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Character Battle Themes

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Encounter:  Blooming Villain - Persona 5

A song to show the seriousness of encountering Aku’s number one and most trusted assassin. He’s not someone to be trifled with and you have to be just as serious if you don’t want to die.

Battle Theme: NiGHTS Journey Into Dreams - Reala’s Theme

To him this fights just some joke, he’s not too serious about it and would rather just toy around with you than really focus or behave too seriously. You don’t deserve his attention, yet.

Boss Theme:  Final Fantasy - Apocalypsis Noctis

Now you’ve got his attention, you’ve proved to be stronger than he first thought and now you’ve earned his attention, he won’t be holding back anymore and he’ll let you play with his strongest minions now.

Final Boss Theme:  Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls - Malthael’s Theme

You’re strong, much stronger than Demongo anticipated, now hes stopped using the skulls and is crushing them individually, but instead of summoning the essence within he’s begun to consume it. Each one causing his flame to burn brighter and stronger as his form changes into something more hellish.

Bonus Boss Theme:  Light The Fire Up In The Night - Dual Mix

You’ve earned Demongos respect, now when you battle him it’ll be for fun to see who’s gotten stronger.

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Help me tie my shoes

Wash my hair in the bath

Pet me

Pick out my clothes

Pull me into your lap

Get my paci if you notice me chewing my lip

Cuddle me

Make me giggle

Use my little dishes for a meal

Bring me a drink in a sippy cup

Stick a crazy straw in my drink

Hold my hand in public

Order for me at a restaurant

Drive me places (and pick me up)

Go to my doctor’s appointments with me

Help me make tough choices

Let me fall asleep on you

Ask me to help you with things

Tell me when I’m a good girl

Tell me if I make you proud

Take care of me when I’m sick

Remind me to take my medicine

Suggest naptime, especially if I’m crabby

Read to me

Ask me about my favorite things; tell me about yours

Whisper secrets to me

Teach me new things

Remember my plushies’ names

Ask about my plushies and toys

Tuck me in at night

Remind me of bedtime

Ask if I remembered to do things

Kiss the top of my head or forehead

Color with me

Check for mean-monsters

Listen to my excited-babbles

Play pretend with me

Take me to a park

Push me on the swings

Let me pick the movie

Tell me I’m cute/adorable

Kiss my owies

Use awesome band-aids

Surprise me

Get me little gifts

Set up a bubble bath

Let me draw a tiny heart on you

Check on my planner

Make music with me

Pick my jammies

Cook with me

Take me to the zoo

Take me to the library

Plan and go on a picnic

Take a walk with me

Take me stargazing

Visit a museum with me

Paint my toenails

Make sure I have something to cuddle

Invite me to a tea party

Ask about my imaginary friends

Plan a themed date night

Play board games with me

Play video games with me (or watch me play them)

Do arts and crafts with me

Give me candy/sweets

Make me hot cocoa with marshmallows

Blanket. Forts.

Show me a place I’ve never seen before

Whisper “shhh” in my ear when I’m upset

Wipe away my tears

Take me to see a kiddy movie in the theatre

Sing with me when I break out into song

Call me “princess,” “little one,” “kitten,” “bunny,” “girl,” or “doll”

Appreciate little gifts I make/give you

Make a funny face at me in public

Scoop me up princess-style

Watch cartoons with me

Make me a healthy snack

Make a meal of special little foods

Give me an allowance

Have me complete chores

Remind me to wash my hands before I eat

Get things from places I can’t reach

Rub my tummy when it hurts

Start a pillow fight

Shoot me with a water gun or nerf gun

Quote from my favorite books and movies

Ask me silly questions

Try to win me a prize

Take me somewhere I need to dress up to go to

Ruffle my hair

Boop my nose if my emotions are getting too intense

Let me wear your t-shirt/hoodie

Write a note and leave it somewhere for me to find

Congratulate me for doing something difficult

Start my sleepy music at night

Take me to an amusement park

Take selfies/photobooth pictures with me

Make a pinky promise with me



Explosion of Light by Jared Beaney