themed friday

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theme nights: for freaky friday, how about one where the tom and reader are dating (obviously), and they’re watching a movie in their apartment and the reader teases Tom throughout the whole movie. Then he finally has enough and then Tom the dom side domes out of him and then yeaaa. but lots of sex 😂

this really turned out to be a whole ass fic …

Sitting next to you, Tom’s face was illuminated by the light coming from the television; darkness surrounding the both of you You could make out the intensity of his eyes as he watched the movie, the smile that would play on his lips during funny scenes, and the way his nose would crinkle.

Licking your lips, you could not keep your eyes off of his. They just looked so soft, and you wanted them to be tasting you right now. You couldn’t help it, you were in the mood. But unfortunately Tom was rather distracted by the movie playing in front of you.

Minutes passed by and Tom was still not acknowledging you. Earlier, he had sunk further down in his seat, opening his legs, almost like an invitation for you to either sit on him or suck him off. It’s like he was doing it on purpose. Mentally cursing at him, you squeezed your thighs together and tried focusing on the movie. 

Suddenly, Tom’s hand reached out and gently grabbed your thigh, a small whimper escaped your lips.

 “Are you alright, darling?” he asked, looking at you for the first time. 

“Yeah, great,” you replied before turning to look at him, which was a mistake. You noticed that his curls fell perfectly around his face, and you wanted nothing more than to run your hands through them while he went down on you.  

Reaching over, you kissed his neck and started bite and suck, before Tom stopped you, 

“Love, not now.” 

Pouting, you slumped back down onto the couch. But you weren’t giving up just yet, cause momma didn’t raise no quitter.

Slowly, you placed your hand on his thigh, “Y/N” he warned. 

“I’m not doing anything, Tommy,” you said, innocently looking up at him before bringing your attention back to the movie. Hesitantly he turned back also. 

Gradually, your hand moved higher and higher until you reached his bulge, he jumped, not expecting it. “Love-“ he started. 

You shushed him, before straddling his thigh and kissing him on the lips.

But alas, Tom gently pushed you away and set you back on the couch next to him. You stared at him, your mouth agape. Tom’s eyes were still trained on the television.

“What the hell Tom? Do you not want me anymore or something?” you asked, offended. 

Tom turned to look at you incredulously, “Darling, don’t you ever say that. I love you-“ 

“Then prove it.”

And with that, he pounced on you. Your hands immediately went to hold his face but he grabbed both of them and pinned them above your head (a real christian grey, am i right). His mouth latched onto yours immediately, his tongue grazing your bottom lip, asking for entrance. You happily obliged. His lips moved from your mouth, to your cheek, to your neck; where he started leaving love bites, making you moan and writhe under him.

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