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  • heavy editing is allowed, but:
  • do not steal or claim as your own
  • do not copy my design(s) or scripts
  • do not alter or remove credit.
  • please reblog or like this post if you use my theme!


  • 400px-540px posts
  • four body & title font choices (montserrat, open sans, lato, and roboto)
  • resizes to match browser; use screenfly to see how your blog looks on diff screens!
  • up to 8 links; please keep them short
  • optional: sidebar background image (fill or repeatable)
  • optional: content background image (fill or repeatable)
  • optional: hover description + links
  • optional: sidebar image fade (blur + brightness, blur only, brightness only, none)
  • optional: sidebar icon above description
  • optional: sidebar width (preview width: 176px; default: 225px)
  • optional: grayscale and/or faded images
  • optional: black audio player
  • optional: smooth scrolling
  • optional: tumblr’s old photoset sizes on 500px posts
  • optional: captions/tags on index page


  • i FINALLY did a container theme, wow. this is the theme i’ve been using on my theme blog for ages! i haven’t released anything in awhile so 
  • please use screenfly to check how your blog looks on different screen sizes, especially for the sidebar image! make sure to pick a picture that still looks good on the largest screen size!
  • remember to turn off any fade options if you choose not to use a picture!
  • css photosets by myself and @caulfielld (♡!) , modeled after pxu photosets
  • font awesome by dave gandy, pxu photosets by pixel union
  • thank you to @zacharyfury for finding the smooth scrolling script!!
  • minimalist soundcloud posts & video resizing scripts by @shythemes (♡!)

Fresh Air by cyantists  [ v1: preview code  /  v2: preview code  /  terms ]

sidebar options:

  • on left or right of the page: 130px, 145px, 160px, 175px or 190px wide.
  • up to 8 links, wide or small (rows of 2) and an optional second description.
  • 100-160px sidebar padding, pagination in sidebar or under posts (v2 only).

post options:

  • 400-500px wide, 100-160px spacing, 1-10px photoset gutter.
  • multiple title font options, plus option to have titles in bold.
  • show/hide captions, tags and like/reblog buttons on index.

to view all of these and more click the arrows in the corner of the previews, 1 / 2

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Fic Starter Friday

☆ Walking the dog:
There’s Fenris, there’s Hawke, there’s their mabari(s), and maybe there’s even children. What is your FenHawke family like. Show us them together, walking the dog, preparing dinner, reading together, playing games together.

☆ In shining armor:
Let’s spice things up and make some humor. Fenris just happens to save someone, perhaps another slave on the run or an unfortunate soul caught by slavers with a grim fate ahead. The person is so grateful, they’re smitten. But, Fenris only has eyes for Hawke, and no matter what he tells this person, they won’t give it a rest. Is Hawke jealous? Are they on their three year break, and thus Hawke encourages him to ‘find happiness?’ Tell us the story how you see it.

☆ Double take:
During a struggle with enemy mages, one happens to snag Fenris’s mind, forcing him to think he loves them and manipulating him. What happens?

☆ AU writers wanted:
I’d never leave you guys out, and I have a special prompt just for you. If it strikes your fancy. Fenris and Hawke have been dating a long time. Hawke is finally ready to pop the question, but Fenris is moving away because he got a much desired job elsewhere. They’ve promised to keep in touch and continue their relationship over long distance. But, a marriage? Should Hawke even ask anymore?

Look at you. You’re young. You’re scared. Why are you so scared? Stop being paralyzed. Stop swallowing your words. Stop caring about what other people think. Wear what you want. Say what you want. Listen to the music you want to listen to. Play it loud as fuck and dance to it. Go out for a drive at midnight and forget you have work the next day. Stop waiting for Friday. Live now. Do it now. Take risks. Tell secrets. This life is yours.
—  Unknown

by River Works ( @agenderbf​)

Basic color & background options
350px Posts
Custom Title & Description
One Custom Link


Matching All-In-One Page
Links, Tags, About, & FAQ Sections
Ask Box


Basic theme TOU apply. (I assume you know how not to be an ass.)
Please like/reblog if you like/use either theme! :-)


What should our next contest theme be?

It’s time for another contest, everyone! This time, we’re letting you vote for what theme you want. :3 So choose your fav, and may the best theme win!

OMG I’m so happy I coded the “about me” section for myself hahahah :D

The design is actually based on the theme I’m using now by glenthemes. I had to make my own about me section because I couldn’t see a proper dark “about me” page that would fit the theme I have. Sooooo there. I made one myself. And it’s responsive!

lol I’m so happy because this is the first time I actually coded for my own blog online HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (but I actually code at school). HAHAHAHA 

(but then there goes my school paper which I still need to finish ahahah!)


07: chamomile  : Preview | Code


  • 200 - 540px posts, up to 5 columns; 
  • to change the post size and number of columns, read the notes in the code;
  • 7 links;
  • optional: infinite scroll, caption;
  • custom: tooltips, selection, body font;
  • tiny black / white cursor;  
  • like & reblog buttons;
  • gray / black tumblr controls;
  • back to top.

General theme rules apply. It is recommended that you follow these steps before installing the theme. If you have any questions, send them here. Thank you and enjoy!