Miss Merry of Hufflepuff 

I was commissioned a while back by TheMerrysoul to draw her in Hogwarts uniform, Hufflepuff, if you please.  Gotta say I loved drawing her. I can’t say that I’ve seen a hijab-wearing Hogwarts student before, so I had to do a little research and come up with my own design. Squee, saw soo many pretty head veil designs and pins! (I love fashion!) In the end I went for something similar to what she wears but played with the side of her veil and gave her Quidditch-inspired pin. The four balls representing the quaffle, 2 bludgers and snitch lined up against a snitch wing.  What’s funny is sometime later we got into Pottermore and she got QueenWing in her name. XD Right on!

Anyways, her birthday was last month, so as a little bonus, I colored a chibi lineart pic she commissioned and added the Hufflepuff common room from Pottermore (cuz my backgrounds are awful!)  and her Hufflepuff crest since I totally forgot to add it when I gave her the pic the first time, I’m sorry!).  Merry and I have been exchanging e-mails since then, talking about life, family, our respective homes (mine being in Las Vegas, US, hers a town by London, UK), the Batfamily/DC characters in Hogwarts and my HP/DC fanarts as seen through the eyes of the kids in the pediatric ward at the hospital she works at.  

All in all it’s been an awesome friendship we’ve struck up thanks to fandom and tumblr.  It has touched my life in ways I never imagined an online friendship could.  I’m very grateful to her for introducing my work to other people, children especially, and I’m happy and thankful that my silly little pictures have brought them some comfort and distraction from their pain. In doing so their stories have given me strength to keep going during what has been a very difficult summer for me.  Even just yesterday when I was feeling tired and defeated due to my financial and family situation, I got two e-mails in response to a chibi picture I drew for Merry. The kids had written a story about the picture! Omigod, how I cried and laughed. I can’t wait to draw more pictures. I’ll be sharing that chibi picture soon and with the kids’ story. But for now I wanted to thank Merry for giving me this wonderful experience.  I hope you like the finished pic Merry! :) Talk with you soon! ^_^

themerrysoul  asked:

Of any three Teen Wolf characters, which would you snog, marry or avoid?

OH MAN it’s so hard to list 3….um…..

I would totally snog Stiles and/or Scott. Or. Like. Both. At the same time. Even. JUST.  YEAH.  I WOULD MAKE IT WORK.

I would marry….uh….Derek?  Because he can be incredibly sweet sometimes but I think arguments would be epic and the make up sex just- WHEW. *fans self*

As for avoid…Uh….Hmmm. The obvious would be Gerard and Matt but for realistic answers I would say Jackson?? 


themerrysoul  asked:

Will we be seeing Cass in the good ending of NDND? Or Steph/Damian patching things up with Barbara?

(I just realized there's a lot of loose ends and characters you'll have to cram into the grand finale. Sorry if I inadvertantly added more to your fic writing plate.)

The patching up with Babs will mostly take place in the second part of Vows, since she kind of has to admit that Damian has changed/she misjudged him. She could demonize him for his imagined crimes when she thought he had killed Bruce and/or Dick—he was just some grim, murderous shadow. But after Laila’s birth, Dick’s reappearance, Damian and Steph’s wedding, and seeing firsthand how happy they were together, she had to reevaluate who Damian had grown up to be. If you don’t understand how Damian works, it’s easy to overlook his kindness and loyalty.

Cass won’t be a big player in the good!end, mostly because there is only so much wrap-up/interaction I can squeeze in there (and I already have Tim and Steph, Steph and Loveless, Steph and Beryl, Steph and John, Tim and Damian, Steph and Constantine, Steph and Jason, Jason and Damian and Steph, and Steph and Damian). The good!end will be set up to play on the three times that Steph was offered help (from Tim, then Jason, then Loveless), so I don’t want to clutter it up more than it already will be.

I do want to do more with Cass in the NDND universe, but I haven’t figured out a good way to do it. It’ll come to me eventually, I think. She will be at the wedding, though!

And never apologize for adding more things onto my to-write pile. Prompts and questions are what keep me going :D

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You know, if I were more flexible, I would splitkick evil-doers unconcious for you like Dick Grayson, but apparently I can only make an ‘ass’ of myself. …okay this was lame, but nevertheless, let me be your haremette!

Wow. The lamer the better! That was fantastic! Now I’m thinking about dicks ass, and I have you to thank for it  <3  WELCOME TO MY HAREM DARLING YOU CAN BE MY #1 and the rest of the harem will have to treat you like a boss when I’m not around.



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