so i got bored and decided to make a masterpost of literally everything to do with themes, thememaking, blog customising and html in general. to make it easier for you to navigate, ive put a contents list - i promise i’m not desperate for page views or whatever, this post is genuinely huge.

to find each section listed in these contents or whatever specific thing youre looking for just do a page search (if you dont know how to do a page search click your current browser for a tutorial: chrome, explorer, safari, firefox, ios and android)

  • finding themes - blogs, networks, thememakers, huge list of page themes (about 20 links per type)
  • thememaking - base codes, general help, how to make a theme tutorials
  • customising (everyone) - blogs, popular tutorials, blog additions, updates tabs
  • customising (experienced coders/thememakers) -websites, layout, features
  • aesthetics - popular, text decoration/add ons, cursors/effects
  • resources - sidebars, transparent images, updates tab dividers, backgrounds, back to top buttons, transparent blogs, pixels

so yep youre welcome enjoy and let me know if any links are broken xx
also heres my massive themes rec & my themes (+resources) blog

(special thanks to natalie for making this fab banner, shes amazing)

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Hey Potterheads;
This week we are celebrating Pride month!

You do NOT have to be a part of the network to take part in this.
For more information on this event please check out our event page!

This week theme is LGBT Characters and Ships


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@HarryPotterNetwork Creation Event: Pride
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be safe using paypal <3

hey there. so, i am a person that has commissioned (and will commission) some of the amazing theme/graphics maker here on tumblr. or, as i call them, photoshop gods. that said, i found out things about paypal today that i felt the need to share with all of you! 

paypal has several features. it has come to my knowledge that thememakers usually like to use the that’s when they send you a link with the exact amount you have to pay and you just click on a button and pay it. it looks something like this.

the reason that the theme makers do this is bc it’s an easier interface for people that are not familiar with paypal. you click a button and that’s it. there are no ossibilities of making mistakes when typing the email and stuff like that. also, there are no fees. it’s like you’re transferring money to a friend, basically. 

DOWNSIDE: if there’s a problem, like, let’s say, you pay for it up front (which you should NEVER DO unless you REALLY trust the person — maybe not even then) and you don’t get your theme. paypal doesn’t offer a “dispute” option for this kind of transaction. basically, you’re on your own (which i think it’s a real oversight by paypal, since someone can hack your account and stuff like that). 

now, if you want the guarantee of the “dispute” option, that is, being able to appeal to paypal in case you want your money back for a transaction that didn’t go well, this is what you have to do.

log in to your paypal account. in your home page, this is what you’ll see:

click “send & requests”. it’ll take you to another page.

click “pay for goods or services”. it’ll take you to yet another page.

in this page, add the email of the person selling you the product, making you the theme, etc. it’ll take you to yet another page of confirmation, so you can add the value and choose what currency you want. YOU NEED TO BE CAREFUL WHEN DOING THIS, so you don’t choose anything incorrect. with this method, you are protected by paypal’s buyer protection. and if anything goes wrong, you can just go to your home page, click the transaction that went wrong, click on “report a problem” and then on the option that best suits your problem to start a dispute for your money. the first method of payment does not have this protection.

DOWNSIDE: there is a fee. so you’ll pay the commission value + paypal’s fee in order to get their protection. in my opinion, small if compared to other stuff that can go wrong. 

that said: most theme makers here on tumblr are good, honest people (i can recommend several), and tbh, i didn’t even know a lot of this myself before like two hours ago. it’s not common knowledge. but i decided to make this post to help you all be a little safer with your money in the internet. 

if anyone has any useful additions to this post, feel free to reblog and add information. <3 

Hey Potterheads;
This weeks theme is Neville Longbottom!
This time we are partnering with @nevilledefensenet​ to bring double to content!

You do NOT have to be apart of either network to take part in this.
For more information on this event please check out our event page!


@harrypotternetwork​ & @nevilledefensenet​ Creation Event:
Neville Longbottom
quote or description here.

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anonymous asked:

Hi.. I'm new to studyblr thing. How do I get more motivated and noticed? Do you have any advices?

hello! really sorry for such a late reply, was super busy with exams.. anyways lets get on to your question!  

  1. An appropriate theme. having a theme that’s minimalistic, clean, and appealing is the best way to enhance the illusion of productivity ++ it’s really popular on many studyblr blogs! some examples of popular thememakers are neonbike themes, micealis, and odeysseus themes or you can find others too.
  2. Make an Introduction Post. this allows people to get to know you! you can include what school system you’re under, how old you are, your hobbies etc. you can also tag studyblrs who have inspired you to make a studyblr!
  3. Original content is what i recommend to get others to ‘notice’ you, and also to motivate yourself! i find that posting my notes motivate me to make and post more of them! if you think your notes are not ‘acceptable’ or not ‘pretty enough’… nah man. what matters is that you got work done. a few things you can participate in/post are: 
    1. the notes you got done that day
    2. motivational graphics 
    3. masterposts on something academic related
    4. join the 100 days of productivity!
  4. Tag people in your original posts! many studyblrs have tags they follow! so they’ll reblog your posts and maybe even check out your blog! a few people you can tag are: 
    1. @elkstudies (#elkstudies)
    2. @genspen  (#heygen)
    3. @studypetals (#studypetals) 
    4. @obsidianstudy (#obsidianstudy) 
    5. (( you can even tag me #natlookhere hehe ))
  5. Talk to people!!! everyone loVES talking to other studyblrs trust me i’ve made so many new friends through this community!! the studyblr community is filled with loooovely people. so you can interact with others by
    1. sending asks!! if someone reblogs an ask game, you’ll definitely be noticed if you send em something
    2. message them! the tumblr private message is actually a blessing.. it’s so much easier to talk to people like this
    3. i met so many amazing people by just going up and talking to them… though it may seem daunting, i can confirm that even the studyblrs that post the most breathtaking content are just huge nerds when you talk to them (see: @love-adore-study-more who i’ve actually met irl what a blessing. see: @asazora who’s probably the hugest dork ever. see: @obsidianstudy what an actual cutie. see: @genspen probably the sweetest human being ever) 
  6. Networks and communities are also very helpful with getting to know people. a few communities include: 
    1. the Studyblr Network
    2. the Studyblr Index 
  7. As for motivation, a good way to start is to list down what motivates you. refer back to this list from time to time, or when you feel unmotivated. other ways include:
    1. Forming habits. Because while motivation fails you somedays, discipline makes you get it done. a few printables allow you to track your habits! (this one by @educatier is my fav!)
    2. Trying different note taking methods is also helpful in finding out what’s best for you! methods such as mind mapping, dot point notes, and the blank sheet method are a few examples!
    3. listen to pump up music while studying!! (pls listen to i can feel it by hey violet)
    4. there are many motivational graphics circulating the studyblr community. print some of them out and put them on the wall of your study space and look up at it whenever feeling unmotivated!!! 
    5. masterposts on motivation!! are super!! helpful too!! a few of these masterposts include:
      1. motivation by @asazora
      2. focus and motivation by @katsdesk
      3. motivation by @areistotle
      4. motivation masterpost by @elkstudies
  8. Other new studyblr masterposts include:
    1. Tips for Starting a New Studyblr by @theorganisedstudent
    2. How 2 Studyblr by @areistotle

i really hope this helps!! im really sorry for the messiness of this… >.< but feel free to drop by anytime if clarification is needed!! or even just to chat :) good luck with the whole studyblr thing, im sure you’ll be just fine~

love, nat 

anonymous asked:

What are some good themes to use for an rp?

I am old-fashioned. I like main roleplay themes with headers and topbars and lots of room for links and information on the main. I like themes that have wide entries and are easy to navigate. Since I’m very traditional, a lot of my choices are older themes which may need tweaking with the new Tumblr coding restraints. With that in mind, here are my recs:

The other thing you’ll notice about all the themes I choose is that the entry timestamps and tags are really visible. I like information to be displayed clearly and prominently on a page, so accessible entry data is a must for me. 

Speaking as someone who looks over a lot of Harry Potter roleplays to keep the Harry Potter Roleplay Directory updated, I like easy access to Plot, Character, Application, and Navigation pages, and I like to know how often the roleplay updates. It makes no sense to me to hide roleplay information behind fad themes or gimmick visuals. People are coming to your main looking for that information. Why make it hard to find? Be as open and clear as possible. That has always been my perspective on themes, and I think the most successful Harry Potter roleplays work hard to present information as concisely and beautifully as they can without sacrificing clarity.      

Thank you for owling in with your question. I hope your future Harry Potter roleplay theme is here. I will continue to update this list as I find more themes that could work for a main.

King regards,

Hey Potterheads
This weeks theme is The Boy Who Lived, Mr Harry Potter himself!
You do NOT have to be apart of the network to take part in this.
You can create anything from a fanfiction to gif sets, up to you!


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    @HarryPotterNetwork Creation Event: The Boy Who Lived.
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the-tru-pineapple  asked:

hey yo, i kinda wanna maybe make a studyblr account but i dont know much about the community bc i mainly follow for the aesthetic. can you maybe tell me (and others) a bit more about the community?

omg you really should! but yeah ofc, here’s a link for some info!

but taken from my navigation/faq section, here are some tips to starting a studyblr:

1. get a theme. you can use some from thememakers like sorrism, acuite, odeysseus, solitudethemes, or even my theme page: iristhms
2. help navigate your blog better by using tags and creating an “about” page
3. if you haven’t already, create an introduction post
4. create originals if you want more followers 
5. make originals and have fun! 

the community is really nice and supportive, and the best part is that everyone wants to study and learn well, despite the broad diversity of age, ethnicity, locations, and gpa. 

there’s sort of an obsession for stationery which you will definitely feel, but often times these brands are really expensive. i suggest just get whatever works for you, whether it’s moleskine or daiso, you can still study well and make it look aesthetic. personally i have a decent amount of stationery, but i accumulated it over a few years and i don’t have that much expensive gear. 

and remember never to be afraid of asking for advice, or talking to studyblrs (whether big or small) because everyone is friendly and started at the same spot as you!

Hey Potterheads;
This weeks theme is Draco Malfoy
You do NOT have to be apart of the network to take part in this.
For more information on this event please check out our event page!


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    @HarryPotterNetwork Creation Event: Draco Malfoy
    [ p u t   q u o t e   o r   b i o   h e r e]
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I was looking for documents in my computer and found a list with a huge number of theme maker’s sites and wanted to share with you. So I worked a little lot to refresh it and here it is! If your url is on this list and you don’t want it here, you can call me out and I’ll remove it.

Important: I have no knowledge on Tumblr thememakers to tell who is copying themes from other people or who is not. If you recognize a stealer, please, let me know. I will be happy to take them out of the list.

Last update: 13/11/2014; Total updates: 9

64-degrees - 7th-district - 93niall

a–themes - accioloki - aelyon - aerou - altairisthemes - ambientthemes - ambitionthemes - americneagle - amorrtentia - amywilliams - andlionheart - annisbarathemes - anthagio - aqeaus - arkenstne - armyofghosts - aryasnark - ashsonirwin - ashthemes - ashleythemes - athenabilitythemes - athlstan - atlasdesigns - atonalsthemes

baekdo - bakathemes - bakaothemes - barlome - baudelairedthemes - beckythemes - bella-morts - benizora - biober - bluenaegi - boavistas - borinq - brandonthemes - bypinksman

c-c-themes - calvinsklein - caskisses - celestialthemes - ch4mpion - chaiithemes - chanelthemes - chcodes - cherrybam - chinqu - cindie - cinnasownmockingjaythemes -  cixth - clarasthemes - cleamour - cocorini - cremata - crimical-themes - cryothemes - curseoftimelord

damadellago - damonsalvabutt - danceforyous - darvll - deanlirium - dehaan - delcuore - derekhaylthemes - derpthemes - deutscherthemes - devsthemes - dianasthemeology - distals - doc-taah-themes - doctorsafraid - donthemes -  doucheywolf - draculahs - drunkfinnick - dystopie

effiedeen - eirynn - elyxir - enchantinglythemes - energythemes - etrothemes - euphoricthemes - emilieraven - everlark - evilqueenedthemes - evolvinq - excolo - exorcizamustea - exquisiteextravagancethemes

faedethemes - fairytalethemes - fantasieswriter - farahmir - faysthemage - fearlesspond - filmingthemes - flamora - foomthemes - forbiddenforest - fredweasleys - fuckbenedict - fukuo

ga-e - gasphard-themes - getbackwithyous - grizzylsbear - groolthemes - gyapo - gyllenhaha

haffalump - hanachu - harrysthemes - haryumthemes - hatakekakashi - hawtornesthemes - hazelracethemes - hazzstopthemes - heartgranadethemes - helloiloveju - hisa-themes - hkthemes - hoenarry - holdmethights - hollywhoodthemes - hotlayouts - hsthemeage - hzrryscodes

ibanglouisthemes - icatchingfire - idtheme - incavothemes - inspiredbylou - interludethemes - intoxicatedonthemes - irisanyrathemes - itsacrimetheme - ivy-themes

jackdonaghy - jacksonsthemes - jbam-themes - jollythemes - jpolizzithemes - jskthemes - jthema - jyuubi 

kahniss - keverdeen - kevinsmckidd - kingofmockingjay - kissthesun - kittysthemes - koduck - koukyun - krasivyi-th - kukkei - kwontae

lachowskiithemes - ladmilk - lchiban - letsplaymurder - level82 - leviathan - loodge - lostemas - lovegoods - lionsheartedthemes - lmthemes - llermans - lucysthemes - lunaticthemes - lunecerise

ma-themes - madarathemes - maggieesmerellda - malfoymannorthemes - maraudersmaps - mariesthemes - markedandtied - mccaliskithemes - mclahei - mcpoyles - meliapond  - mfe-themes - mindspalacethemes - missskinnylove - mjolnr - modernise - morbidethemes - morgenstjern - mrsmilicevic - mssalander - msswans - muishiki - mulanthemes - mynightmaresareaboutlosingyou - mysansathemes - mysticalthemes - mysticbloodthemes

nancysthemes - neomunamu - neonbikethemes - neverthemes - nevillles - nff-themes - nialljhoren - niallsdicks - nicewarmbed - nicholashoult - nicole-themes - ninpen - nomonyx - northerndawn - notmykingdom - noxthemata - nunmurithemes - nutellamonkeys - nutty-themes

ocaenathemes - octomoosey - odairose - ofharrythemes - oflerman - ofpewdsthemes - ohcodey - ohmockingjaythemes - oktaec - olleotathemes - omlthemes - onlysewenthemes - ornellathemes

perfecticthemes - perkamentus - plainthemes - pohroro - ponderismthemes - primrue - prrior - punklayouts - pureseductionthemes

rachellrosales - raggedythemes - rainingfiresthemes - raiynthemes - ramyeons - redfox-themes - regansthemes - reinethemes - renegade-themes - ritasvrataski - rockwithyousthemes - rosefeatherthemes - rosetyllerthemes - roxiestheme 

sakurane - sandragonthemes - sarahbartowsky - sarahcaths - satensthemes - scarythemes - scottsvmmers - scumbledore - sebastijanstan - selmasthemes - selkas - seoulnim - sergiovargott - sherlocks - shoseii - singlethemes - sleepythemes - smileklausthemes - smullingarthemes - softcastle - somerhthemes - sophiastemage - soundofpagesthemes - sppicethemes - stylesthemes - sunsgodownthemes - starious - starrify - str-wrs - stratfor-d - styleslou - sulyyas - sunrisen - sunsalsorise - suppisunthemes - syntaxthemes

tardissauce - terrible - thedoctoronlyknowswho - thehiddenwill-themes - themaxdavis - theme31by0scar - themepavillion - themes-by-moi - themes-mandrakescry - themesbydee - themesbyeris - themesbyflorels - themesbyisaac - themesbyjames - themesbyjohannalmfao - themesbykristina - themesbyloullipops - themesbymeg - themesbymiggy - themesbyqirls - themesbylyra - themesbyrhass - themesbysexualled - themesbysofia - themesbytamara - themesbythequeen - themesdacah - themesmadebyolsenvogue - themesthatyoulike - themezbyalex - thewicked-eternitythemes - thewinchesterbros - timelessthemes - tinyxo - titanjelly - toddsthemes - tofuthemes - tokyo-themes - tomkirk - tommarvoloriddle - toukos - truelove-themes - ttimelady - tukut - tuzumi

unhacker - unimpulsive - unsimplely - uptakefake - uries - useyoureyes

vanilla-chai - varst - vavvie - verdoux-themes - vervainnecklacethemes - ville-noire - viwan-th - voires - vulcanthemes

waheythemes - walfllowers - winchestheart - wifisexualthemesyo - winterdreaming - work-it-out-themes - worthythor

yeahniall - yeoli - ynthemes - yobeo - yukoki - yume-okada

zaerysthemage - zdou - zdthemes - zeldathemes - zeloid - ziame - zious - zuvia

Hey Potterheads;

You do NOT have to be a part of the network to take part in this.
For more information on this event please check out our event page!

This week is Happy Birthday to Harry, Neville, and/or J.K.


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@HarryPotterNetwork Creation Event: (theme name here)
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thememakers masterpost

i realized i kind of had a list of thememakers compiled for my own reference, and i thought i’d expand it and share it! i tried to include as many thememakers and types of themes as possible, but please message me if i’ve left anyone off the list so that i can add them :) happy theme hunting!

everything links directly to the theme blog/page/posts; if the themeblog has a url completely different than the main blog of the maker, it’s in parentheses

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Hey Potterheads;
The next few events will be based around the Marauder’s Era!

You do NOT have to be a part of the network to take part in this.
For more information on this event please check out our event page!

This week theme is SIRIUS BLACK


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@HarryPotterNetwork Creation Event: Sirius Black
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summer study challenge 17/30: advice for new studyblrs

so if you’re a new studyblr, welcome!! here are just some tips to help you with your blog and getting involved. this is such a lovely community and it’s really nice to see more people joining it. i hope this is helpful :)


  • keep it simple!!
  • a lot of people do their name or something they like with studies or studying on the end
  • (like mine!! i love coffee so coffeestudying)
  • other people like to take a word related to studying and (because the word is probably already being used by someone else) mispell it or make a pun with it
  • or whatever you can think of!! just make it related to studying or a certain subject and keep it simple :)


  • themes are really about personal preference. some people like minimalist themes while others like ones a bit busier. it’s up to you.
  • have a look around at different thememakers and see what you like. just make sure to follow their rules when using their themes
  • some theme makers: theme-hunter // neonbikethemes //  shythemes


  • make an introductory post!! i didnt do this because i didn’t know it was a thing but if i knew i definitely would have done one because it’s an amazing way to introduce yourself to the community
    • mention: your name, age, what you’re studying, your interests, and also any studyblrs who inspired you. it doesn’t have to be long!!
  • reblogging things is fine, reposting things is not. don’t steal anyone’s photos or content and repost it without their permission
  • make your own content!! post pictures of your notes, your planner +your study space. make masterposts and give people tips and ideas on different ways to study. anything you want to share :)


  • tag your posts!! original posts you make tag with studyblr and studyspo along with any relevant tags such as organisation or motivation. 
  • a lot of studyblrs check their own tags and reblog things that people tag them in so look at their blogs to find out their specific one. 
  • (you can always tag me with coffeestudying btw!!)
  • tag posts you reblog and have a navigation page on your blog so people can easily find what they’re looking for


  • talk to people!! i know it seems intimidating but everyone is so so nice!
  • say hi and that you’re new to the community or give them a compliment on something you like about their blog or their posts
  • don’t be afraid to ask questions but make sure you check google and any about pages or faqs first
  • join networks and enter studyblr awards and promos because this will show people your blog
  • some networks: the study club // studyblr index // studyblr community

things to remember

  • aesthetic is nice but it shouldn’t get in the way of your studies. if rewriting your notes so that they look pretty helps you learn then definitely do it, but if you’re only doing it for that ~studyblr aesthetic~ then don’t. your learning is more important than that.
  • expensive stationery isn’t necessary. i know it seems like everyone else has fancy pens and highlighters and everything but you really really don’t need them.
  • it’s easy to reblog masterposts and pictures of notes but don’t forget that that isn’t actually studying. use these to motivate you and help you study instead of as a form of procrastination!!
  • don’t worry about how many followers you have. the important thing is that you’re being motivated and helped by your studyblr so it doesnt matter how many other people follow it
  • remember that you should have a life outside of studying!! grades are important, but they’re not more important than your health and happiness so make time for those as well. have hobbies, socialise and basically just have fun!!

Hey Potterheads;
The next few events will be based around the Marauder’s Era!

You do NOT have to be a part of the network to take part in this.
For more information on this event please check out our event page!

This week theme is James Potter


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@HarryPotterNetwork Creation Event: James Potter
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swcnlake  asked:

alex! what in ur opinion are the best fonts for themes?

oh my god i’m going to publish this cos i’m so sick and tired of seeing shitty fonts being used in themes, and then good fonts being used in bad ways, and this is going to be long, so under the cut i guess! these will also all be sans-serifs.

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Hey Potterheads;
This weeks theme is Our Home; Hogwarts
You do NOT have to be apart of the network to take part in this.
For more information on this event please check out our event page!


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  • make the description of the post:
    @HarryPotterNetwork Creation Event: Our Home; Hogwarts
    [ p u t   q u o t e   o r   b i o   h e r e]
  • use the tag #harrypotternetwork
  • post your beautiful creation to the world!
  • optional - join our network!

anonymous asked:

Any recommendations fir fics in which steve leaves SHIELD for bucky? Or is on a warpath with anyone who wants to turn bucky in? I read this fic Rage of Achilles by Brenda so I wanted more of the ruthless!steve who will keep bucky safe no matter what.

my absolute fave where Steve leaves SHIELD is 

4 Minute Window

“Look, if they catch me,” Bucky muttered, “they’re either going to kill me or they’re going to put me in a box with a little window and—Steve, I can’t.”

but the rest of these do a great job following that theme

Make Way For Ducklings (series)

Steve leads a Tactical Defense training course a few months after the events of the Avengers movie, and gains himself some SHIELD-issue ducklings. A series of interconnected stories set in the same universe.

To Hide the Wolves of Sheep

SHIELD are the ones to create the Winter Soldier and, in 2013, deploy him to aid the Avengers. Some meetings are inevitable.

I don’t know of any good ones similar to Rage of Achilles, but our followers might?