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Are you honestly critiquing Incredibles by saying it promotes objectivism and fascism? Dont ruin one of my favorite movies!!!

I guess I was half-playfully-commentating and half-totally-serious. I don’t think it flat-out promotes objectivism or fascism so to speak, but I do think that its subtext promotes themes that are used by rightists. Like, Syndrome’s line “when everyone’s super, no one will be” totally does harken back to the spirit of Ayn Rand’s novels or your conservative uncle over the Thanksgiving table who’s complaining about how “everyone in this generation gets a gold star” – it’s the rightist proclamation that humanity’s differences ought to confer particular class/power-over relationships (obviously the gold star comment is a minor example comparatively, but this same conservative uncle is usually also in favor of reactionary class relations anyway). As far as I can tell, the movie’s theme isn’t just the oft-used (but still very much welcome) kids movie message that differences are okay, because it goes way beyond just differences – super powers grant you the ability to mold society’s destiny, analogous to ownership over society’s productive and resource capacities. That ought to be something molded by everyone, but the movie essentially argues that super heroes ought to remain exclusive and unaccountable. I hope you can see where I’m coming from in that sense.

Take classic films and media for what they’re worth. Lion King is one of my favorite movies and the Fire Emblem series is among my favorite video games, but at the end of the day they both legitimize monarchy as an acceptable form of socio-political relations (as long as the autocrat in charge is “good” and “the proper heir”). I’m not saying don’t enjoy the media that you enjoy (for the most part); I’m just saying that it’s important to analyze what you’re consuming. Obviously people aren’t parading in the streets demanding that we reinstate hereditary monarchy as a result of watching Lion King or playing Fire Emblem, so I’m overall not too worried about those at least. I’m no parent, but I do think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have conversations with your kid about the themes of these media pieces. 

Tumblr Settings Tuneup: Preview Themes
When trying out a new theme for your blog, you can use your own posts to preview the theme instead of Tumblr’s demo posts

  1. From your desktop browser, go to your Tumblr blog’s home page and click the Edit Theme button in the upper right corner.
  2. You’ll see the Edit Theme page. On the left, scroll to Advanced Options and click it.
  3. Under Preview, select “My posts” from the drop-down menu.

“WALKING HAND GRENADE” theme #005 by @ollyofrp

many people have asked for my old rpg’s theme, so here it is!! there are a lot of features and it’s very easily accessible and customizable. if you want to alter this for a fansite or rph theme, that’s very possible. it will just take some heavy html editing. this was originally inspired by a forum skin i stumbled across on my old computer. if you know which one it was, let me know and i’ll add credit to this post for the inspiration. i hope you enjoy!!

p.s. big thank you to @electricgirlofrp​ for the fake rpg inspo!!


  • most features are editable without going into the html
  • 860x400px header
  • option of light or dark background when hovering over the header image
  • on hover: plot summary (make sure it doesn’t go over capacity or it will look weird), 3 admin spots (60x60 icons), 11 links (must be exactly 11), 3 spots for most wanted face claims or characters (60x60 icons), and an image for an upcoming task or event (225x80px)
  • size 540px posts without shrinking and stretching photos
  • horizontally centered container on all screens
  • container wraps around both posts and sidebar
  • jump pagination at the bottom of the posts
  • optional affiliates section (add as many [60x60 icons] as you like in the html━it scrolls!!)
  • optional follow list (automatic mini-blogroll of every blog the main is following)
  • 6+ links in tags to track section (go into html to add more)
  • lots of color customization options
  • cute tooltips when you hover over links
  • my themes’ usual awesome posts, including imessage chat posts, cute little bubble ask posts, cool quote & audio posts, +more!!


  • do not move or remove the credit
  • do not use as a base
  • do not redistribute (this includes editing and posting the new code even if you leave the credit)
  • ask me before using for theme makeovers (i’m going to say yes!! just ask beforehand because i’d like to know.)
  • many directions are within the code, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!!
  • like or reblog if you use this theme (or just if you like it, because that’s encouraging :~))

( ♛ . static preview . code )


Preview - Raw - Pastebin

I’m so happy with how this theme turned out! It’s an indie/boho/light luxury inspired look!


  • Change blog and title font & blog and title font size
  • Several color change options
  • Quote bar (you can delete the text if you dont want a quote)
  • Permalinks on hover
  • Infinite scroll
  • 2 columns
  • 4 custom links + ask link
  • Cute stuff everywhere!

Message me questions about my themes here

Theme blog - Main blog - How to install a custom tumblr theme

Thanks! I hope you enjoy!

I guess this is my v-day theme? cuz its pink themed?


Theme #1- Layover

So this is my first ever theme that I’m putting up for release. I’m hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks to @mattdraddario for the base code and @ciralism for the review.


  • Pop Up Askbox (credit to @htmlthemecodes​)
  • 150x150 Circle Sidebar Image
  • Icons along with link in sidebar
  • 500px posts
  • Shadows on both Sidebar and Posts
  • Pagination
  • Works best white but black could also work as a background


  • Don’t use a base…just used the original one
  • Personalizing is great but please keep the credits on the page and in code
  • Have fun!
  • Please report any issues to me!

static preview//code

below is how to use the pop up ask

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{. Cherry Pop .} 
Page 05. All-in-One [ About / Faq / Tags ]

[ Preview ] x [ Code ]


★ Fully customizable

★Includes guide in how to add categories for both tags and faq.


✖ Please don’t remove the credit. Nor claim this theme as your own.

✖ Feel free to edit this theme as much as you like (just don’t remove the credit).

✖ Take in mind I won’t provide any help in case you decide to heavily edit this theme.

✖ Reblog/Like if you use. (Not really a rule, but I would really appreciate it!)


►Images used in the original preview:
  ♦Main picture
  ♦About Picture

Pop up code

Accordion code

THEME 01 //  CIRICE - by e-m-e-r-i-t-u-s

static preview / pastebin / pastebin (without the search bar)


  • 80px sidebar
  • 3 additional links
  • Search bar
  • Reblog button


  • do not steal
  • do not redistribute
  • do not remove the credit
  • do not claim as your own
  • you can alter the code but don’t use it as a base to make your own theme
  • if you have any questions, ask here


  • You can request themes on my askbox (they won’t be exclusive).
  • This is my first theme!! I hope you like it as much as I do.
  • I also wanna thank mattdraddario for the base code!

Likes and reblogs are appreciated ♥


🌠 innerstellar theme (1)

hey whats up i decided to try to figure out how to code tumblr themes and see how they’re put together and stuff and this was the fruit of my efforts

live preview | code

you can edit the heck out of it, use it as a base code, just like keep credit somewhere that would be real swell. 

check out these cool features under the cut:

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february theme

static previews: 1 2 / code

a really simple theme, but i quite like it

  • adjustable post size and position
  • 100x100 sidebar, adjustable position
  • 4 custom navlinks, changeable text alignment
  • optional infinite scrolling
  • optional hidden captions
  • optional hidden description, changeable text alignment
  • changeable border styles for post dividers, navlinks dividers, webkit scrollbar borders etc (solid, dashed, dotted, double or none)
  • 12 fonts
  • changeable font sizes for body, headers, description, navlinks, footers & pagination
  • a bunch of other crap featuring rounded images, cursors, scrollbars, letter spacing, etc the usual things

+ full specs can be seen here