It’s been another busy 5 months. When looking back, it’s amazing how much has changed: I’ve been maintaining multiple group blogs (lionelmessidaily, themevillage, and historyloversnet), renewed my theme blog to host themes, and decided to start creating fanmixes, but on top of these, I’ve matured a lot as a person. Now that I have finished my exams, I’m coming back with a new Tumblr Awards bc I want to say thank you for everyone’s support c:


  • mbf Hermione Granger
  • Reblog this (likes do not count)
  • Must reach 50 notes or I’ll cry like Leo Messi did after the World Cup
  • Ends July 14th, winners will be announced the following weekend
  • Optional: Aspiring thememakers, you can consider applying for themevillage. Also, the application for History Lovers Net is open.
  • 1 winner + 2 runner-ups for each category; up to two who entered will receive a Custom Theme / Custom Page; up to 5 Honourable mentions


  • Lily Evans Award: best URL
  • Isabelle Lightwood Award: best custom domain
  • Margaerys Tyrell Award: best update tabs
  • Emma Watson Award: best icon
  • Fleur Delacour Award: best theme
  • Fred & George Weasley Award: best posts
  • Marauders Award: best pages
  • Luna Lovegood Award: best creations
  • Minerva McGonagall Award: best Harry Potter
  • *Daenerys Targaryen Award: best Game of Thrones
  • Clary Fray Award: best Multifandom
  • *Mozart Award: best Aesthetic
  • *Taylor Swift Award: best Music (e.g. Taylor Swift)
  • Daniel Radcliffe Award: best Celebrities (e.g. HP Casts)
  • Annabeth Chase Award: best *insert your fandom* (from this list)
  • Sansa Stark Award: nicest blogger
  • *Fifth Harmony Award: best +follow
  • **Neville Longbottom Award: best newcomer
  • Lionel Messi Award: best overall
  • Hermione Granger Award: Jennifer’s favourite
  • ***Harry Potter Award: Custom Theme / Custom Page
  • The Selection: honourable mentions

* These categories are subject to change depending on who enters

** Must have less than 500 followers or less than 6 months of Tumblr experience to be eligible. Please submit your follower count if you have more than 6 months of Tumblr experience.

*** mbf my theme blog to be eligible



  • +follow if not already
  • 30 screenshot promos by request 
  • A graphic / fanmix of your choice
  • My support and friendship
  • A spot on my ‘UPDATES’ section until Halloween & a permanent place on my Hall of Fame


  • +follow if not already
  • 10 screenshot promos by request 
  • My support and friendship
  • A spot on my ‘UPDATES’ section until Halloween

Custom Theme / Custom Page winners:

  • Same prize as the winners
  • I will make a Theme / Page by your request. Please message me the features you’d like for your Custom Code.
  • Note: To ensure the utility / quality, it can take up to 4~6 weeks to complete your request.

Honourable Mentions:

  • 5 screenshot promos by request 
  • My support and friendship
  • A spot on my ‘UPDATES’ section until Halloween

Any Questions? Reblog away :D

☀ Summer Tumblr Awards ☀

Please don’t delete the text, it won’t show up on your blog. 


- you must be following Carmen (wifiomq) & Lancy (starsatniqht)

- you must reblog this post, at least once

- likes may be used as a form of bookmarking, but they don’t count

Awards Given: 

Monte Carlo (Gold, Best overall)
Waikiki Beach (Silver, 2nd Best overall)
Harbour Island (Bronze, 3rd Best overall)

Prague (Best url 1)
Croatia (Best url 2)

Venice Beach (Best theme 1)
Myrtle Beach (Best theme 2)

Santa Barbara (Best thememaker)
Half Moon Bay (Best mine page)

La Jolla Cove (Best non-quality 1)
Bora Bora (Best non-quality 2)

Playa Del Carmen (Carmen’s personal fave)
Paradise Island (Lancy’s personal fave)


- Each winner will get a solo promo on both our blogs (to 10k+ dashboards)

- A chance to self promote on both of our blogs once a day for a whole week (overall and favorite blogs can self promote as many times as they want)

- A link on our blogs for an entire month of all the winners for the rest of the summer

- A follow back from both of us


- We will be choosing the winners mid/late June, and it would be preferable to have 250+ notes by then

- All winners will be messaged privately

- Any questions, feedback or comments? Message either of us and we’ll answer them the best we can :)

anonymous asked:

Can I upload background image on your themes?

No, unfortuneately I didn’t include that feature with any of my currently published themes, however, here’s the codes so that you can do it yourself if you like. ( * you might have to erase the quotation marks and re-type them in if you copy + paste. ) 

Put this code above the <style type="text/css"> 

<meta name=”image:background” content=”/” />

and you put this code between <style type="text/css">  and </style>

body {
background-image: url(‘{image:background}’);
background-repeat: repeat;
background-position: top left;
background-attachment: fixed;  }

Okay, so, if you want to keep the image from repeating, just change the “background-repeat: repeat;” part to “background-repeat: no repeat;”. (pretty simple, right?) and if you want to change the position of the background image, you can find all the attributes here! ( * you can also find just about everything I just said on this website, too ).

kay so i KINDA reached 300 followers in this blog (eeey) and i wanna do a giveaway but listen

i was gonna offer photoedits but tbh I’ve tried that before and I ran out of steam REAL fast so here’s what im gonna do

if you don’t like the theme on your blog/you want a new one but dont wanna do it yourself or w/e, i will do it for you and make it look nice

here are. some blogs i’ve done for people

please note that i do not actually do all the html for the themes!! i do the colors and stuff and often do a lot of editing in the html (within the thememaker’s guidelines, mostly for accessibility purposes but also to just make things look a lil nicer)

it’s a really easy lil thing for me to do but at least it’s something so!! i’m gonna cap this at 15 people, but i’ll be choosing randomly. you can reblog until 5/16/2015, likes will not count but you can reblog more than once if you really feel so compelled. the biggest rule is that you MUST be following me already, since this is FOR my followers. i will do my best to make your blog look nice and stuff yes c:

minimalist white and purple one column theme for big posts + small sidebar

hey peeps so here’s my very first theme. shout out to meroku for the base code for making this a lot easier until i figure out how to not get assaulted by css!

these theme is pretty much good for minimalist bloggers. not a lot going on here but big posts and big text w/ a small sidebar. add a few more links if need be! please like or reblog if you use this theme just because i wanna be nosy and see what it looks like in use on other people’s blogs.

anonymous asked:

how do you get the notes to appear when you hover on a post?

find the permalink div and set it to opacity: 0; then add
.entry:hover .perma { opacity:1;

.perma is the div of the permalink and .entry is the individual posts div. it may be different w different thememakers but thats how i usually do it ^^

dorksicle asked:

I don't know if you're into oldies, but the postmodern jukebox version of Creep it's amazing! I totally recommend it.

i am. and creep is a perfect song to make a cover of. <3 i’ve heard a bunch, but not this one. perf. you should find the symphonic one, that one was awesome too

# aww, i love your blog. and url. and you’re using the same thememaker as me, yay. they have a bunch of awesome stuff
f: forever

blog compliments

Any good themes?

Any one recommend good themes or thememakers? I can’t seen to find any good ones and I need help~

anonymous asked:

omg i think u should totally make custom themes in the summer! ur the best thememaker ever and i look up to u so much :)

you think?? I really want to though omg!

& aw that’s so sweet of you, thank you <3