Hello guysss!! :D How have you been?? ^^ Now I’m finally on holidays I can be here and enjoy my days with you all and start once again editing and chat with you!! YAYZ! To celebrate my holidays and this awesome anime summer season I made Gangsta theme!! :D Yahooo! The first ep was so damn good I couldnt resist on doing one :D hehe Hope you enjoy it my bbies! <333 Here to announce that a FINALLY made a Tags page and updated my about/FAQ page! :D Love you allll!! <3333333

atomic by: eunjisgf

static preview; code;

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115px sidebar image

pop up askbox

3 customizable links 

customizable colors

400px posts

hidden captions on main page

visible tags

//do not claim as your own & do not use as a base // feel free to edit/change as much as you want but please do not remove the credit. thank you!


Theme #1: ANGEL☆BEAT by v4iroha

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i’ve been editing this for like 4 days maybe ?? i lost count ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ im still new to making themes & coding so this is a pretty simple theme. I listened to Beat in Angel for like 3 hours while making this so yeah that’s why i named it like that. If u have any questions or find any bugs u can send an ask to me!

if u plan on using this or are using this rn pls write something in that tags bc i’d love to see what the theme looks like on ur blogs!

Features under the cut

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Popsicle Theme V2

Preview // Code

Maker’s Note: Because of technical difficulties I had to remove the original popsicle theme and everyone really liked the look of it but it didn’t work. So guess what, I made a bigger & better version! This was originally going to be a brand new theme that i’ve been working on for a week or so but i decided to tweak it and design it a little like the original popsicle theme.



{ every thing below is optional }

  • captions 
  • banner
  • shadows 
  • search bar 
  • rounded corners
  • title fonts

{ every thing below is mandatory }

  • background img
  • fonts
  • 4 column grid theme
  • click on title for the description


TIP: theme looks best with pastel style posts but thats up to you



  1. remove credit
  2. redistribute
  3. steal
  4. use as a base code

any of the above is illegal / strictly forbidden, so make up your mind if you want to do it.


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


05: Lunar sPreview | Code

A theme inspired by the dashboard layout. Optimized for Chrome. Infinite scroll only. Follow the instructions in the theme to customize the account menu. Icons website: flaticon.


  • 250px: 1, 2, 3 columns/ 400px: 1, 2 col./ 500px: 1 col.;
  • 3 main links (you can add as many as you want manually), 3 main menu links + 6 optional additional links + 3 updates links in the account menu (again, you can edit the number of links or replace the content);
  • popup askbox | go to line 1297 and replace “username” with your url;
  • sliding “back to top” button;
  • search bar;
  • custom tooltips, selection, loading screen, tiny cursor, show/hide caption, all the uploaded images and icons will be re-sized automatically, audio img for image-less audio posts.

General theme rules apply. It is recommended that you follow these steps before installing the theme. You can report theme issues here. Thank you and enjoy!


Ace Attorney 3DS themes and sale ⊟ 

Four! Four Ace Attorney themes are on the North American theme shop today. Dual Destinies Mood Matrix, Dual Destinies Court Record, Ace Attorney Trilogy Pixel Art, and Ace Attorney Main Characters are all available for $2 each. I love the folders on all of these. They’ll be out tomorrow in Europe!

If you want actual games to populate your newly decorated menu, those are on sale too. Dual Destinies is $16.79, and Ace Attorney Trilogy is $22.49, until July 16.

BUY Ace Attorney games

Forgiveness and letting go of the past in ATLA and LOK.

Katara: But I didn’t forgive. I’ll never forgive him. But I am ready to forgive [Zuko].

Asami: I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to forgive [my father], but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try. 

Korra: [I wont ever forget what Zaheer did to me], but I am finally able to accept what happened and I think that’s going to make me stronger. 


Insta theme by softwaring

Static preview / Permalink static preview / Download

This is a simple and cute theme made to kinda resemble instagram’s new layout! You can either have 3 columns, or it can be fitted to screen width! All posts come with a hovering effect, and there’s built in navigation, tags, and about!


  • 3 columns, or the columns can be set to automatically fit your browsers width.
  • Hovering permalinks on all posts, and hovering captions on photosets.
  • 3 optional built in tabs, 4 background styles, 6+ font options, and more!

Theme Pack 01 - BattleFront [magnusthemes]

› Comprises two themes, Blood Blockade and Midday’s Night.

› Theme 02|restart - Blood Blockade (ft. Kekkai Sensen)
› [Preview] | [Code]
  • 1 column 400/500px posts
  • Infinite scroll/pagination
  • 8 custom links (dropdown menu)
  • Optional second title
  • Optional billy music player
  • Sidebar panel 400px width, height is the height of your screen
  • Sidebar image 190px width
› Theme 06 (2nd revamp) - Midday's Night (ft. Guren Ichinose)
› [Preview] | [Code]
  • 1 column 400/500px posts
  • Pagination/Infinite scroll
  • 8 custom links
  • Hover description
  • Optional small cursor
  • Optional billy music player
  • Optional render image
  • Sidebar image 180px width
  • Choice of sidebar/render positioning and theme alignment
  • Both themes are optimized for Chrome, 1280x800 resolution.
  • Both themes come with all the usual features (optional captions, optional tags, optional monochrome/fading images, optional light theme etc)
  • Please follow the [terms of use].
  • Graphics are included with both themes, but please credit kvreinherz if you use!
  • Keep your title short if you use these.

Please like and/or reblog the post if you use or plan to use this theme, or just if you like it! Feel free to message me with questions or problems, but please read the FAQ first, thank you! (:


Theme 29 Version 1.


  • 250px / 400px / 500px posts
  • 10 custom links
  • show notes on index page
  • footer icon ( 40px x 40px )
  • updates section
  • like / reblog buttons
  • optional captions/ tags / monochrome posts
  • cutomisable background image positioning / stretch / repeat

Preview : [ x ] Codes : [ x ]

Theme 29 Version 2.


  • 250px / 400px / 500px posts
  • one / two / three columns
  • 4 custom links
  • left / right sidebar
  • sidebar image ( width:200px )
  • like / reblog buttons
  • optional captions/ tags / infinite scroll / monochrome posts
  • cutomisable background image positioning / stretch / repeat

Preview : [ x ] Codes : [ x ]


Theme #16: CLOSE TO HEAVEN by jcegers

Live Preview // Code

  • 1 column Theme
  • All colors are customizable
  • 350px posts only
  • 60px width Sidebar Icon
  • 2 custom Titles
  • Second Sidebar w/ 5 custom Links
  • Accent color + optional Topbar

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