female zodiac


  • argumentative and likes to be right
  • defensive
  • tells so many stories
  • self-confident
  • passionate


  • BEAUTIFUL like always so pretty
  • reserved/shy at first
  • so fun when you get to know them
  • selfish
  • shit-talkers


  • really easy to talk to 
  • likes to talk about themselves
  • cuties
  • can be shy or super outgoing
  • smart


  • smiles a lot
  • has a quiet voice
  • lowkey crazy
  • overthinks everything


  • really pretty
  • thinks they’re too good 
  • so funny
  • really good sense of style
  • talks a lot of shit


  • bad at communication
  • wants everything to be perfect
  • such good listeners
  • really good friends


  • loves to be loved
  • fashionable
  • cannot make a decision for the life of them
  • gets walked all over


  • low key
  • genuinely really cool
  • really fucking smart
  • can be either super clingy or super distant


  • thinks they’re way deeper than they actually are
  • unique
  • so funny
  • just wants to be loved


  • good hygiene
  • high expectations
  • super determined 
  • cold
  • can be fun when they actually let loose


  • honest
  • loves to laugh and mess around
  • artsy
  • likes to be alone 
  • natural beauty


  • emotional wreck
  • manipulative
  • pretty
  • really bad at relationships tbh
  • so smart


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BTS’ Erogenous Zones/How To Turn Them On (Based on Astrology)

✨ An erogenous zone is an area of the body with heightened sensitivity, that can cause arousal when stimulated. Sun, moon, mars, and venus signs can all be taken in account when trying to figure out someone’s sweet spots. Let’s look into BTS’ charts to figure out what really makes them tick ✨

{warning: long post, many gifs and pictures, mature content, and large amounts of bts body worship ahead}

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so i finished my first year of college last month and thought i’d share things i learned and advice on entering and starting your first year 

  • keep a planner
  • take advantage of student id discounts
  • try to go to class as much as possible
  • in cases that you don’t go, make sure you have a friend, or at least someone who will fill you in and give you notes, in each class
  • network as soon as you can and as often as you can
  • wait a week or two until you purchase your textbooks, people aren’t lying to you, they’re expensive as fuuuccckkk, you’ll want to wait for multiple reasons because in some cases you never even end up using the book, or your library has it and you can just borrow it for free
  • wear flip flops in the shower if you don’t have your own bathroom
  • speaking of, go to the bathroom before class
  • set multiple alarms
  • take advantage of as many opportunities that come your way as possible
  • have a very, very open mind
  • watch your drink
  • watch your friend’s drinks too
  • never, ever, ever, ever, ever, under ANY circumstances, drive while intoxicated or get into a car with a driver who is 
  • get to know your professors
  • do the extra credit, it’s rare
  • back up your files
  • if you take your laptop with you somewhere bring your charger as well
  • take the stairs, seriously, a little goes a long way
  • 99.9999% of people don’t give a shit about what you were in high school
  • try to plan and work ahead
  • never travel alone late at night
  • don’t hesitate to ask for help—material that took a week to learn in high school can be taught in one lecture in a college class, no one will slow down for you or help you unless you speak up
  • participate in class
  • again, talk to your professors, it’s good to in general, and you never know how they can help you outside of class
  • if you have a problem with your roommate, if you’re not getting along with them, or it’s not working, do something about it ASAP
  • keep in touch with those you care about, don’t burn bridges
  • it’s ok if you don’t make friends immediately, it took me awhile to find people i could truly be satisfied with, sometimes it happens when you’re not looking
  • take this to heart: do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do before. the best things i did this past school year were things i never tried in high school, going on trips with people i didn’t know, who i now call some of the closest friends i have, and going on service work trips out of state
  • build up your gpa in the beginning by taking classes that are not as tough in your first semester, a gpa is harder to bring up than to knock down, tldr; start strong, start easy
  • grades matter, BUT, don’t sacrifice your health and well being for them
  • get enough sleep, you can, i did
  • don’t base your decisions off what other people would think but if something goes against your morals, stick with your morals
  • take care of yourself and your body, just because it’s free does not mean you have to eat it, college is the perfect time to make your physical health crash and burn but it is also the perfect time to start having a healthier one
  • take the time to check over assignments you’re submitting
  • is your bff, use it and reference it
  • sign up for a variety of activities and test out the water to see what you like most
  • early classes are not that bad
  • attend campus events
  • know what’s going on on campus, don’t be clueless in your own environment
  • get involved in clubs and groups that are associated with your major…but also stuff that isn’t
  • and if a group/organization that’s associated with your major, like for me PRSSA, has a membership fee, it’s probably worth it
  • explore your city, campus, downtown….
  • try to get an internship before it’s required
  • get a LinkedIn account
  • always keep an umbrella and a phone charger on hand
  • make friends with as many people as you can, but don’t “collect” friends, ya know?
  • go to job fairs/career fairs
  • it’s ok to stay in sometimes and just j chill
  • decorate and personalize your room
  • when preparing to register for classes, make a mock schedule first
  • find a mentor(s)
  • first impressions are a big fucking deal
  • you don’t have to put on a ball gown, but put an effort into the way you represent yourself
  • make a budget 

Recently, my Psychology 101 professor gave a short lecture on the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and I jotted down some notes that I’d like to share with you.

Habit #1: Be Proactive

  • be responsible
  • show initiative
  • choose your actions and attitudes
  • do not blame others for your wrongdoings
  • learn from your mistakes
  • do the right thing without being asked
  • be a part of the solution, not the problem

Habit #2: Begin with the End in Mind
(My professor always has this on the first slide of her PowerPoint presentations and when she introduced its meaning to us, it definitely became something that I live by.)

  • plan ahead
  • set goals
  • do things that have meaning

Habit #3: Put First Things First

  • spend time on things that are important
  • set your priorities straight
  • make a schedule
  • follow your plan

Habit #4: Think Win-Win

  • see other people as a teammate rather than a competitor
  • look for alternatives
  • balance

Habit #5: Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood

  • listen to other people’s ideas
  • see things from another person’s point of view
  • listen without interrupting
  • voice out your ideas but remain respectful
  • look people in the eyes while talking

Habit #6: Synergize

  • value other people’s strengths and learn from them
  • get along well with others
  • seek out other people’s ideas
  • be humble

Habit #7: Sharpen the Saw

  • invest time on yourself
  • spend time with family and friends
  • find meaningful ways to help others
  • put importance on your physical, spiritual, social and mental development

Try to evaluate yourself based on these habits and see which ones you have already developed and which ones you need to work on!

Female childhood experiences:

  • getting pushed around, shoved, bullied, hair pulled and things stolen by boys and being told to not react because “boys will be boys” and “that only means they like you” or “you’re only encouraging them to do more if you respond” and “they’re only trying to get a reaction”
  • being repeatedly scolded, called out, and punished for not acting enough lady-like, for getting dirty in the mud or getting your knee bloodied, boys of course don’t get punished for this because “it’s only expected of them”
  • being fitted into uncomfortable, limiting clothes that makes it hard to play
  • having boys lift up your skirt and laugh at you to embarrass you
  • not realizing what is so embarrassing about it but feeling ashamed
  • having to wait to go outside to play because first your hair has to be braided/styled and you have to look respectable at all times
  • gangs of boys laughing at you for being a girl and thus somehow beneath them
  • getting shoved out of “boy’s clubs” and chased out for being a girl
  • having “you’re a girl!” shouted at you as if it was an insult
  • demanding same respect and freedom boys have and getting told that you are somehow different and pushing you to focus on clothes and makeup instead
  • getting your ideas, suggestions and voice yelled over by loud boys 
  • not getting a say in anything
  • feeling self conscious about your body and very early trying to locate where you are on the spectrum of “sexy” to determine your social value
  • figuring you were really low on the spectrum and either giving up on it or panicking and trying to increase your value somehow
  • figuring boys will hate you unless you can get their attention with your looks but even if they like you for a bit, as soon as they get what they wanted from you they will turn against you and join other boys in humiliating you again
  • hating boys
  • feeling like you don’t have a voice and you don’t matter
  • feeling like your interests don’t matter and being actively discouraged to developing any except for stereotypical feminine ones
  • seeing only celebrated adult women are those which are high on the “sexy” spectrum and thrive on getting men’s attention but you don’t really want to do that and you feel like you have nothing to strive for
  • realizing older men are staring at you in a weird way and not understanding why
  • feeling like your parents are ashamed of you and not understanding why
  • having thousand chores that are undervalued and not appreciated when you do them, it’s considered the least you can do as you’re a girl and need to apparently work to make up for it
  • feeling that you’ll end up having to get married and helpless with the issue
  • being told that you’ll “never get a husband” with your kind of behaviour whenever you act like yourself
  • being repeatedly taught that being unwanted is the worst thing you can possibly be
Dating a Fallen would include

Them wrapping you up in their big fur ruff if they think you’re cold

Feeling the rumble of their deep voice beneath your cheek while you’re in their arms

Taking Eliksni lessons with Variks and surprising them with what you’ve learned to say

Feeling very small standing next to them even if you’re six feet five

Pressing kisses to their hard jaw, which confuses but pleases them

Hands, hands everywhere, so many hands, stroking, squeezing, caressing

Them giving your friends the most courteous bows when you introduce them

Getting the worst butterflies before meeting their Kell, but everyone on the Ketch is so nice to you and the Kell compliments you on your Eliksni

Feeling surprisingly comfortable curled against their hard body in bed because they uses their arms to support your weight

Being confused about strange things they do, like pressing their face into the back of your neck and breathing deeply, but then learning that this is how they show affection and love

Feeling sad that they have no place to call home except their nomadic Ketch, but them telling you that Fallen homes are in each others hearts, and theirs is in yours now

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hi do you have any witchy refs for what to do with mason jars? (im hoarding them)

So, like a master list of what to do with jars?

Hey witches, let’s give this a whirl. Add your own!

  • store herbs in them
  • store crystals in them
  • make spell jars (makes one that are pretty so you can put them on a shelf like a trophy)
  • use them to catch rain water
  • store rain water
  • store moon water
  • make some war water
  • get a mesh top and grow some sprouts to eat
  • use them as candle holders (mind they don’t get too hot and crack or explode. if you put tea lights in them they should be fine)
  • use them as drinking glasses (I personally don’t like the feel of the threads on my lips)
  • make and store tinctures in them
  • make a black out jar
  • make and eyes on you jar
  • make a protection spell jar to bury in your yard or in a potted plant
  • I’ve seen someone build a glitter happiness jar, you could make your own.
  • store your kitchen spice in them
  • store your bulk food in them
  • get a sippy lid and use it as your water bottle (they make one specifically for mason jars)
  • make creepy labels for witchy sounding ingredients and use them for Halloween decorations
  • Here’s 40 things to do with Mason  jars
  • Here’s 50 things to do with Mason jars
  • Here’s 101 things to do with Mason jars

Add your own!

  • loves to roast you
  • like boi tears you to shreds same way he would mark
  • but its lowkey just like a reflex at this point
  • he’s actually a sweetheart
  • nd super shy and embarrassed when anything about your relationship is mentioned
  • had a crush on you forever and didn’t know what to do
  • he wanted to ask his hyungs advice but was not ready to be roasted
  • he eventually worked up the courage to ask jaehyun about it

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bad boy! Jihoon

repost for anon

  • we all know he a manly man who hates doing aegyo
  • “i. am. not. cute.”
  • always being so chic
  • savage af like even more if possible
  • pranks everyone , even the hyungs with no apprehension 
  • jean/leather jackets for days , sunglasses indoors
  • tries to be really intimidating by not smiling or laughing
  • some people the members not really taking him seriously because of his height  
  • always leaning against something (wall, desk, etc) trying to look cool
  •  especially around you
  •  skull printed items for everything , black is his aesthetic 
  • probably has all the girls chasing after him but this boi is having none of this
  • “i dont date just anybody”
  • because he wants to date you
  • never had a gf before bc he doesnt want to hurt anyone or get hurt
  • so just stays away from romantic involvement
  • at least tries too but your making it difficult
  • leaning against his locker of course he sees you drop a bunch of your books
  • none of your friends are around and everyones just kicking them to the side or stepping on them
  • gets encouraged by seungcheol to go over to you
  • people notice him heading your way and steer clear but your just obliviously stuffing some books back in your locker
  • he picks up the last two
  • “which book do you need” 
  • “um that one”
  • he hands you the other book but doesnt give you the one you need
  • “im walking you to class”
  • you guys probably already have talked once in a while but just the basic convos
  • so your like we aren’t that close? why is he walking with me? why does my heart feel like this?
  • asks you on a date looking really indifferent but his bright red ears say other wise
  • date is successful of course, and you guys come to school holding hands
  • some girl - “that effing hoe-” 
  • gets shut up by jihoons glare + 12 others you know who
  • that creepy guy from chem comes to talk attack you by your locker
  • his hand coming way to close to your ass 
  • jihoon of course comes in and swings an around around your shoulder pulling you in closely 
  • “she’s mine

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reaction to his crush calling him small/cute

//Woozi’s crush calls him a smol cutie//

Woozi: //blushes red// I’m really not that cute. To be honest I’m ugly. //gets flustered// Well not ugly exactly, but cute, I don’t think ….

//woozi gets even more flustered, starts stammering//

Woozi: …but if you think I’m cute //clears throat and ears start turning red//.. I mean if you like cute… I can be… maybe //coughs//.. cute

//is dying and flustered someone save him//

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//if his crush calls him cute in front of the other members//


Woozi: //thinks to himself// You’re all dead to me. Just wait until we get back to the dorm.

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~ admin jess & seri

Fandom event etiquette

Suggestions for both organizers and participants for a smooth and fun experience

Events are some of the most fun things in fandom. They bring people together for a common project, foster a great sense of community, and produce lots of amazing content for the fandom. As long as they’re run responsibly. As people who are quite active in the fandom events scene for the Voltron fandom a few things have been brought to our attention recently and we’d like to address them. Sheer event volume, poor management, and disorganized events are starting to turn people off from signing up/participating, and it’s really upsetting to see these things that are supposed to be fun turning into sources of stress and anxiety instead

Please know that this isn’t about pointing fingers at any single event or individual, rather this is advice we’d like to share based on our experience as both event organizers and participants. We welcome comments and further discussion, but if you’d like to add to this post please don’t namedrop any people or events. Don’t turn this post into a call-out, that’s not what it’s about. Finally, this post is written specifically about the Voltron fandom, but I’m sure it could apply to pretty much any fandom, so anyone who finds it useful feel free to reblog!

- @ace-pidge​ and @bosstoaster


  • Check the state of the fandom before starting a new event. This is absolutely crucial. For the Voltron fandom, I maintain an entire set of calendars with the schedules of all ongoing and upcoming events, please take advantage of it. Your idea is probably super cool! But if there are already a couple dozen other projects going on it may be wise to hold off on it. If you’re worried about someone else coming along and stealing your idea, you can make a blog/post to signal your intent to run your event in the future, and wait a while for things to calm down a bit before actually running it. I’ve been getting many messages from people saying they feel burnt out or overwhelmed with the sheer number of events, and that’s not a situation anyone wants. [Edit (14/09): After hearing the thoughts of a Zine mod on this topic I now find this next statement unfair and in poor taste, as it lowkey implies (falsely) that Zine mods don’t know what they’re doing. I’ll leave my original comments in for posterity, but let it be known that really at this point my issue with Zines is more instances of lackluster management rather than Zine volume in itself. This is especially worrying for Zines, because actual money is involved. The market has been flooded with Zines over the summer, which results in fewer people buying them overall. Fandom people aren’t made of money, and it’s important to consider this when planning a Zine]     
  • Make sure you’re able to commit entirely to the project, both time-wise and mentally/physically. Fandom events are BIG JOBS, especially the ones that span several months like Big Bangs and Zines. But even smaller events like Weeks or Exchanges require a certain amount of work put into them. That’s months of advertising, of making posts, of answering questions, of sorting people out and keeping tabs on them, of troubleshooting. Look at your school/work situation not just in the near future but also several months down the line: will you have the time to dedicate to this. Look at why you’re doing this event: are you just doing it because you want in on the fun. Look at your mental/physical health situation: will you have the capacity to see this through. If you know that given your history there’s a possibility something might happen that will prevent you from keeping on top of the project (like a depressive episode or a hospitalization) make sure to account for that (for example bring on a team of mods who will be able to carry on without you should you need to step back for a while)       
    • Make sure your fellow mods are up to the task. Smaller events can be comfortably run by a single person, but bigger events like Zines and Big Bangs really should be run by at least 2 people, if not a team of 3-5*. This will ensure the workload is shared and there’s less chance of burning out before the project reaches completion. And they must all be people who are equally invested in the project. Having 1 very enthusiastic mod and 2 wishy-washy tag-along mods is a recipe for a project to fall apart     
    • If your friend is asking you to co-mod an event with them and you’re not sure you can/want to commit to it, say no! Don’t feel like you have to accept just because it’s your friend asking. It’s better to be upfront and honest than to start something you won’t be able to finish
  • The above goes DOUBLE if you plan to run more than 1 event at a time. I’m not here to say you can’t run more than 1 event at the same time, but if you plan to do that you better make EXTRA sure you have the time and resources to commit to all of them
  • Get advice from someone who has run this kind of event in the past, especially if it’s your first time as an organizer. Talking to someone who has gone through this already will likely prove invaluable for running a smooth event and dealing with problems that may arise. Look through the notes on this post if you need to find someone to contact     
  • Communication is key, be transparent! It is extremely important to stay in contact with your participants. This will both remind them that the event is ongoing (you’d be surprised how often people sign up for something then forget about it entirely) and show that you are responsible and on top of things. Also, don’t forget about your public page. With most events having dedicated Discord servers these days, it’s easy to forget about updating the event blog/Twitter page. Putting up a post every now and then to update the public on the event’s progress lets people know it’s not dead and keeps their interest up while your participants work behind the scenes
    • Stay on schedule, and if you can’t, let people know. Be clear and upfront about the event’s timeline and the different milestones, and if you can’t keep to the schedule say so. People will generally be very understanding. If you’re dealing with a Real Life situation, or if there are circumstances outside your control like printing/manufacturing delays on a Zine, tell your participants and your audience. This will avoid people getting disgruntled and frustrated and bitter because they feel left in the dark     
    • If for whatever reason you can no longer see the project through, tell people instead of just disappearing off the face of the Earth. It’s really upsetting from a participant’s perspective to be left with no news for weeks or months on end without a clue what happened to the event. Sometimes things come up or stuff happens, it’s understandable, but if that’s the case you need to let people know. It may be very upsetting to make that post, but trust me, people will appreciate the knowing     
  • Be VERY CAREFUL if you’re going to be handling money (as with Zines for example). Handling people’s money is a huge responsibility. If you’re going to be taking money you have to make sure you’re able to deliver on what you promised. The absolute worst time for a project to stall out is after preorders and before products are shipped out. If your project stalls at this stage and you don’t keep your buyers appraised of the situation you may get accused of scamming people or people may start demanding refunds, which is a mess no one wants to deal with     
  • Don’t air your dirty laundry publicly. We get it, sometimes running an event is frustrating. Participants drop out, or disappear and can’t be contacted, or butt heads with you or each other. Don’t complain about it anywhere public; know that stuff you say will reflect on you as an organizer as well as on your event. Vent to friends or on private accounts if you must, but you want to appear professional and in control in public. If you appear messy, your event will also appear messy, and it may make people think twice about staying in it or participating in stuff you do in the future 
    • Related: Try and keep your tone upbeat and positive and professional in your promo posts and answers to questions, even if you’re answering the same question for the umpteenth time. Giving off a frustrated or negative vibe may turn people off your event    
  •  If you’re a minor who wants to run an event make sure it’s appropriate for your age. Honestly, kudos to you if you’re 15-17 and running (or helping to run) an event, it’s great that you’re so involved! But for the love of all things good don’t get involved in an event where NSFW content is likely to appear. No amount of “I’m mature enough” or “I act older” constitutes a valid excuse, and you’re putting your (adult) participants in a very dangerous situation if you do that. ESPECIALLY if they don’t know you’re underage

*This isn’t to say you can’t run a bigger event if you’re alone, because people can and have done it and quite successfully at that. But in that case you must be absolutely all in


  • When you sign up for something, take the commitment seriously. Only sign up for things you know you’ll have the time/energy to deliver on, and do your best to do it
    • Stay on task. Keep to the schedule on your own, don’t make the organizers run after you
    • If you need an extension, ask for it, and don’t wait for the last minute. Sometimes you just need those few extra days or that week to complete your piece. Very often organizers will be understanding if you approach them asking for an extension, but don’t wait till the deadline to do so. Ask for the extension the moment you realize you’ll need extra time. Also ask even if you’re not 100% sure you’ll need it. Better to get the extension but still hand your stuff in on time than to show up the day of the deadline with an incomplete work and asking for more time. In the event that the organizers can’t give you an extension, either sort yourself out to have your stuff done on time or drop out of the event
    • If you need to drop out, do it sooner rather than later. Sometimes things come up, or your muse goes on vacation, or something else happens that’ll make you unable to participate. That’s ok! It happens to everyone. But in that case, tell the organizers ASAP so they can readjust their plans around you. Don’t just disappear off the face of the Earth without letting them know what your status is
  • Pace yourself. I know it’s tempting to sign up for everything. But the more you’re in the more strain you put on yourself, and the more likely you are to cause a domino effect if something goes wrong
  • Don’t air your dirty laundry publicly. If you have an issue with another participant or the organizer(s), or the way the event is being managed, or whatever else, take it up privately first. If it can’t be resolved, maybe just quietly drop out of the event and go on your way 

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Could you describe the poster INTJ? I always read about them, but even though I see those traits in me, I’d appreciate a more personified view of an INTJ

I’ve posted about it a lot, but this site is a really good source of information when you’re looking at a type in particular.

In my experience with INTJs (These range from very general to extremely specific)

  • Like offensive/crude humor
  • Don’t notice anything
  • [Really cute] high-pitched exclamations when they’re startled
  • Self-deprecating
  • Of all of the internet myths, the INTJ Stare is real
  • Like having nice things and new technology
  • Get really excited over Their Things
  • Loyal ! 
  • Metaphorical iceberg of emotions
  • Sometimes, they’re almost as indecisive as a perceiver 
  • “I was thinking that the whole time, but didn’t say it”
  • Cannot think on their toes
  • Self-conscious (Even though they’re perfect)
  • If they have any pre-conceived notions of things, good luck trying to change them
  • Get what they need to do done
  • Take criticism well 
  • Value other perspectives while also not caring what others think
  • Prefer knowing what’s going on and what’s going to happen

Feel free to add things and to share whether these are true for the INTJs you know as well

- INFP Mod

Dating Seungkwan would be like...

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  • i’m sorry but he’s the softest boyfriend in seventeen and i went maybe way too deep
  • smiles and shines at you
  • whether you’re giving him attention or not
  • daydreams about you and zones out a lot
  • can’t get enough of your voice in general, but if you sing too - he’s addicted.
  • if he has to, he’ll race the others when you need help
  • does everything to impress you and get your attention
  • may get a bit flustered at first
  • but as he warms up he’ll be the Seungkwan we know
  • at first he asks you if you’d like to hang out with him and a couple of another members
  • then the number of the members will get less
  • until he’s the only one left
  • so you’re both warmed up to eachother
  • bit afraid to joke a lot, in case you get hurt
  • wants a close friendship at first
  • but with time he starts showing affection and love way more
  • hoping you’ll catch the secret confession behind it
  • but he plans to serenade you
  • asks Jihoon to help him pick a song if he can’t choose one
  • bit nervous, but really excited
  • he’s the type to show you maximum attention and love from the very first second
  • ready to give you anything he has
  • please don’t play him
  • wants to share hobbies or anything you two can do together
  • since he has the fear of losing you he gets jealous easily
  • remind him you love him any given chance
  • gets cute and whiny if you give another member more attention than to him
  • also, wants you to have a good relationship with the guys
  • it matters to him a lot
  • even before dating he asks them a lot about you, what do they think of you etc.
  • after being in a relationship it takes him a little bit of time to let his negative emotions out
  • so if he has to, he will get his fake smile on
  • your job is to realize it and let him vent and comfort him
  • keep him on the group but don’t break his dreams
  • even if he doesn’t show it, his feelings get hurt easily
  • wants to learn from and about you
  • tries to surprise you with small things - and he might say that he wants nothing in return, praise him and cuddle him
  • actually big on skinship
  • mostly when you’re alone
  • doesn’t want the relationship to go public, he knows it how the media will react and doesn’t want the fans to feel bad, and he also fears that he might get comments he does not need or deserve
  • nothing makes his morning better if you message him something cute with a selfie
  • everytime he talks with his mom he’s rambling about you
  • which makes his mom really happy and warms her chest
  • so when you first visit them it’s like she already knows you
  • he’s really calm about all of that actually
  • takes you to every one of his favorite places in Jeju
  • he tells you stories - and even makes some up, to see if you catch him lying
  • nervous wreck when you go to meet your family
  • too much to mess up and too little to ease the damage he can make
  • but actually nails it
  • really lovely and bubbly through your visit
  • wants you to show him places you’d visit 
  • takes a lot of pictures, mostly candids of you
  • always shows them really proudly to the boys
  • buys a polaroid camera so he can instantly put the picture in his wallet or on a wall/mirror/album
  • and writes small lyrics or notes on them
  • gets embarassed if you find out
  • would love it if you could cook for him
  • especially anything that reminds him of his mom
  • ready to taste your favorite foods
  • late night snacks while watching random shows
  • cuddling lazily while doing it
  • falling asleep then regretting it when you wake up because of sore necks
  • but he feels all cutesy and lovely because of how cute you look
  • if you play videogames or boardgames he lets you win even if it 90% chance of him winning it
  • then whines because you ‘always go hard on him and never let him win’
  • wants the perfect house
  • will search for it, even if it takes a couple of months or years
  • would love it if the house had a backyard
  • doesn’t need a lot of space but wouldn’t mind it
  • likes the more fancier designes
  • full with warm, friendly colors
  • I’m not sure if he wants a pet
  • maybe if you insisted
  • but actually loves it a lot if you got one
  • whines about taking care of it, but he likes doing it

- shiho

Request: hi! i love your scenarios so much honestly♥ so if you feel like it could you maybe do performance unit as friends please? (i really loved your bf series too ♥) thank you so much!!
Members: Hoshi, Jun, The8, Dino (svt)


  • The aggressively supportive best friend
  • Tells you to work hard but also texts you with a million and a half exclamation points if you wind up staying up late to do exactly that
  • And then he whines when you nag him about staying up too late to practice 
  • Him: But I have to practice!!
  • The kind of best friend who will let you practice makeup on his so long as you SWEAR you won’t tell the boys or take pictures
  • But of course you creepshot a few and he just scREAMS while you cackle 
  • If you send them to Seungkwan he’ll get real damn dramatic about how wow,,, he can’t believe you,,, his own very best friend,,, betrayed his trust like that,,, how dare you 
  • He pouts at you a lot with big-ass puppy dog eyes to try and get you to pity him 
  • Wants you to pity him so you’ll do something for him, which half the time is just you buying him food when he’s too lazy to pick up his phone and order takeout
  • A lot of the time it’s also helping him with his chores BUT THOSE EYES NEVER WORK WHEN IT COMES TO THAT GET REAL HOSHI YOU’RE NOT GONNA MOP FOR HIM
  • Probably wants to do those super lame bromance jokes lmfao doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a girl or something else he WILL make you do them
  • You: do you want a protein shake bro
  • Hoshi: nah bro, you’re the only strength I need bro
  • You: bro 
  • Hoshi: bro
  • Minghao, somewhere in the background: I want you both to shut up 
  • Gets you guys matching hats that say “best” on one and “bro” on the other
  • But half the time you guys switch places and wind up spelling out “bro best” instead LMAO
  • Gets you autographs of all your favorite idols 
  • Probably wants to send you memes but doesn’t know how to get them
  • Gets frustrated when you send him memes until he realizes he can just steal them 
  • Likes taking selfies with you where you guys do the little finger heart
  • If someone upsets you BOY HOWDY does his temper flare like someone better hold him back cause he has an image to maintain,,,
  • It’s just??? You’re his best friend??? You’ve always been there for him and you’re someone he wants to meet his future spouse and be the godparent to any of his mini Soonyoungs
  • And now someone was daring to mess with you??? He thought the fr*ck not bitch
  • Hoshi is the ride or die best friend 
  • Demands that you push him around in a shopping cart whenever you guys go shopping
  • If he sees a cute girl and you start pushing him over he’ll panic because he looks five years old BUT THAT’S ALL THE MORE REASON TO DO IT
  • Mess with him just do it HE NEEDS TO BE MESSED WITH 
  • You keep him in check really?? The members feel blessed he has a friend like you for this because they can’t always but they know that you and Soonyoung have each other’s backs


  • Takes a LOT of selfies with you 
  • Always posts them like “hanging out with the best bud” but also takes a lot of creepshots of you just to make you s u f f e r 
  • If he sees someone taking a picture of the two of you he does the bunny ears behind your head because he’s actually a child
  • You guys are always ready to judge the crap out of someone else together 
  • Like you two have mastered the subtle looks and eye rolls whenever someone is acting like an idiot 
  • Always consults you on your fashion choices 
  • “No no you can’t wear THAT shade it totally clashes with your pants”
  • “Jun we’re literally just going to the grocery store”
  • “Yeah but you know they have that one cute cashier who usually works Tuesdays”
  • “Hdsdjfhej You Right what would I do without you???”
  • “Go out looking like a walking child’s coloring book now change into your one sweater we bought last winter-”
  • Writes on your arms a lot 
  • Sometimes it’s little doodles (he’s gotten outrageously good at drawing flowers through this)
  • Sometimes it’s words written in other languages (“Jun I know what that means stop writing it on my arm”)
  • Sometimes it’s reminders for you (one time wrote your entire grocery list on your arm and you were like wtf how do you know what I need and he was just I raided your cupboards again not sorry)
  • And it’s just like a cute lil bestfriend thing and one time to get back at him for writing a dirty word in Chinese on you, you wrote every swear word you know on his neck when he fell asleep at your house just before he went to schedules 
  • Jun: There’s revenge and then there’s just pure evil
  • You: I regret nothing 
  • The kind of friend who hugs you a lot and, when you’re sad and feel like your whole world is falling apart, kisses your forehead 
  • And there’s nothing romantic about it, it’s just a safe place for you to land when you need comfort and reassurance 
  • He always knows just how to cheer you up and the right things to say 
  • You mean a lot to him; you’re the first person he introduces his new relationships to, and he tells everyone you’re pretty much his sibling because to him you’re family???
  • Again, there’s no romance there but there’s still a bond that’s as strong to him as his bond with his family members and members 
  • Shows up at your door at like 3 am with slushies like “hey the members took over my bed and Hoshi keeps kicking me in the face please let me in I brought sugar”
  • Tbh that’s the only bribery you need lmao but you both know you’d let him in anyways because he always pays for your snacks


  • The real mvp who takes nice photos of you when you aren’t looking so you look naturally wonderful
  • And he’s so good at photography too like have you seen their instagram??? So you always wind up coming out like some unearthly beautiful being???
  • We all need a Minghao in our life tf
  • Pats your head a lot and he literally doesn’t care if you’re shorter or taller He’ll Always Find A Way And An Excuse
  • Nags you a lot, Minghao more like Momhao
  • We’ve seen Minghao scold the members when he gets all fired up like that’s him @ you every time you do something dumb 
  • But you’re so used to it you usually just laugh or something and he’s like TAKE ME SERIOUSLY DAMMIT
  • Late night sleepovers with him and sometimes Jeonghan and Jun where you guys wear face masks and talk shit about anyone who’s bothering you and watch whatever kdrama one of you is hooked on 
  • He always has the best comebacks so if anyone dares mess with you when he’s around, savage The8 comes out and the person winds up running off with their tail between their legs and he’s just “damn right”
  • Fully expects you to run every decision by him and acts offended when you don’t
  • Also expects you to update him on everything
  • He may leave other people on read but not you because what if someone hit on you or what if you forgot something at the store??? He needs to know these important updates especially ones like the former 
  • If you even breathe a word of complaint to him about being single he’s gonna try and set you up
  • And half the time it’s with these drop dead idol level gorgeous people and you’re like “dhjasfhe MINGHAO I CARE BARELY LOOK THEM IN THE EYE”
  • And he’s just “um??? Only the best for my bestie you should be thanking me”
  • No one messes with you when they learn Minghao is your best friend because 1) the boy can serve a comeback like nobody’s business and 2) he has demonstrated his martial arts techniques and everyone is pretty sure he can suplex them and 3) he is an idol with connections dammit
  • To him, you’re his rock really, he wouldn’t date anyone you didn’t approve of and if someone had a problem with you, he’d choose you in a heartbeat
  • Because anyone who didn’t understand how important your friendship was to him wasn’t worth dating??? He wanted you to be his friend forever, by his side through every step of his life, from when he got married to when he had his kids and vice versa
  • Him: I know I’ve found the one when they become your best friend too
  • You: that’s cheesy but also Accurate love u bro


  • Goes on late night convenience store trips with you
  • You guys decked out in hoodies and caps and arguing about which instant ramen to get 
  • “Chan it’s 2 am and you picked last time AND you got to pick tonight’s movie let me pick the damn ramen”
  • “The ramen you pick isn’t spicy enough”
  • Grabs a bunch of snacks and puts them on the counter when you’re digging around your wallet for money 
  • You glare at him but he just grins cause he knows you’re gonna buy them anyways 
  • Wants to battle you in pokemon whenever he has a free moment cause you keep beating him and it’s sO ANNOYING 
  • If you rub it in his face he will Fight You but playfully of course
  • Him: I need to get stronger so that I can carry you and put you somewhere else every time you annoy me
  • You: W o w 
  • Steals bites of your food all the time and you always try and whack his hand away with your utensil BUT IT DOESN’T STOP HIM 
  • Also shares drinks with you but neither of you give a hoot and a half about that it’s just a natural friend thing between you two 
  • Probably made a secret handshake with you tbh 
  • Believes in solving debates on what you guys are gonna do today with rock paper scissors 
  • “I wanna go to the amusement park”
  • “I wanna stay home and watch Moana again”
  • Once tried to implement spock and lizard into that game, it turned into a hellish moment and you agreed the classic is better 
  • Leaves you notes but they’re not cute 
  • They’re things like “lol I stole the last of your whipped cream so I could write “Loser” on Hoshi’s forehead while he takes a nap sorry” 
  • Complains to you 25/8 when the members baby him too much and then complains even more if you baby him as well to tease him 
  • “You’re supposed to be on my side I can’t believe this” 
  • Playfully bickers with you about s o   m a n y   t h i n g s 
  • Panics a little when you get upset because he’s still young and doesn’t always know how to handle it but he always sits you down and listens to you and offers to kick some ass because you’re his best friend who dares mess with you??? 
  • He has an arsenal of scary and strong hyungs at his disposal and that means so do you 
  • Occasionally when it’s really late at night he’ll text you reminders like “hey I know I don’t say it often but thank you for being my best friend you mean a lot to me”
  • Follows it with “don’t tell the members I said this tho they’ll tEASE ME”

Requests are open!!

iamdansin  asked:

PLEAAASE write that post about what you can do with an English degree! I'm getting mine rn and everyone's either assuming I'm going to teach, or trying to push me into the med field instead :\

look, english degrees are awesome okay. i’m going to try and make this as brief as possible but am here to elaborate on anything anyone has questions on. 

what everyone thinks you can do with an english degree:

  • teach
  • write a novel i guess
  • teach when the novel writing doesn’t work out

what you can actually do with an english degree:

  • whatever the fuck you want (no really)

first, there’s different types of english degrees*
*based on the US education system, which i’m most familiar with

  • literature! guess what you get to do with a literature degree? a lot. 
    • skills: close-reading, critical thinking, problem-solving, potentially translating, communication (written for sure, maybe verbal as well), self-direction, detail-orientated, editing, style guides

    • stuff: archival work, curation, history if you specialize in an era, making digital humanities projects if you want to work with computers or apps, working abroad (especially if you want to do comparative lit), social justice work, public events including readings and vigils, copy-editing, writing (and we’ll talk more about what “writing” really means on the job market in a second), non-profit work, academia/professor, library work if you’re interested in information science, consultant, book history and printing, publishing
  • creative writing!
    • skills: close reading, critical thinking, translating, communication, editing, creativity, design, art, self-direction, analytical thinking, problem solving, giving and receiving constructive feedback, art 

    • stuff: write that novel! or short story! or chap book! or poem!,
      marketing/advertising, storyboarding for tv or movies or video games, creative development, script writing, social justice work, non-profit work, academia/professorship, campaigning, travel writing, content development for corporations or charities or whatever you want, social media coordinator (guess what, that starts hiring at around 50k now), administration, public relations/press releases, creative director, creative consultant, medical humanities, publishing

  • technical writing/communication!
    • skills: collaboration, communication, technical skills, design, problem-solving, analytical and critical thinking, qualitative and quantitative research methods, documentation, development, project management

    • stuff: user experience, front-end design (web/software/interfaces/etc.), document design, technical writing, medical writing or design, app design, report writing, grant writing, editing, academia/professorship, political campaigning, social media coordinator, software engineering, programming, risk management, project manager, program development/administration, game designer, accessibility and assistive technology developer, consultant for the government/industry/non-profits, proposal developer, business plan developer, publishing

  • linguistics!
    • skills: sociology and anthropology, syntax, editing, writing, typically competencies in many languages, cognitive science and psychology, speech therapy

    • stuff: computational linguistics (PROGRAM COMPUTERS AND AI TO SPEAK?!), assistive technology developer, develop grammar and editing programs for technology (squiggly lines), academia/professorship, translator,  forensic linguist, teach foreign languages or english as an additional language, lexicographer meaning you get to basically archive human language for everyone and that’s fucking cool, tech writing, programming and coding!, speech therapy, user researcher/field researcher, speech therapist and setting you up for speech pathology, consultant for the government/industry/non-profits, voice/dialect coach for actors or voice actors

  • and many more! (rhetoric, writing studies, teaching english as a second language, others i’ve forgotten)

  • guess what all these skills and jobs are likely mix-and-match! take classes across the board, figure out what you’re interested in, and chances are your english degree can be used toward those careers!

  • also guess what there’s different types of teaching you can do too! elementary, middle school, high school, vocational or technical colleges, community colleges, universities, corporate training, government training, specialist training, writing centers, teaching abroad, tutoring, instructional design, curriculum development/educational program development. teaching is also awesome and you can do a lot with the teaching focus beyond being just in the classroom if that’s where you want to go!

but i only want to write!

don’t worry dude there’s tons of writing out there for you to find comfortable employment in. here’s a few i can think of off the top of my head:

creative writing: scripts/screenplays, video games, novels, short stories, poetry, journalism, blogs, freelance digital writing, travel writing, think pieces, editorials, marketing campaigns

technical writing: grants, documentation for engineers/programmers/factories/products, SEO content, web content, medical writing, contract writing, business plans, proposals, job descriptions, freelance or contracted writing, user experience test plans and reports, codes and software scripts

civic writing: press releases, speeches, journalism, non-profit grants, charter documents, legislation or other legal documentation (usually hired by contract work)


  • make your minor count. you want to write video game scripts? minor in something related to the industry (game studies is even a thing now in several universities). you want to write science books? minor in astronomy. want to write speech programs for AI robots? minor in computer science or human factors. go go go!

  • learn how to translate your soft skills to hard skills. english majors, generally, have a lot of critical thinking, analytical, and detail-orientated skills. think of specific projects where you’ve used those and talk about *those* on job materials (we can make our qual life quantifiable, #trust)

  • be adaptable. english degrees (and by extension, humanities degrees) are some of the most flexible skill sets out there. don’t pigeonhole yourself into roles that don’t fit what you want to do (i can’t tell you how many colleagues i’ve had that did editing jobs even though they hated editing and wanted to do design work instead. #DegreesCanDoTwoThings)

  • know that “publishing” and “editing” and “writing” have much, much more potential than what you might think initially. publishing jobs exist everywhere if you’re willing to work outside of creative fiction (university presses, magazines/newsletters/blogs, documentation for corporations, data-driven or science publications, etc.). these jobs are competitive, but they exist and you can get them

  • get experience working with cross-functional or cross-disciplinary teams. find opportunities to join clubs or orgs outside of your major that are doing projects you want to do. want to write movie screenplays? join film club, meet people who want to make films! showing that you can work with a bunch of different people from different knowledge bases/disciplines/skillsets will take you a lot farther on the job market

*dabs at forehead* obviously this isn’t exhaustive, there’s more out there! anyone who wants to chime in or add please do!

dating matt watson would include

hey here’s something no one asked for but decided to post anyway lol i’m trash

  • him getting jealous all the time but never ever admitting it
  • listening to the podcast & watching his videos when you’re apart
  • being friends with ryan 
  • teasing. each. other. 
  • movie nights!!!!
  • waking you up at 3am to go get food with him
  • lowkey him being really really really affectionate 
  • holding hands a lot
  • which means feeling the pads of his fingers create friction against your knuckles 
  • staring at his hands
  • him noticing that you’re staring at his hands
  • him asking you why you’re staring at his hands
  • clarifying that you’re not being creepy, you just really like his hands
  • going to the movies all the time because he’s obsessed with them
  • getting into arguments about it on the drive home
  • “the acting was terrible, y/n!”
  • “no, it wasn’t, you just don’t know a good movie when you see one.”
  • sending memes back and forth
  • him getting you flowers for no reason
  • being in LOVE WTF
  • wow i love matt gtg
BTS headcanons on their S/O stealing their clothes 24/7

Requested by; anon

Bts headcannons where you steal their clothes 24/7 Thank you💕


  • accepts the fact that he’ll never see his clothes again
  • decides to make the closet a shared closet
  • often buys two pairs of the same hoodie
  • finds it adorable when you do it
  • matching clothes!!


  • will fight to get his clothes back
  • eventually gives up
  • stares at you whenever you wear his clothes
  • has caught you wearing his underwear
  • sneakily takes a photo of you


  • giggles when he sees you in his clothes
  • doesn’t find it annoying
  • hugs you because you look cuddly
  • sometimes doesn’t recognize that it’s his hoodie
  • ends up matching with you


  • couple goals
  • always asks if it’s his shirt
  • your closet is huge
  • “isn’t that mine? I was searching for that for days!”
  • gives you extra hoodies of him when he goes on tour


  • giggliest boy
  • always speechless when he sees you
  • finds it funny when you almost drown in his clothes
  • it confuses him when you even wear his pants
  • always wonders where his clothes go to


  • his clothes are expensive and he often worries about them
  • gets panicky when you grab his most expensive clothing item
  • doesn’t mind it as long as you don’t mess them up
  • always prepares outfits for you
  • “I’m going to put a lock on my closet.”


  • finds it cute as hell
  • loves it when you wear white shirts he barely owns anything else
  • even finds it cute when you wear his underwear for some reason
  • gets you matching hoodies and even shoes
  • loves to show you off to people

Appreciation Post

  • Get you a man who smiles when he sees you
  • Get you a man who admires his parents, even if he doesn’t have the best relationship with them
  • Get you a man who works hard at his job
  • Get you a man who will love you even if you disagree on politics
  • Get you a man who will love you regardless of race or gender
  • Get you a man who will be at your side when you fight against insurmountable odds
  • Get you a man who says “neat” when you give him a gift
  • Get you a man with puppy dog eyes
  • Get you a man with his own unique style
  • Get you a man who is good with a gun
  • Get you a man who is up to date on the latest tech
  • Get you a man who will leave his government job to be with you
  • Get you a man who will help you raise a galaxy-spanning alliance to topple an oppressive empire
  • Get you a man who would NEVER EVER BETRAY YOU (looking at you, bioware)
  • Get yourself a Theron Shan
relationship [class 1a girls] hcs #1

Someone earlier today asked for dating hcs for Toga, Momo, & Jirou, and (unsurprisingly) it turned into another class 1a shitpost. 

Ashido Mina 

  • is the type that would message their s/o at 5 am for no reason at all
  • be prepared to hold her endless amount of shopping bags when you two go on mall dates
  • will get irritated if her s/o responds with super short texts
  • probably reads into things that she doesn’t need to read into
  • always the first to initiate PDA, but loves when her s/o does it first
  • her ideal date is just being around her s/o
  • is very direct with her s/o, so she expects them to be the same with her

Asui Tsuyu

  • museum and aquarium dates are her favorites
  • loves when her s/o plays with her hair
  • she is a bit insecure when it comes to relationships, so her s/o would need to comfort/reassure her 
  • hand-holding makes her feel nervous; she is afraid her s/o will notice her clammy hands

Uraraka Ochako

  • classic dinner and movie dates are her thing
  • secretly wants to recreate the kissing in the rain scene from The Notebook
  • loves wearing s/o’s sweaters/jackets
  • nose kisses make her blush, she thinks they’re sweet
  • really loves the smell of her s/o
  • likes sparring with her s/o

Jirou Kyouka 

  • s/o should expect to go to warped tours with her
  • she also would not be the “dominant” one between you two, so be prepared to make the first moves
  • this relationship would be full of inside jokes and teasing, so playful banter is inevitable
  • is totally down to get matching tattoos as long as they’re rad
  • claims to hate relationship cliches but secretly loves them

Hagakure Tooru

  • always sends good morning texts
  • loves sneaking up on her s/o and scaring the shit out of them
  • gets jealous easily and will stalk her s/o if they are with someone 
  • is very affectionate with s/o
  • one of class 1a’s seven wonders is that Tooru can blush so hard you can actually see it

Yaoyorozu Momo 

  • has a written itinerary for dates 
  • will be thrown off if things don’t go according to schedule
  • if the date does not go as planned, she will internally malfunction but her poker face is so good you won’t even know
  • probably needs a s/o who is a go-with-the-flow type of person
  • will always offer to pay for dates 
  • loves when her s/o ruffles her hair
  • forehead kisses make her legs feel like jelly


Toga Himiko

  • her idea of a great night is ruining someone else’s great night
  • sloppy kisser
  • not possessive, but if boundaries are crossed, she will kill someone who she feels threatened by
  • reads shoujo manga to get dating tips and tries using them in real life but ends up coming off weird and confusing every time
  • her mood changes quite a bit so s/o needs to be adaptable
  • loves cuddling 
  • loves clinging onto her s/o   
  • likes the nice, good guy/girl types
as a baba | yixing

Originally posted by killeryixing

before birth:

  • holds you and rubs ur back when u tell him
  • always asking if everything is good enough
  • starts staying home more
  • kisses ur bump every morning and night
  • becomes even more loving
  • not clueless but just slightly unsure of what he should be doing
  • asks u a lot about what it feels like
  • stresses his pretty little head out by trying to make everything perfect for u
  • if u get food cravings late at night he’ll be v sleepy but run for u
  • i forgot what i was gonna write
  • sleeps v little because he’s always worried :(
  • gives u massages

when the baby POP out:

  • cries and kisses u and his little baby all over
  • really playful but gentle
  • loves sitting baby yixing on his lap
  • loves holding baby yixing
  • holds baby yixing baby arms and makes him do exo dances baby version
  • always smiling and laughing at anything his baby does
  • writes songs and idk what its called cos i dont know music but those vids of music he makes on ig??? yeah that
  • has the sweetest little angel ever because he teaches them his angel ways
  • the softest and kindest to his bby 
  • never stops giving them kisses and hugs
  • teaches them how to play the piano/guitar and to dance
  • and even if its bad he’s so proud of them
  • gets really upset if little baby yixing is crying
  • super protective
  • isn’t strict but he makes it clear whats okay and what isnt 
  • feeds them a lot so they’re chubby
  • then sucks on their cheeks omg u know that picture of chanyeol and his dad
  • yeah that
  • pokes their cheeks a lot
  • heres my daily its late and im crying
  • will bend over backwards, fly to the moon, buy a sheep just to make his sweet child happy

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