When Grant Ward fans hate on Coulson because Ward was defenseless and unarmed when he killed him:

  • Bobbi was unarmed, defenseless and tied to a chair as he tortured her and tried to kill her
  • Fitzsimmons was unarmed and defenseless when he tried to kill them and tortured them
  • Eric Koenig was unarmed and defenseless when he killed him
  • The SHIELD agents and Victoria hand were defenseless when he killed them
things i would rather see on next weeks the walking dead than daryl
  • maggie grieving
  • tara finds out abt denise abe and glenns deaths
  • morgan and young benjamin bonding while i cry over them
  • eric being alive
  • father gabriel finds a hat
  • rosita and eugene and the quest for a pasta maker
  • jesus tries out his new conditioner
  • ezekiel stages a play
  • ezekiel plays every single role in said play
  • enid wears a ponytail
  • judith. just judith
  • like sixty minutes of judith im serious i love her
  • ps gabriel looks rly good in his hat