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Beauty And The Beast Disney Inspired Wedding Cake

Gold details add an aura of elegance to just about any wedding cake, but when you sprinkle in delicate red roses you get a cake that exudes fairy tale romance. Inspired by the love and romance of the Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast,  I think Belle herself would approve of the floral that adds just the right touch of sophistication.


For this Friday, here is a little inspiration for a pastel themed wedding.

From a dress so special that you’d want to keep it forever and wear it, like, every single day, to beautiful venue decorations - we made sure you find this post super handy.

Just decide which colors you want to use and then mix them together on paper until you get the perfect mix.

After that it gets so much easier. Usually.

Happy Friday to you all!

Yours truly,


anonymous asked:

hc's for the paladins reacting to their s/o agreeing after they said "marry me" over something hilariously arbitrary

Shiro: sorry but he would laugh it off and continue the conversation.

Keith: 10/10 would not recommend doing. Keith would think you were serious even though he was joking as well. He’d get all flustered// embarrassed as he mumbles a small “yes”, or frantically tries to explain to you that he was either joking without hurting your feelings

Pidge + Lance + Hunk: They would play along!

  • Lance would say, “I want a blue themed wedding then! The cake will be taller than pidge, to show my true love for you. Also we’re going to invite my entire family, they have to come to my wedding~!”

  • Pidge would say, “It’s going to be a small wedding thats NOT outside, yadda yadda yadda.” Tbh Pidge would want one of those fluffy aliens from the trash planet as the ring bearer.
  • Hunk would talk about all the people the two of you should invite and if the yellow lion can be the flower girl or ring bearer.

long story short the two of you stay up till 4 am planning a fake wedding for each other.