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why you should read the bartimaeus trilogy by jonathan stroud:

  • snarky, hilarious first-person narrator who is also thousands of years old
  • footnotes for extra humor
  • really great worldbuilding (of the “this world but with certain key elements changed so that the course of history has been altered) variety
  • explores themes of oppression, privilege and rebellion, as well as history as a cycle
  • the magic system is complex and fascinating and ties directly into the abovementioned themes
  • also explores the redeeming power of love, but NOT in the ~*~magical hetero romance~*~ way
  • (seriously the series focuses on love outside the usual definitions of strictly romantic, and while there’s no explicit lgbt romance some of it can certainly be read that way)
  • (also have i mentioned that the “power of love” storyline is utterly heartbreaking)
  • main character as well as a bunch of others are all otherworldly shapeshifting nonhumans with weird morality systems and various grudges/friendships/issues going back for centuries
  • ot3 potential
  • yes it’s one of those YA novels about rebellion against a dystopia but the subject is played out far more thoughtfully and realistically, and the originality of the setting gives it a nice unique feel
  • main character is implied not to give a shit about gender (of course it’s one of those “nonhuman = agender” kinds of representation but. what can you do)
  • unconventional, super bittersweet ending
  • fandom is small but also really great in the way small fandoms are
  • seriously it’s so good. please read it

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why didn't you like Fahrenheit 451? i remember reading it in school and enjoying it, but it's been a while.

fahrenheit 451 is an okay book until you read the coda  and realize the main reason bradbury wrote the it was because he couldn’t stand an ounce of criticism to the point where he genuinely believed that someone pointing out that something’s racist or sexist is the same as censorship

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I'm writing a fantasy novel. Like many fantasy plots, the theme deals with oppression. They usually involve some fantasy race like orcs or something, I decided my story features oppression simular to the stuff faced in the real world: racism, ableism, homophobia, ect. I started having second doubts about it and how interesting it would be to the typical fantasy audience. I put so much work into it and I don't want to let it go. (1/2)

(2/2) I also don’t wish to be disrespectful. (I face most forms of discrimination but I am white, but racism is usually the most prominent form of oppression in our world so I kind-of have to talk about it. Also, all human cultures are simular to real world ones with some inversions and there is a lore explainion for the motives of the oppressors) I would like some criticisms as to how I can make it more accessible to the general audience, while being respectful and not “cringy.” Thank you.

As for being respectful and not cringy, the best course of action would be research. Research the fuck out of all of the cultures, struggles, movements and histories you’re gonna use as inspiration for your fantasy world. It doesn’t matter much if you have personal experience or not if you can nail the research. In addition to formal research, try asking people personal questions about their experiences and such, and use that as research and inspiration as well.

As for being accessible to general audiences, the best way to do that is having a good initial premise. Something interesting and not too complicated that makes you stand out among other works in the genre. And after that, it’s important to have engaging characters people can relate to. You shouldn’t overdo it with the themes of oppression right from the beginning, but after you’ve established your characters and world, you can go deeper into those themes.

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Any fanfic and/or book recommendations?? I'm fighting with internalised ableism

I can’t think of any right now. I honestly haven’t read any books that actually have good representations of autism (which I assume is what you’re asking for). However, if you’re just looking for good books in general, I suggest Harry Potter which features themes of fighting oppression of all kinds (and always cheers me up when I’m having a hard time). 

Followers, do you have any book recommendations for anon? 


Mars in Capricorn - The Everlasting Battery

“You are so confident,“ he says to me. "You’re stubborn and resilient. So brave. So strong. So inhumanly beautiful. You could conquer the world.”   -    Tahereh Mafi

Mars in Capricorn people express the erratic and intense energies of Mars through internalization and systematic energy releases. Mars is exalted in Capricorn and so given open expression and formidable power. The battlefield planet steers the stern mountain goat in the direction of fiery and disciplined ambition, unwavering tenacity and the manifestation of fantasy into reality. Mars in Capricorn personalities charge headfirst into the direction of their dreams and exude a surging recklessness in their urgency to succeed, achieve, weave the tapestry of dreams, and shatter opposition.

Mars governs elements of sexual energies. Its expression through earthy Capricorn relates to the physically responsive approach to sex that involves the deep attuning with bodily senses. The individual may be easily offset by uncomfortable room temperatures and becomes a cautious and calculated romancer who possesses strong sexual tensions. There may be themes around guilt, oppression and extremes when it comes to their sexual encounters and he typically directs his internal agony into intimacy and romance. Mars in Capricorn people may emanate controlling or dominating features in relationships and possess an intense need for security physically and emotionally. He may take the conservative approach to life and follow the wise footsteps of his elders. The individual is enduring, focused, calculative, and distributes mental and physical energies equally. His own rage and aggression may erupt through bone and joint pain.

Mars in Capricorn people have strong internal urges to leave a resonant imprint on the world, all while connecting physically with others. He displays a great resolve in love and directs much of his resources into establishing a career and ascending the professional ladder. The individual constantly re-evaluates and establishes new goals to set upon, and knows how to focus his fanatical energies into a disciplined appropriate direction. There is a constant, radiating low vibrating energy emanating from the Mars in Capricorn person and a force so internalized it spindles dream particle into held gold.


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hi sarah! what are you reading in your classes this year?


English I (theme: oppression and injustice) - To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

English II (theme: the teenage perspective) - Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger, The Outsiders by SE Hinton, and I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai

English III (theme: the American dream) - The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, and The Freedom Writers Diary

English IV (theme: growth mindset/lifelong learning) - One memoir/autobiography/biography of someone who is in the field they’re thinking of going into after graduation and one work of fiction pertaining to the field they’re thinking of going into.

They’re also all required to read four independent reading books of their choice (two per semester) throughout the year.

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Hi, I was wondering if you could recommend some really good Naruto fanfics? Because I haven't read any in years but your tags on this /post/90322136190/ made me want to start reading them again because I really miss reading about my favorite dorks XD

*cracks knuckles*

Okay I’m listing them in order of how much I liked them, so the ones I love to the moon and back will be at the top and then I’ll make a general list of ones i enjoyed and separate them by pairings!

RED by Sherbet Mayhem (SasuSaku, NaruHina) - This is the most recent naruto fic I read and let me tell you about what an amazing, life-altering read it was. There were so many things in this fic I loved I honestly don’t even know where to start. Well, first things first, this is an AU fic, inspired by the book thief, so it deals with themes of oppression and genocide, so please don’t go in expecting rainbows and sunshine. It gets dark, like really dark, but it’s also written impeccably well, like I was actually stumped by the quality of the writing. It’s easily better written than a good chunk of the published works I’ve read, so yeah, you can expect some fantastic writing, a heartbreaking commentary on a very real part of world history, and a soul-stirring love story.The romance is slightly peripheral but it’s very integral to the story regardless. I HIGHLY recommend this, but be sure to keep a box of Kleenex close by if you decide to give it a shot.

The Girl From Whirlpool by SilverShine (MinaKushi) - If you haven’t read this yet, you literally need to drop whatever you’re doing and go read it right this second. Like I’m not even kidding, this fic was my fanfic bible for the longest time. It’s a MinaKushi fic, with heavy focus on Minato’s development as a teeny tiny genin prodigy to young war hero to the dorky, clueless jounin who is stupidly in love with Kushina. I’ve always loved Minato, but this fic really elevated the character into my faves list. It follows canon to a certain extent, so it could actually seamlessly fall into place as the background story for canon!minakushi. The world building in this fic is some of the best I’ve seen, like you will actually feel transported to Konoha as you let each word sink in. It’s just one of the most well-written, well-developed naruto fanfics I’ve read to date, and if that is not enough to convince you, it also features a young sulky Kakashi. If you’re still not sold on how awesome this fic is, idk what to tell you, man. I can’t help you if awesome is not your cup of tea. (okay but this hasn’t been updated in over three years, so there’s that).

Of Fate and the Unexpected by Writing Unicorn (SasuSaku) - Post-canon fic where Sasuke is trying to lay low in Konoha so he can destroy the village from within. It’s not as action packed as the initial summary leads you to believe. Instead, the story focuses on Sasuke’s internal conflict between fulfilling his thirst for revenge and falling back into place with his old team. It’s sad, funny, cute, and features one of the sweetest, most patient romantic development between Sasuke and Sakura. This fic also gets bonus points for being the only one in my list where Team 7 has a lot of fun interactions being their dorky selves!

Ripples by Yellow Mask (SasuSaku) - This was one of the first Naruto/SS fics I read and to this day, it remains one of my faves. It’s set after Sasuke leaves Konoha to train with Orochimaru, and I think this has one of the most in-character portrayals of Sasuke, especially in the way he falls for Sakura. I actually think Sakura is just a tad bit OOC in this, but the writer does a good job of keeping her consistent so it didn’t bother me all that much. There’s also some good team taka interactions here, and just like sasuke being awkwardly protective of Sakura, it’s all kinds of shippy goodness!

Folklore by blushinglotus (SasuSaku) - Hottest sasusaku smut you’ll ever read. The build up, the restraint, the sexual tension, it’s all done so well, and to top it all off the writer incorporates some very interesting Hindu mythology in the story to juxtapose the development between Sasuke and Sakura.

Turn Turn Turn by Sowell (KakaSaku) - This is my be all, end all of KakaSaku fics. It is funny, cute, and sexy all wrapped into a single story. Definitely a must read if you dig this pairing. 


The Long Way Home by the general girl

i let it fall, my heart by arabesque05

go the converse by arabesque05

a pocket full of sixpence by the blanket

brighter than sunshine by ohwhatsherface

finding the inbetween by quorra laraex

In Times of Peace by SouthSideStory (this one is ongoing, so go show it some love!)


House of Crows by SilverShine

House Calls by Spoiled Sweet

Scarlet Roll by SilverShine

Against the Sky by nostalgic-maiden


Vespertine by Cynchick

The Way of the Wind by just enough


Minato, In Love by SicTransitGloria

Happy reading! xD

Please be aware that Katniss Everdeen in the films is absolutely a white savior. She might have better development and is better written than most, but still falls into that category. It’s still a white person who is “inspiring” people in the poorer districts, most of which are brown and black, into rioting and rebelling against a predominantly white, oppressive, militarized society. 

Please also be aware that if a woman of color had played Katniss in the movies instead, the themes of racial oppression and revolution would have been stressed and emphasized more than ever. Which is probably why they went with Jennifer Lawrence instead of someone like Devery Jacobs or Q’Orianka Kilcher. 

Please also be aware that, while these movies are pretty damn good, I can’t help but notice how overthrowing your government to save the poor and abused brown people is only okay if the heroes are all white as well (Haymitch, Gale, Peeta, Prim, Johanna, Finnick) and maybe have a few side characters of color that make an appearance from time to time. Because now you don’t have to worry about “white guilt.” Because in this narrative, it doesn’t require Katniss to actually observe her own people and her own privilege and stand against a government that benefited her because what they’re doing is wrong. Instead, Katniss is the one who gets the shit end of the deal and it makes more sense to rebel in self defense rather than actually critically analyze where you stand in situations like this and still choose to do the right thing (like Cinna or even Plutarch, for example). 

Just figured I’d throw that out there in light of a recent post I made about white saviors.
Sanjay - Everyday (Original Song)

This is a song that I wrote about the general theme of racial oppression, especially in the aftermath of what happened in Charlottesville. With this, the song I wrote about #FreeKesha, and many more that I am in the process of writing, I think I’ve finally found what it means to be an artist, and how to use my voice to address issues in the real world. Hope you like it and I hope the message resonates

cyberpunk and the body

Since that other cyberpunk post is making the rounds I thought I’d switch gears and maybe talk about something not coming from a place of anger.

I was discussing the post above with some people and the conversation shifted gears from that to how Cyberpunk is enjoyed different ways by different people. Namely the fact that themes of oppression in cyberpunk seems to resonate with a lot of people. I don’t experience it that way because I’m not from a background or in a position that I experience oppression in any way.  Yet people who follow me on here do. I have a lot of followers from different backgrounds who relate to Cyberpunk in that way. I cannot speak for them or their experience but I’ve seen people bring the link up and it’s fascinating to me.  I think it’s a very wonderful / interesting aspect of the genre and I love that they can relate to it that way, using it as a form of expression.

It really doesn’t come as a surprise to me, though. I recently had someone send an ask on here about the concept of switching to the body that was a different gender of my own. It’s an idea brought up in Ghost in the Shell.  I’m specifically thinking about a scene in Stand Alone Complex where Batou and The Major are talking and he asks why she never considered switching to a male’s body.  He makes the assumption based on traits The Major displays that are defined by society as “masculine.” She says she is in the body she wants to be in, if I remember correctly. It’s an interesting concept though, the idea of being able to switch to whatever body you see fit, or modifying yourself to be the “you” that you really are.

Anyway, I’m just kind of rambling now. I just thought it was an interesting thing to consider for a minute instead of just scrolling through and queueing up more neon buildings.  If anyone wants to add to this who has WAY more perspective than I do, I’d love to hear about it.  Or if you want to talk about it over messages, or whatever!

Why I hate Legend of Korra: Book 4

Some of my followers and friends in this site have known be to be a staunch pro-Korra person who is emotionally attached to this character. I looked back at my two years of being in love with with fictional heroine and the finale devastated me.

I need to get this out of my system before it gets built up inside. I found it hard to believe it affected me not only emotionally but physically. I thought that this was the time I was celebrating the end of one of the most special shows in my life. But after what happened in the finale, I have nothing to do but expel out my resentments, stay out of the fandom and then move on.

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What do you mean when you say that Malia is Stiles' beard?

I’m really glad you asked me that.

Before I answer, a warning: This word in nearly all contexts is insulting, homophobic and sexist. I recommend you not use it casually.

A “beard” is slang, and it probably came from the stage — when an actor wore a false beard as an easily-seen-through disguise.

Now it tends to be used by the queer community, to describe a gay person who is disguising their gayness. Typically, it’s used to describe a gay man in the closet who is in a relationship with a woman for the main reason of passing as straight.

The word implies that one partner is being used as the easy-to-see-through disguise (usually the woman — hence the sexism), and the other is a liar too afraid to be honest about who they are (hence the homophobia).

As with so many slang words, it has a certain pithiness which captures some of the flavour of the horrible systemic oppression which leads to these kinds of choices. Sometimes it’s actually kinder to use “beard” than call someone a liar and a cheat, because “beard” alludes to the long history of queer oppression. It doesn’t forgive or excuse the behaviour, but does explain it as part of a larger problem.

“Beard” can be used in the context of infidelity too, according to Wikipedia, but in my experience it’s more commonly used within the queer community, as Urban Dictionary confirms.

When I said that Stiles was using Malia as a beard, I was careful to make two other points at the same time.

  • First, Stiles is genuinely attracted to Malia because he’s bisexual, not gay, in my opinion. His attraction to her is not fake, so in that sense, Malia is not his beard.
  • Second, Stiles is not in love with Malia, the text has made that quite clear — “I can work with that” he said, rather than “I like you too.” Given how Stiles has been behaving, one of the reasons he’s “working with that” seems to be that he wants to look “normal” to his dad, and he’s willing to use Malia to do it. In this sense, Malia is his beard, because he’s pretending to like her more than he does.

In other words, Stiles has been depicted as worried about how his dad will react if it’s revealed he’s supernatural — his dad has reacted badly to all news about the supernatural so far. And Stiles is definitely something, there’s no doubt about that at this point in the season.

Additionally, the supernatural in the show often stands in for real-world problems like racism. In this case, I think Stiles’ spark has been thematically linked to his sexuality. Just as he’s afraid to come out to his dad as supernatural, he’s afraid to come out as bisexual too, and for the same reason — his dad has already told him in S2 that he “can’t be gay.”

So Stiles is in a double closet, being both a spark and bisexual, and I think he is using Malia to make himself look normal to his dad, because he’s really, really scared his dad won’t love him anymore.

That’s a shitty thing for Stiles to do to Malia, especially as Malia seems to genuinely like him. He’s basically lying to her about liking her back to the same degree, and that’s unfair and wrong of him.

But while it’s wrong, what he’s doing is also understandable, because the idea of being hated by your dad for who you are is scary. Coming out is scary. Coming out to the most important person in your life when he’s already told you he doesn’t believe you about the supernatural or being queer, that’s super-dooper scary.

So that’s why I said Malia was Stiles’ beard, and it’s why in this context “beard” seemed the right word to use. Because this is about internalised fear due to oppressive external factors, and isn’t just because Stiles is a user or an asshole.

It will be interesting to see how this arc of Stiles’ is resolved, because it parallels Scott’s dark arc. Scott’s struggling with internalised hatred for his wolf side, and it’s slowly poisoning him.

The question is, will Stiles be poisoned by his internalised fear too? Or will he find a way out of the closet, and then maybe hold out a hand to help Scott?

The subtext of locked things and empty vaults

There’s a mysterious repeated theme in the show of information that is stolen, locked away or inaccessible. It’s something that Sherlock seeks, and goes to great lengths to try and obtain. But when the vault opens either it’s empty or the thing of great value turns out to be worthless.

[Thank you @ebaeschnbliah for inspiring these thoughts with their meta The ones and the other ones !]

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Hey! This is link to the kickstarter for my short film Uprising, which is the creative complement to my written thesis about representation of race in science fiction and fantasy movies. 

Cool things about Uprising

1) Features two WOC lead characters!

2) Those characters are also lesbians!

3) Definitely passes the Bechdel test!

4) Covers themes like racism and oppression!

5) Also has necromancers! WHOO FANTASY GENRE WITH POCs!

Carol Ann Duffy (b. 1955) is the Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom, having held the position since 2009. She is the first woman, first Scot and first LGBT person ever appointed to this role.

Her poems often deal with themes of gender, oppression, and violence. She has won many prestigious awards over the years, such as the Whitbread Poetry Award and the T.S. Eliot Prize.

I’ve been seeing this post floating around my dash for a while now, and each time it pops up, I just get more and more frustrated. While I do agree with it in its point about the movies’ whitewashing, to say the films completely ignored her deafness (which… She wasn’t even technically deaf in the books, so), her mental illness (she very clearly has PTSD. Which they illustrate very realistically in CF and especially MJ part 1), and her potential asexuality (here’s a strange concept: maybe Katniss was too busy worrying about her own survival to daydream about banging people) is taking it too far. I’m a huge fan of representation in the media, and while the HG franchise delves into a lot of relevant, severe themes (i.e. Oppression, class warfare, revolution, etc.), discrediting it for not touching on LITERALLY EVERY SYSTEM OF OPPRESSION is too extreme. Katniss is a strong, female teenager who lives in severe poverty and comes from a single-parent home. Again, the movies did whitewash her, which is definitely one of their flaws, but getting your panties in a wad because there isn’t ENOUGH representation - when there’s already so many wonderful things going on - is unnecessarily negative.

I want more minority representation in the media like many of you, but I’m not going to demean an entire franchise because the films didn’t try to take a massive crap-shot for social justice. Focus on the positive, like how relevant the series is, how empowering it is, how frightening it is, how important it is, instead of getting all pissed that Katniss isn’t physically disabled and is probably heteronormative, because there are many more important things to be pissed about, like the actual oppression the series alludes to, or unnecessary love triangles, or THE STUPID MENTALITY ON TUMBLR THAT THE END GOAL IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS AND NOT THE DANG PROGRESS WE’RE MAKING ON OUR WAY THERE