themed music

Mein Apfel

and it’s done! this was a great project to work on. i really enjoyed scoring this, it was quite an intricate job. this version is the reduced cut, so expect a full length version of the main theme at some stage 8) 


Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Dead Men Tell No Tales Tribute orchestral medley

Main theme & Music from Pirates of the Caribbean
3rd Polish Nationwide Music Schools’ Symphonic Orchestras Competition
Zygmunt Nitkiewicz - conductor
Symphony Orchestra of The Józef Marcin Żebrowski Music School in Częstochowa, Poland
recorded at Czestochowa Philharmony Concert Hall, May 21, 2015

Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records ( ロクでなし魔術講師と禁忌教典 ) — Ending theme [TV Size]
Music: “Precious You☆”  by Sistine Fibel (CV: Fujita Akane), Rumia Tingel (Miyamoto Yume), Re=L Rayford (Ozawa Ari)

Original short music video promo:

Watch the Opening theme here:
(Song: blow out by Suzuki Konomi)

also i think i just realized why their characterization of system of a down as ‘white dudebro music’ always bothered me

They were activists for awareness of the armenian genocide, and had anti-war and anti drug-criminalization themes in their music

they’ve had a lot of ‘fans’ who did not understand what they stood for and disrespected them, but that’s not soad’s fault I don’t think.

cheekrubsu  asked:

Not sure if I wanna play another otome game, but... are the suitors in Ikemen Sengoku going to be nipple-less too?

buahaha ACTUALLY… my darling Cheekie…… there ARE no shirtless suitors in Sengoku.

This game will rely much more on story , theme, character, and music. Do they do the dirty do? I’m not sure atm since there is no highlight option. I do know they have moments. Yasu-chi blushed A LOT recently so… if anything, perhaps lots of kissing, petting? but since there are no shirtless sprites (Cuz believe you me, if Sasu was shirtless he’d be pasted all over my blog in all his nipple or nip-less glory. *cough*) I do think that the draw for this game will be much more geared towards the above. Which speaking of growth wise as a company that’s not a bad move. They can’t rely on man boobies forever. 

(viva le nip-less Leo)



- musicals that were sung from tonight at the In The Heights rehearsal: Dear Evan Hansen, Hamilton, Phantom of the Opera, Little Shop of Horrors, Dog Fight, Rent, Legally Blonde, West Side Story, Cabaret, Les Mis, Fiddler on the Roof, 21 Chump Street, Chicago, Shrek, Cats,

- musicals that were not sung from tonight at the In The Heights rehearsal: In The Heights

- Oh God so for like the first 40 minutes Tom was trying to get the lights set properly so he had me turning the house dark and shit except for one light at a time to make sure the positioning was right. During this entire thing, the pianist played the ‘halloween’ theme music

- “some mics just don’t fucking have batteries in them I’m not sure which ones and honestly I just don’t care”

- apparently half the cast is afraid of Tom because he yells when he does mic checks lmao

- Tom, high pitched, confused and fake emotional voice “I’m not yelling I’m just projecting-”

- Nina’s Dad™ went up on the fire escape to practice his ‘atencion’ song and he’s like “What if instead I just did Javert’s suicide. Like what the fuck could you guys do to stop me”

- “I’m getting great reactions!!!! …From some people.”

- The piano’s speaker lowkey stopped working for like 5 minutes and the whole time Tom was just staring at the soundboard saying “interesting” in the most forced casual voice

- “This is definitely a three or four coffees kind of day”


- During his two solos he’s like??? A normal person??? But any group song he has lines in he’s SCREAMING. Holy shit we literally just had to turn his mic off because he was gonna blow it out omfg

- Usnavi still is barely acting but on the bright side he’s getting better at his LMM impression

- Sonny KILLED it tonight I felt like a proud mom™  (bc he’s been kinda stumbling all week lol)

- During ‘Benny’s Dispatch’ the kid brought out the entire box instead of just the microphone and almost died as a result lmao

- The dancing is getting better!!! There are just some spots where it’s like, vaguely uncomfortable and doesn’t seem to fit in

- “Drew stop you can’t play Phantom of the Opera for the scene transition music”

- Could people like….know their cues for props and shit?

- “Guys that sounded INCREDIBLE! I’m BLOWN AWAY! I could really feel the emotion!”

- “Mrs. P that was the Broadway cast recording”

- “…oh.”

- Literally I think she’s now seriously considering just having the bway recording and have the kids sing along to it o m f g

- Much debate over whether or not they’re actually pronouncing some of the Spanish words correctly

- The act 2 opener ‘sunrise’ is just…a Problem

- Like it’s SO BAD

- Both Benny and Nina are great singers but it’s all over the place and the ensemble??? Isn’t doing their part half the time??? Fully wondering if they ever bothered to run that before

- “Yo, you paged me?” “I thought she fucking moved the year to 2017″

- Honestly say what you will but the best part of the entire show is Graffiti Pete appearing from an alley and just saying “Yo, buy my fucking t-shirt” to Usnavi lol

- Usnavi like,,,put on a different shirt for Act 2. why,

- The red one just feels the most #iconic™ you know??? And he hasn’t changed during the other rehearsals I Was Not On Board

- Act 1 is still….so fucking much better and well rehearsed than act 2

- Usnavi’s beard stayed in place today!!! Vanessa was safe!!! lol

- tomorrow is the Final Rehearsal™….paciencia y fe™

I’m so perplexed by the passage of time like did i hallucinate my teenage years or was there an outpouring of music themed around dissatisfaction with a corrupt government and exploitative socioeconomic status quo

but it was sung by adults, who somehow were not self-aware they were singing about rebellion when there was little actual, successful rebellion going on

and consumed by young people 

and now 10 years later I’m an adult and our world is in neofascist peril and adults my own age around me are like ‘just wait and see’ don’t lie to me josh I know you listened to three day’s grace in 2006