week longer than it should’ve
  • You were coughing so loudly he got scared
  • He’s also a lowkey germaphobe
  • But puts all that aside for you
  • Constant changing of washcloths
  • And lots of forehead kisses
  • Is so happy when you’re better
  • He took about three days off from work so is super busy
  • You make him breakfast in bed the next Saturday


  • Okay, this baby, well he’s too innocent for his own good
  • “MC don’t leave me!”
  • “I won’t, it’s just a fever” T_T
  • Your fever keeps rising steadily though, and after two days he forces you to stay in bed
  • Lots of feeding you chicken soup
  • Too scared to fight about meds so you spend one night in the bathroom because the nausea and vomiting is too bad
  • T_T
  • Had to convince him to make Campbell’s
  • Last time you almost burnt the kitchen down
  • He is super worried about your fever
  • It his 41.5 and he drives you to the ER
  • They tell him that it’ll be fine, but prescribe medication to help
  • Even worse of a hassle
  • He hates making you take them
  • Gets super guilty
  • You tell him it’s not his fault
  • Keeps feeling guilty
  • Lots of nose kisses
  • Is super pumped when you get better he hasn’t played LOLOL in weeks


  • Momhee activated!
  • Researches everything
  • You had been coughing for a while
  • You tend to get anxious so there’s a lot of talking about nothing
  • You eventually have to stay in bed and Jaehee makes sure that she gets time off
  • Zen movie marathon much?
  • There isn’t even a fight when it comes to taking meds
  • You are taking them, no buts, that’s it
  • Gets soft though and gives you lots of faces kisses after
  • You’re surprised
  • Your fever mounts and she calls a clinic nearby
  • They tell her to bring you over and she does
  • You end up having the flu
  • “Thank goodness I made you get vaccinated.”
  • “It hurt >-<”
  • Is so happy that it only lasts two weeks and a half
  • Super grateful to her and lots of cuddles in return


  • Okay, you think Yoosung is a germaphobe?
  • You haven’t seen anything yet
  • The day you start looking pale he freaks out
  • Kinda feel bad for him, but keep insisting you’re fine
  • The minute he finds out you have a fever he calls for a doctor
  • You think he’s overreacting
  • Medicine is still a problem
  • You spend a ton of time arguing
  • You know it’s for the best, and everyday you take them without fail
  • He tries to take all the time off but you make sure he doesn’t
  • It’d drive you both off the walls
  • Eventually agrees, but on the condition of constant updates
  • Once you can stomach something other than broth he makes you pancakes and waffles with fruit
  • Okay he got help
  • When you get better he’s so grateful and so hopeful it never happens again


  • GOD 707 TO THE RESCUE!!!
  • You’re surprised how quickly he notices
  • He’s very adamant about taking care of you
  • Unfortunately not very good at it
  • Almost burns down the kitchen trying to make you food
  • Settles for canned soup
  • Helps you with your daily battle against meds, but still makes you take them
  • Lots of Minestrone and Chicken and Rice
  • Shoes everyone else away and is very protective
  • “Saeran get away you’ll make her worse!”
  • You end up wearing earplugs
  • Which only makes it worse
  • Eventually your fever hits 42.3 and Saeyoung takes you to the doctors
  • It was Bronchitis
  • You’ll be fine, but you have to take…… more meds!!!
  • It’s going to be a long recovery


  • Notices your coughing and immediately freaks out
  • He’s such a cinnamon roll omfg
  • Puts you to bed immediately when he feels the fever
  • Lots of grumbling on your part, and it doesn’t help being rolled up like a burrito
  • How he manages to get you to take meds is still  a mystery
  • It just sort of happens
  • Maybe because you feel like you have to
  • Puts on relaxing piano music and lots of hugs
  • Your fever spikes and he calls the doctor, since driving is kinda out of his league
  • Just sayin
  • You had a sinus infection
  • “That’s why my ear was ringing!”
  • Oops


  • He’s kinda blind to it
  • No offence Saeran but get a grip
  • But after a week of coughing and three days of not coming over he finally goes to your apartment
  • Yikes, okay he’s sorry
  • The bickering is loud
  • But he’s very adamant on you taking your medicine
  • Even if it takes him three days to get you to do it
  • Your fever reaches a 43.3 and he gets really nervous
  • Drives you to the hospital and low and behold you have the flu!
  • Takes you five days in hospital
  • He kinda goes crazy
  • “I’mnotworried!”
  • “Saeran I’m your brother, and you haven’t shut up about it in days!”
  • When you get home there’s a huge teddy bear on the couch
  • The kind that’s two times larger than you
  • New fight: Flu vaccines
  • “But they hurt, and my physical was in two weeks!”
  • “Aww, do you need me to kiss it better?”
  • You slap him on the shoulder, but he totally ends up doing that everytime you get a vaccine

Okay that’s it, I swear to god if this deletes again I’m suing Tumblr or something lol. Okay I won’t, but I’ll be pretty pissed. Hope you liked!! And see you soon, I take requests so don’t be afraid to ask!

Being Mycroft’s daughter would include...

  • you’re just as smart as he is, which you definitely know, making it hard for him to argue with you since you have a smartass reply for everything
  • helping him out with his work when you’re bored
  • you’d love to crash his meetings at work, making it your mission to make some of the rude, old dudes very uncomfortable with your knowledge and pointing out the problems of their ideas
  • Mycroft not liking it one bit when you don’t listen to him and do what you want
  • “You have that from your mother.” - “Well, thank god.”
  • helping Sherlock on his cases when you’re bored
  • your uncle being in for anything that helps annoy your father
  • Mycroft not being very happy about his daughter and brother teaming up since he has his hands full with just one of you at a time
  • spending a lot of time with John and Mary since you really like them
  • getting involved with Moriarty just for the fun of it, though it does get you in a lot of trouble
ASTRO + the plane to la

prompt from @moon-hyuks:  astro on the plane to la, bin sleeping on eunwoo, eunwoo practicing his english, sanha and rocky in awe of what international planes provide, jinjin asking mj to give him the window seat keeps taking aesthetic plane photos and mj making fun of him

the only international flight i’ve been on was a flight to canada that only took like an hour so pls excuse any flight provision inaccuracies


  • claims the window seat right off the bat with “i’m the eldest i get to choose”
  • won’t shut up
  • doesn’t sit still the entire time he’s either on turned around on his knees to talk to whoever’s behind him or standing up and leaning over the seat in front of him
  • flicks peanuts at whoever’s sitting next to him
  • the type to pack a lot of stuff in his carryon to do on the plane but not use any of it
  • probably refuses to put his carryon in overhead (bc he’s gonna use all the stuff he packed, he claims) but complains about how annoying it is to have it at his feet the whole time
  • most likely to take out a camera and start filming the members from bad angles
  • ends up handing the camera to jinjin bc he wants to be filmed too
  • does dumb things with the free slippers like putting them on his ears or something smh


  • argues with mj about the window seat
  • somehow manages to get it (either phsyically shoving mj over after a couple hours or asking enough that mj finally moves)
  • takes 183412 million aesthetic pictures of the sky (and ignores mj’s comments about it)
  • starts the english speaking when they’re recording videos and sets off a chain reaction of shouted “yo”s and “my name is”s
  • brings giant headphones and jams to music for like half the trip
  • probably doesn’t fall asleep tho
  • talks with whoever’s awake in quiet voices when the other members are sleeping
  • super respectful to the flight attendents
  • ignores any peanuts flicked at him
  • the type to almost forget his carryon


  • the type to carefully read the safety handbook
  • reminds everyone about seatbelts constantly
  • he and bin are next to each other and in the row behind mj and jinjin and if it weren’t for mj and jinjin turning around they probably would just ignore all of them
  • gets startled when the video camera gets turned on him
  • but after people have settled down and are relaxing he totally takes it and records himself practicing his english (ft. bin making comments from where his head is on eunwoo’s shoulder)
  • puts his bag up in the overhead compartment but has to go into it at least twice for books
  • probably brings language-learning books with him instead of pleasure reading and works on those while in the air
  • is the one that remembers to bring gum for popping ears
  • brings an eyemask and goes to sleep at some point (cue mj slowly zooming in on his sleeping face)


  • excited to be on a plane
  • not excited enough not to sleep
  • brings a neck pillow and earbuds and fully intends to conk out once they get up in the air
  • claims the window seat bc he’s gonna rest his head on the wall to go to sleep
  • eunwoo’s shoulder is his fave napping place tho
  • wakes up for the in-flight meal, goes back to sleep afterwards
  • when eunwoo starts practicing his english bin sleepily repeats some of the words he’s saying
  • eunwoo starts trying to teach him a couple words and bin repeats them and double checks the meaning in korean after every one
  • nods off in the middle of this
  • (eunwoo catches it all on camera and has that big shit eating grin on as he films bin slowly slipping forward off his shoulder)


  • really pumped to be on a plane but also mildly overwhelmed
  • sings to himself like the whole time real softly
  • sits with sanha in front of the mj and jinjin so he spends like half the flight turned around in his seat to talk to them
  • his puppy side would come out so hard he’d be so cute and excited and adorable
  • “my name is laki” is heard over and over
  • sits in the aisle seat by choice and then complains every time sanha gets up to go around him
  • when he gets the video camera from mj he turns it around and presses sanha up agains the window and they spend like five minutes just making v signs and faces at the camera
  • turns the camera again and spends a lot of time shooting mj and jinjin with a finger gun through the crack between his and sanha’s seats
  • ends up conking out at some point and doesn’t wake up until the plane starts descending
  • he spends the entire descent staring out the window and bouncing up and down in his seat bc he’s really excited to land


  • the Loudest
  • he’s too tall to stand up properly and ends up doing a weird half lean bc he wants to see his other members but he has to turn around to do so
  • puts his bag in the overhead but is constantly getting up to put things in/take things out
  • plays with everything that’s in his seat pocket
  • brings a neck pillow and it only gets half used for its proper purpose the other half it’s used to smack rocky or mj (and then snatched from him so he can get smacked right back)
  • plays with his food
  • uses the peanuts to make weird faces
  • accidentally hits his head on the cieling of the plane multiple times
  • probably puts his feet in rocky’s lap multiple times and rocky just kind of goes with it and pats his shins
  • steals the camera and gets yelled at for zooming in on peoples’ nostrils

what i want to know is why people feel like it’s acceptable to criticize & belittle people for liking the teams they do.  i get rivalries & that’s not at all what i’m talking about.  i’m talking about people who say shit like:

  • ‘how could someone like you like a team like team x?’, as though the fans must fit into certain stereotypical moulds; 
  • ‘how dare you support team x and team y?’, as though someone who likes multiple teams is somehow a lesser form of fan, or that liking different playing styles or philosophies is somehow a problem or something, ignoring the fact that there are loads of players, coaches, & people behind the scenes who openly and loudly support more than one team;
  • ‘you’re not a real fan of team x bc you’re not even from there’ because we all know where you were born solely determines your interests, preferences, and ability to enjoy things;
  • ‘you’re not a real fan of team x bc you’ve only supported them for [insert arbitrary temporal measurement here]’, because only fans who’ve supported a team since conception are true fans, don’t you know;
  • ‘if you’re a fan of team x, you’re not allowed to like player y’; because the only real fans are the ones who hate and despise every player from every other team, at all times and because there’s no room at all for appreciating or even admiring any player who plays somewhere else
  • ‘you’re not a real fan of team x if you don’t also support [insert random ass contingency here]’, because we all know supporters are one giant mindless unit who all agree on everything and there’s never ever any differences of opinion amongst them

get off your high horses.  random fuckmooks (especially the ones lurking on the internet) do not dictate who is & who isn’t a ‘real fan’, they don’t get to decide that a person can’t support two teams, and they don’t get to decide if someone else doesn’t meet the criteria for being a fan.  and if you’re one of the random fuckmooks who sends shit like that, knock it off.  it’s not cute, it’s not funny.  it’s not even annoying.  it’s sheer entitlement & it’s not necessary & it needs to stop.

List of Non-sexual forms of intimacy

Hey guys, I want to give credit to @incapableofgivingup for writing these down, and I sort of want to make it into a prompt sort of thing, like my friend @otomiya-tickles does sometimes! So, if you would like, pick one of these, for either the sloth pair, and the greed pair, and send it to my ask as a prompt! It could be any one! And I will have fun with this! They will all be fluff, since it’s non-sexual forms of intimacy, so please keep that in mind!

  • watching tv/movies together
  • going to events together like carnivals, festivals etc.
  • going on dates like to the movies or shopping
  • sharing secrets
  • hugs
  • sharing drinks
  • talking
  • touching noses
  • cuddling
  • philosophical discussions
  • hand holding
  • sharing jokes
  • sharing smiles
  • laying your head on someone’s shoulder
  • linking arms
  • massages
  • tickling
  • playing with hair
  • scratching backs
  • tracing designs on arms
  • talking about the future
  • a hand written note
  • moving your head to their chest and listening to their heartbeat.
  • feeding each other
  • drawing/writing on one another
  • brushing your partners hair
  • sharing food
  • sitting knee to knee across from each other
  • reading books together
  • take care of your partner when sick
  • talking about the relationship (how I feel with you, How I feel w/this relationship)
  • cooking together
  • head-scratches
  • hugging
  • discussions about yourselves (like flaws, shortcomings, passions, stuff)
  • being physically/emotionally vulnerable
  • just sleeping together,
  • an actual open honest conversation
  • bathing and taking care of hygiene together
  • butterfly kisses
  • nuzzling
  • telling on-the-fly stories
  • grooming
  • sharing hobbies
  • studying
  • sharing personal stories
  • seeing each other without make-up or all dressed up
  • moral support for major events
  • crying, sharing emotions, comforting each other
  • listening to someones heartbeat or breathing
  • sleepovers
  • being with animals together
  • sharing clothes/jewelry/personal items
  • cleaning someone else’s living space
  • doing art together
  • kissing different body parts
  • making out
  • talking about wants and desires
  • experience new things together
  • play games together
  • play sports together
  • walking together
  • being respectful and kind to one another (helping them do things, open doors for them etc.)
  • sharing responsibilities (chores, babysitting etc.)
  • giving each other presents, special things from the heart
  • talking about and respecting each others boundaries
  • public displays of affection
  • grooming in front of each other
  • wrestling or play fighting
  • looking in each other’s eyes
  • complimenting each other
  • falling asleep over chatting
  • making faces at each other
  • sky watching
  • inside jokes
  • respect each other
  • tell them how you feel about them
  • get to know each other better (playing 20 questions)
  • go for a ride together
  • walk arm in arm
  • go out to eat
  • list each other’s best features
  • bring your faces close without touching and feel each other breath
  • go shopping together
  • throw a party or other event together
  • leave love notes
  • exchange something meaningful
  • try to have a whole conversation with only eye contact and facial expressions
  • sit back to back and feel each other’s heartbeat
  • learn their favorite food and make it
  • run errands together
  • look at photos together
  • take photos together
  • go people watch
  • have a staring contest
  • learn something new together
  • take turns leading each other on a nature walk blindfolded
  • draw or sculpt each other
  • paint each other’s bodies
  • practicing a skill together
  • sharing food
  • being in comfortable clothes together
  • waving goodbye
  • being comfortable with each other’s bodily functions
  • any others you can think of?