Well this is pretty self-explanatory, but I wanted to do this anyway, to thank all the lovely people who made these past few years so amazing for me, even though I have only been following you for a few months! These are all the TM blogs (or the ones I assume I followed because they are TM blogs) I follow and are pretty amazing! Italic are favorites, bold are FAVORITES.


amnitaleandra, beckett-ing, blackyrider, carlaoliveira-cd, changesbringdifferences, chibinoyume, cricridb, cxlinch, devilscherry07, dexterinthedarkdizelly, dontcallmenyrnphadora


entwife-incognito, fuckyeahjisbonbr, fugue-inred, i-am-the-bad-wolf-patrick, imthebloodofthedragon


kxmballcho, ladies-in-red, liberation-and-relief, lisbonsjane, lisbonteresa, lisboobs, lorastardust, mariahgem, mayyce, meghannjuliaat, memoriesthatyoucantforget, mentalistjunkie, mentalist-with-a-gun, metamorphosis-music, missgroves


of-hope-and-second-chances, oncomingtragedy, orchidsofwhite, paatrck, pinkishk1ss, queenylisbon, robins-green-shades


sheriffthomas, simonjencourteney, sisterspy, starry19, sue-shay-ffn, snowflurryflake, strawberriesandteacups, syokhan, teaandcookies1000, thatshouldbeourguide, thementalistgifs, thescarletstar, thetruthofwhatifeel, totorsg, tunneys, wavesofred, webuiltthepyramids, welovethislife