themes for vertical blogs

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do you want a theme that suits your blog and your posts perfectly? and it has just the reblog links and sidebar-style you want? here’s your chance!

what you will get:

  • a custom theme made by thougt ( thougt-themes )
  • full say in how your theme will look
  • a design that suits your blog-style in the best possible way!
  • (html help if you want)

what you need to do:

  • reblog or reblog+like this post (likes by themselves don’t count)
  • give my main thougt or my personal craqpy a follow (this is an optional step and doesn’t have an affect on being picked)
  • ( search beforehand what type of theme you’d like to get )

thats it! :)


✖ IT DOES NOT MATTER what blogtype you are or what your follower count is! I will pick the winner myself :) i might even pick a few winners if this gets a lot of notes! i love helping you guys out <3 

✖ If you want to, you can check my themes here: thougt-themes, to get an idea of what kind of coding i do. However your theme will of course be any type you want it to be :) ! A little research beforehand is highly recommended (so if you win, you’ll have some sort of idea of what you want). 

✖ WINNER WILL BE PICKED: >> July 10th 2014 <<
for any further questions/if you want to better you chances of getting picked; ✉ message me here ✉

good luck and have a lovely day ♡ 

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HI EVERYONE<3 my favs page rn is really outdated and i’ve seen many more beautiful blogs so yay update time;3


  • mbf me ofc lolol
  • reblogs only, likes counted as bookmarks 


  • featured on my blog until whenever i’m bothered to make another favs page YAY
  • a new fran<3
  • a follow back if not following already
  • any promo of your choice whenever you want



  • will be choosing when this gets a good amount of notes, probably in the holidays (2-3 weeks+)
  • all blog types are considered! if i like your blog then sure why not
  • hopefully choosing 15-20 blogsc;
  • FEEL FREE TO MESSAGE ME! i don’t bite ;d

Have a lovely day♡

The Shoreline Network 

In celebration of Shoreline Clothing launching, we’ve created the Shoreline Network. We currently have a limited number of spots left so if you’d like to join please follow these guidelines.


Must be Following At least 2/3

Shane, Tyler & Jesse

Reblog or Like This. 

Reblogs will get you seen over likes.

Be listed as either a 

  • Band/Tattoo Blog
  • Vertical Blog
  • Landscape/Nature Blog 

Thank you 

- Shoreline. 

*please don’t delete the text, because then the stars will slowly disappear until there is no more left and the world will be sad and dark*


  • mbf kingedly & queue-cumbers (please don’t unfollow after. That will make us cry)
  • Reblogs only (likes won’t count)
  • Must reach 35+ notes (hopefully more)


  • Aries: best vintage blog

  • Taurus: best pale blog

  • Gemini: best green blog

  • Cancer: best blue blog

  • Leo: best URL

  • Virgo: best theme

  • Libra: friendliest blogger

  • Scorpio: best dark vintage blog

  • Sagittarius: best vertical blog

  • Capricorn: Shea’s favorite

  • Aquarius: Annalee’s favorite

  • Pisces: best posts

  • The Entire Zodiac: best overall

What you’ll get:

  • A screenshot promo
  • A follow from us both
  • A award/fansign
  • Awesome new friends

To increase your chances:

  • Talk to us
  • Submit us a screenshot of your follower count

We will pick on Saturday March 8th as long as it goes well. Otherwise, we may have to keep it up for longer. We hope you have a great day! Let the reblogging begin!


I finally decided to get around and do one of these things. Please don’t delete the text (idk why you would though). Reblog to get on my faves page currently located here x.


  • mbf me (obv)
  • reblog this (more reblogged, the more i’ll notice you)


  • spot on my faves page
  • a friend (though i’m slightly socially akward)
  • promos in my ask when you want (reasonably though)
  • any other promo when you want (once a week)


  • message me saying you want to be on my faves page and why
  • be my friend :) 
  • be a rosy blog with a fab theme and url
  • reblog things from here x
  • check out my vertical blog x


  • I made the banner
  • I will choose when I’m happy with the notes (50+ish or like mid-March)