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i did something bad: write about something you shouldn’t have done that you don’t regret

Oh, man. I’m a pretty solid rule follower (read: boring) so there’s not a lot!

The most recent thing that comes to mind is telling hubby that a friend (Hi, @whydontijustleavethisrighthere!) had an extra ticket to the Boston Divide show and was giving it to me.

What actually happened? I bought a ticket from StubHub (THIRD ROW!!!) and put it on my personal Visa so he wouldn’t see the charge.

I’m not even a little bit sorry because James Blunt eye-fucked us, Ed kept coming back to our side of the stage and giving us TheSmirk™ and we ended up at the same bar as James’ band.

I’d do it all over again. (God, can we do it all over again?! Please?)


Cagney Carnation and Cala Maria from Cuphead!

i really, really love cupheads boss design. so i decided to try drawin some of em! i started off with these two cause they both rlly stand out to me, but i’ll probably draw some of the other ones later too, i was trying to practice more with my painty coloring style thing while drawing these and honestly they both turned out pretty nice i think!