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One Wedding, One Destiny
A Kingdom Hearts Themed Wedding
July 15, 2017

Part 2: The Wedding Party

After two years of planning it finally happened! There’s so much to share so be sure to be follow along. Here are the rest of the parts:

Part 1: The Couple
Part 3: The Decor
Part 4: The Ceremony
Part 5: The Reception
Part 6: The Cake
Part 7: Everything Else

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Goryeo’s Best Dressed: Hae Soo as the King’s Woman


Romantic & Elegant Enchanted Wedding Inspiration
You’ve got style, and sometimes you just need to turn up the dial on the glamor and glitz to show it! There are many ways and a variety of options that can help you create a luxurious and sophisticated wedding. It is important to give thought to how your decoration elements can all work together to create a harmonious design.


Arrow Interview | Michael Emerson Reaction + Double Wedding? | Comic-Con 2017 | TVLine

the dappled light was dancing over the grass as a breeze played with the leaves on the trees and the ribbons trailing off of the floral arrangements. it was beautiful, breathtaking honestly as the sound of silverware and glasses clinking mingled with the chatter and laughter that wove it’s way between the tables underneath that canopy of green. candles flickered and little orbs of magical light trailed over the tables as the sun started to sink lower on the horizon and the day started to drip into twilight amidst the reverie of the wedding party.

magnus was lost in it, lost in the hum of alcohol and the joy of watching two of his closest friends get married. but it was more than that, as the fireflies started to blink close to the grass, there was a feeling rolling up in him that he barely had a word for. sitting there watching catarina cup dot’s face as the swelling sound of forks against glasses echoed over the tables, a bubble of joy had embedded itself in his chest and he felt lost in it. he watched the way the sunlight dripped over catarina’s dark brown skin as her thumb dragged over one of dot’s cheeks and kissed her slow and deep. and as he did, he felt alec shifting under his arm, one of his hands lazily dragging over magnus’s thigh.

it bubbled up as his attention focused back on alec, settled there in the seat next to him, his hazel eyes catching a bit of the honeyed near sunset light. he was staring at magnus with one of those looks they’d been throwing at each other the entire night. the ones that said so much without any words at all. the ones that made magnus’s heart feel like it was far too full.

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