Day 6/7 for Black & White Challenge -

I was tagged by Dana was-bleibt-der-zeit. Rules are to post 7-black and white photographs in 7-days. Additionally, no explanations and no people allowed. 

And I have to tag 1-person; But today I wonder why there isn’t a challenge for the B&W photographers on Tumblr? Time is right to initiate the 7-colour photographs in 7-days so I tag : @filmisadelight , @pixandum, @thelivingdogpress , @forthepleasureofmylife , @ishikorokoroishi , @georgie-pauwels , @jfpetersphoto , @scott, @scottmarcbecker , @cklein-studio , @machimotomirubibi , @hollybailey , @themetree , @unaciertamirada , @orendarling , @elsabertrand2 , @jibpeter , @alexandreparrot , @erikgrossphoto, @snowghoul , @koshigurajumy , @da-da-sk , @yama-bato , @the-long-distance-runner , @paul-cooper ,@hammadichakouath, @viktoriakingblog , @stonelantern, @mercedes-werner ,@fotographzfrankjackson, @choochland , @sophiemosss , @eirikharstad, @streetzeiss , @streetberlin , @itsnigrumetalbum  , @thewhitedarkroom, @tanyaluca , @florentbachelier , @qbn-scholar ,@redzenradish-photography , @justjulespictures,  @goodglass01 , @brunoboitelle ,@gertgoovaerts, @pmryderesq , @kleinefreiheiten, @banjocamera , @avclittler ,  @photorapist , @birdclaws , @alittletasteofmint ,@berndschaefers,  @plancius69, @hh-bergmann, @reiskees , @jasonmpeterson , @low-cool , @louisewhiting  , @so-lance , @blackbirdspots, @emmanuelbarrouyerbnw , @rurik-dmitrienko , @shinjiaratani , @hawkeye39 ,  @arnoldsmulders , @robertotullj , @tdbrouwer , @chrisees , @adqtvn , @treml, @dpattinson , @jkrikis , @anata39, @mariainme-n-you , @niilasnordenswan , @streetseeds,  @djangoknoth , @schuhcollection, @mishasokolnikov, @radekrogus and @annasdreamday

of course …this is an endless list …feel free to add your name …and spread the colour on our dashboard …

Speaking Moffat - A Master List

Moffat’s metaphors are so underappreciated, it makes me want to cry! Not only are they incredibly poetic, but also the way they fit together is out of this world. So here is a master list of the five biggest themes I have worked out so far, with special focus on how they are all linked to one another. (Click on the names of the themes to read more about each individual theme.) 

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I was nominated by @themetree to list the last four albums I have listened too.  I confess that I only listen to my playlists and Pandora.   Even when I do pop a CD into my car player, I don’t listen all the way through.  But the closest I can manage is:  The Getaway (Red Hot Chili Peppers), A Head Full of Dreams (Coldplay), California (Blink-182) and Ripcord (Keith Urban).

I nominate who ever wants to participate!!!  Enjoy :)