DEAR GUILDWARS 2 FANS OF TUMBLR: My friend Aisu and I bring you… TEA.

Yes, tea. These are all labels for premium Adagio tea blends that we came up with based on the five Guild Wars 2 races. They’re hosted on Aisu’s account. We worked together on all of these! Aisu did the lovely labels though…

Humanity’s Ascension – We were inspired by the story on Adagio’s website that Roobios originally became popular in the West during World War II, when embargos prevented tea shipments from Asia. The idea of turning to a substitute which then became a tradition in itself really fit the themes of humanity’s plight in Guild Wars 2. The White blend is there to give it that tropical touch, reflecting the climate of the human lands. 

Asura’s Enlightenment – Asura are flashy, overcomplicated little guys. We figured they’d drink a very tropical, fruity and flowery tea, reflecting their jungle lands and the intricacy of their architecture… but that this flashbang overtone would hide hidden power, that being in the one-two punch of green tea and mate providing a major caffeine kick. I wrote this description, and I’m pretty proud of it. 

Charr’s Wardrums – The Charr are as technologically advanced as the Asura, but unlike the Asura, they’re very focused on practicality. No flashbang for the Charr: the idea was a tea that would wake you up like a kick to the bum. Ginger, black tea, and smoky mate all the way. 

Sylvari’s Awakening – A dreamy blend of fruit, flowers, and spices to reflect the Sylvari’s nature as children of the trees. Because it’s got green tea though, this’ll wake you right up… but a lot more gently than the Charr! 

Norn’s Hunt – A tea for cold winter days after a long hunt, this has hints of pine smoke, forest berries, and spice. We wanted something to really evoke that feeling of the northern forests, and to be the kind of thing to curl up with by a roaring fire. 

We’re probably going to do a set of class teas next, so keep an eye out for those! mmmm! 

“Far-future tea obsessions continued in Ann Leckie’s Ancillary Justice. The drink, key to a civilized Radchaai society, is a direct homage to the vast importance of tea in C.J. Cherryh’s Foreigner space opera series. A tea ceremony even made it on the cover of Cherryh’s latest novel, Tracker, and Leckie has released a trio of Ancillary-themed tea blends.”

A History of the Tea-Creating Machine in Fact and Fiction


I put together some Harry Potter themed tea blends on adagioteas!

Find my blends with my artwork: Harry Potter Tea Blends of Witchcraft and Wizardry

More of my work can be found in my Etsy Shop. Specifically: Hogwarts Mascots!

Ace and Aro Spectrum Teas!

Some time ago, Mod L from asexualfactoftheday made a series of ace-themed tea blends on Adagio, and after that I was inspired to make some aromantic blends. With Ace Day coming up soon, I thought I’d plug them a bit. Maybe we can have an ace tea party!



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I love tea, even more than cake, so I want to share c:

Cutebot Tea!

A little while back, superfan @muttluver designed a cutebot-themed tea blend… so @tiffany-tate and I decided to take it upon ourselves and make this tea happen for real.

The list of ingredients was pretty extensive, but our local tea shop was able to find a few different blends to combine and give us what we were looking for.

You can maybe tell that there’s a lot going on here: green tea, black tea, and a bunch of different fruit/citrus flavours.

Every good tea needs a good cup to match…

We’re ready to rock and roll, and Mailbot has joined in for a cup! It sure smells nice, so let’s see how it tastes!!


Thanks, @muttluver!! Your tea was a delight!!


Hello friends!! While preparing for my thesis, and to try out Adagio blends before I jump into creating Alice and the Nightmare themed teas, I created some blends based on the characters of my upcoming thesis film!

If you’d like to try them they’re available for purchase !HERE!

Buying them doesn’t profit me in any way, but does earn me points so I can buy more tea, as well as help me make better blends with more inclusions. Thanks!!