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Can you talk about the 3 of their different dance styles or interpretations of the same moves in the 3J dance? I'm also curious if you think that they each shone the brightest in own solos or do you think another choreo would've suited one of them more. Also versatility of the members? The 3 dances were similar enough in style (I think at least) but had different feels to them and who do you think was the most consistent throughout and could channel the moves and feelings of all the dances?

❗️❗️⚠️⚠️ i know that most will be going off of the home party 3J URBAN DANCE video instead of the bts+/channel+ fancam video(s) in my post !!!!! it’s a shame that non-subscribers can’t see the solo ver because there is always SO MUCH that the camera misses when zooming around❗️❗️⚠️⚠️

“Can you talk about the 3 of their different dance styles or interpretations of the same moves in the 3J dance?”

in the performance, each member stuck to their usual style in all three combos. you can watch other fancams (JH/JM/JK) of the same piece to see how they differ (note: i just linked the ones for “fire” since things are easier to pick apart there, but lmk if you want me to explain more)

1. hoseok

was definitely strongest with the upper body out of all the members. i know that it’s a stylistic choice to have very controlled arms (looking @ you PJM), but i prefer when they’re looser for combos like their first one. the only thing i didn’t like about him was sometimes the hands were too splayed and his snapback prevented me from seeing his eyes, which is an important part of a dancer’s stage presence. it also covered half his face when the stage lights were on him :/

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blog recs?

this is gonna be off the top of my head so i’m sorry if i forget you akdneknd

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Micheal wears headphones all the time right? Just ask him about the music he listens too that way you let him lead the conversation which makes it a lot easier to talk since the only thing you need to do is ask questions and if he asks why you sit next to him just tell the truth that the seat was empty and he seemed lonely

Jeremy: …Plus, the truth is that I told some strangers on the internet about him and they pushed me to befriend him, not because I think he seems lonely.

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I'm the same kj & cole shipper that was in your ask box a few weeks ago, saying how I'm started to understand sprousehart. And after this weekend... I can't. I forfeit. Those two are crazy obvious!!! with the jacket, the stares, always being within reach of the other, and the almost hand holding? I'm converting.

I promise we don’t bite. 

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Hey I'm bi but very scared of telling people about it. I'm scared of there reaction... I've talked to some of my friends about it and I have a simblrs everyone see.s nice but I'm scared if I come out on Tumblr a loss of friends or the hate and I know it's I shouldn't care but I'm still really terrified

I’m so sorry you’re going through this sweetheart. Sharing apart of yourself with others can be a scary experience especially if you aren’t certain of their reaction. At the end of the day you have to do what is best for your mental health and remember that if you decide to come out there is a whole family of those whole will love and support you unconditionally.  There may be people who disagree or are ignorant towards your sexuality, but be patient and teach them or move towards the next step in your future without their toxicity. Most importantly, come out when you are ready to and safe. The fear of losing people is natural but you have to be the one to decide if the anxiety of what their reactions might be is worse than their actual reaction. I’m not sure if this helped at all, but I love you and I wish you the best of luck pumpkin. If you need a pal you are always free to come to me personally.

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Katie McGrath had such a gryffindor moment at the con. "it takes courage to stand up to your enemies but even more to stand up to your friends" Most people, even if they didn't agree with what happened, would just sit back and stay out of it. I have such respect for her

i completely agree with you - katie is such a sweetheart and so precious and she deserves all the respect. she just went and completely dragged melissa and jeremy and it’s iconic. This is ‘How To Be A Good Ally 101 by Katie McGrath: Protect Her At All Costs’. (also david & odette who seem to be fed up w it too!)

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Hi Julia. Thanks so much for all of your hard work this weekend. We ALL appreciate it. I've seem to have missed that interview that you posted a gif set from where Cait says 'screw you' to Sam. Have a link...? Thanks 😘

haha I didn’t do very much in terms of posting but you’re welcome! most of the posting credit should go to @jamesandclairefraser, @yellowfeather84 and @surana17. Anyway, here’s that interview and for future reference everything from this weekend is here