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Seapony - Theme :// Code + Preview

A simple and cute theme with many options for customization! It has both a topbar and a sidebar.


  • 300px posts ; 400px posts on the permalink-page
  • 150x150px sidebar image
  • The date and notes in a little tab on the left side
  • 5 custom links
  • Almost all colors are customizable
  • Normal Pagination

Please note:

  • Optimized for google chrome on 1366 x 768px resolution ; it should work fine on other sizes and browsers too
  • Please like/reblog if using/considering
    Do not imitate or steal parts of it
    Do not redistribute or claim as yours
    Do not remove my credits

Any questions or troubles?

Put them here!

Capri by cyantists  [ preview / code / terms ]

  • sidebar options:
    • on left or right of the page: 100px, 125px, 150px, 175px or 200px wide.
    • an image, an optional title and up to 8 links, wide or small (in rows of 2).
  • post options:
    • 350px, 400px, 450px, 500px wide, 1-10px photoset gutter.
    • show/hide captions, tags and like/reblog buttons on index.
  • to view all of these and more click the arrows in the top right of the preview

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happy birthday to the sweetest angel, makoto tachibana~! ♡ (17/11)


“Maybe it’s impossible to live life without any regrets. Even when you know the future… you’ll still mess up.“ 

orange wallpapers requested by anonymous ☆

[ T h e m e #3 ] M A Y by @XYZTHEMES

A simple sidebar theme! It’s named May because it was released on the first day of May (how creative! not.).


  • The sidebar image is 100px by 100px
  • There are 4 customizable links in the sidebar.
  • Posts size is 400px.

Please do not claim this work as your own, use as a base code, repost or remove credit. If you need any help editing the blog, have questions or find an error in the coding, please contact me directly through inbox here. Please like/reblog if using and feel free to message me links to your blog if you use my theme, I’d love to see what you do with it!! Enjoy!

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