themed bedrooms

things we learned from dan’s july 25th liveshow:

- dan’s bedroom is fucking huge

- whereas phil’s bedroom is an actual closet

- phil’s white stand up mirror has magically made its way into “dan’s” bedroom

- dan’s hardwood floors match the hardwood floors in phil’s centipede picture on twitter which means it was taken in dan’s bedroom and phil described it as “his room”

- houseplants overall just make for a really terrible excuse for why you don’t want to share the details of your bedroom

- dan and phil are sleeping in the same bedroom

- uh

- they’re sharing a room

- dan and phil are two men who sleep together in a giant moon themed bedroom

- this isn’t even tea

- it’s a fact

so you are telling me that daniel has a mature, sleek, fairly large, moon-themed bedroom and phil is stuck in a closet sized space with zero new fixtures and very little decoration that goes beyond his familiar internet persona?? idk .. sounds fake.

anonymous asked:

phils room is a set! in that close up came did you see how fuckin close the wall was to his bed?? and his floor was revealed to not be the wooden floors that the bug was on from that tweet! phil is a bad liar even tho he's a man

phils “bedroom” is a cramped carpeted space whereas dans is a completely reinvented moon themed master bedroom which we’ll probably never see the entirety of and you honestly expect me to believe phil sleeps in the same place that he films his videos