themed week : six

Pokeshipping Week 2017 : day six : “pikachu’s role in ash and misty’s relationship” [headcanon]

The reason Pikachu refused to battle Misty during her original gym match against Ash was not because he loved her so indiscriminately (not saying he doesn’t, just saying that wasn’t the reason) but because he could tell how much of a bad place in their relationship Ash and Misty were at and felt morbidly uncomfortable contributing to it in any way.

Once Ash and Misty mellowed out and spent less time shrieking and more time getting along, Pikachu was more than willing to battle because it was just friendly competition and not some awful do-or-die sniping contest to the proverbial death.

Welcome to the Lupin’s Protection Squad Events!!

What is it?

The Events are six weeks to which we will allocate themes. In these six weeks, you can make anything you want which fits with the theme and caption it “@lupinsprotectionsquad: (week + event title)”.
E.g/ @lupinsprotectionsquad: Week One - Remus and Tonks
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Week One (1st May - 7th May): Remus and Tonks

Week Two (8th May - 14th May): Remus and Sirius

Week Three (15th May - 21st May): Remus and James

Week Four (22nd May - 28th May): Professor Remus Lupin or Remus and Harry

Week Five (29th May - 4th June): Remus and Lycanthropy

Week Six (5th June - 11th June): Remus lives

you guys: fabulous work this last week on your tributes to all of the fantastic women of supernatural! *praise emoji*

the theme for week six focuses on everyone’s favorite king of hell, crowley himself. he’s been such a major character the last several seasons and it’s hard to think he may not be back, especially as played by the wonderful mark sheppard. so, speaking of tributes, we hope to see some pretty great ones this week to such a great character. remember, as always, interpretation of the prompt is completely up to you!

if you plan on participating this week:

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  • make sure to post your creation by july 2nd at 11:59 pm pst
  • remember that you are free to post any kind of creation you want: graphic, gif, edit, fanart, fic, etc.
  • put a link to spn hiatus creations in the caption of your post (if it’s an image post), along with this week’s theme (if you’re posting a fic/ficlet, please put the link and theme at either the beginning or end of your post)
  • make sure to tag your post with #spnhiatuscreations so we can reblog it to the main blog

if you have any questions, feel free to send us an ask. we can’t wait to see the amazing things everyone comes up with this week!

Legend of Zelda racebends: [1/11] Chinese Ocarina of Time

Ye who owns three Dragon Stones

Stand with the Xun of Time

And play the Song of Time