Hello thememakers, as well as non-thememakers! Celina (mkbye) and Laura (planthed) have created a network specifically for thememakers at the moment called the LUNAR THEMERS and we’re looking to recruit some new members!

Basically, this is a network where thememakers are able to help each other with HTML coding, promoting each other’s themes, and hopefully making new friends and discovering some brilliant thememakers! Also, most importantly, we take all blog types!

You’re probably wondering why this is useful to those who don’t do HTML coding.. well, the Lunar Themers acts like a theme directory as well. The blog shows members (with their theme blog and types of themes that the creator makes) and always reblogs the members themes so you will come across some new themes/makers that you’ve never heard of before!

For any further questions, you can message the admins, Celina or Laura.

You can check out the blog here!

You can apply and read the rules to the Lunar Themers here!

If you are considering of joining, please reblog this post to get the word out!

Banner & Badge made by MKBYE

Join the Magi Secret Santa 2015!

After a successful run last year, the Magi Secret Santa makes a return!

Application Period: Oct 09th - Nov 07th
Working Period: Nov 08th - Dec 20th
Gifting Day: December 25th

( image credit to @eritealis )

Tumblr Dashboard Themer 

I finally finished this!  I build a website that tumblr users can customize their dashboard themes with.

This tool works by generating a code based on the colors you give it.  In addition to that, you can also modify the font sizes (good if you have trouble reading Tumblr’s tiny text), colors, opacity, and insert your own background images.  Then, all you have to do is drop the code in Xkit Themer or Stylish, and your dashboard theme is changed.

To make things cooler, there’s also an “explore themes” section.  I save and list the code for every theme you guys make so others can download them.  Users can vote up/down themes, and the best ones rise to the top, while the worst ones fade away.

I spent a lot of time on this, so I’d really appreciate reblogs if you think this is cool or can use it!

It’s all visual and pretty fun to use.

Tumblr Dashboard Themer


If there is anyone out there who is absolutely shit at naming like me, Behind the Name has a great tool.

“Yes, we know, they have an awesome name generator!” I hear you say.



They also have a “Name Themer.” It is delightful. You can theme your names based on whatever - strength, beauty, mother, son, yellow, orange, big, small, names associated with flowers or the ocean or astronomy or whatever. It’s hella.

Changed my Wallpaper again! 😂😂😂😂 Everything is same as my last post except the wallpaper. I Think I like this wall a lot better. 😋 Themers Tagged 👇
-Still on the Creepy Theme by @xomiasophiathemes
-Wallpaper is from @dazzlemydroid
-Zooper Widget is by @jules91666
-Font is made me😊
-Page Indicators are by @brittanysthemes
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