themed auctions


Ravenous Geode - $25

Its crystal lined insides are beautiful, but can crush prey into bloody, punctured heaps with a single chomp. Its hide is hard as stone, and immune to its own corrosive saliva, which is so potent it can eventually lick its way through a brick wall.

This character has been purchased and is no longer available.


EquinoX is comprised of several different branches and agents, each of them vital to the success and stability of the FC. Below is a listing of each class, along with their assigned tasks and specializations.

DREAMERS: (track theme)
Behavioral assessment, mental health, training
Memory tampering and psychological rehabilitation
Researching, book keeping, advising

LAB RATS: (track theme)
Splicing, tampering, mutating, cloning
Finding and eliminating genetic weaknesses
Organ growing and enhancement
Food crop modification

FLOOR MICE: (track theme)
Containment cleaning and waste disposal
Sterilization of surgical tools and equipment
General maintenance of facilities
Sample preservation and storage

STRAYS: (track theme)
Public relations, political ties, legal issues
Linkshell moderation, networking, recruitment
Gathering secrets and competitive intel

HOUNDS: (track theme)
Tracking, capturing, and transporting test subjects
Construction of restraints and creature containment
Scavenging dead or dying biological material
Obtaining bone and fossil samples

THE BUTCHER: (track theme)
Food preparation and feeding of test subjects
Castration, euthenization, execution
Mounting, skinning and taxidermy

THE APOTHECARY: (track theme)
Alchemy, medicines, elixirs, and poisons

THE REAPER: (track theme)
Harvester, seller, and distributor of crops
Overseeing business contracts with farmers
Punisher of contract violators

THE AUCTIONEER: (track theme)
Funding, auctioning, selling
Managing FC finances and accounting
Hosting and scheduling public events

DOVES & RAVENS: (track theme)
Animal burial, cremation, and memorial services
Keepers and landlords of the pet cemetery

“Despite the seemingly charitable favors EquinoX has done for the common folk, much of the FC’s practices are still considered highly controversial, unnatural, and immoral. Its core founders are regularly accused of trying to play God, obsessed with achieving perfection and immortality. Whether or not these rumors hold weight is always up for debate, as the leaders of EquinoX refuse to be interviewed. There have also been whispers of the company breaking deals with beast men who’ve volunteered to be weaponized. Among the most disturbing rumors regarding the FC is the controlled testing of viruses intended for biological warfare.” - Mirria, Mythril Eye Reporter


FC Name: EquinoX
Tag: «EqnoX»
Server: Balmung

EquinoX is a new open-concept rank 8 RP+PvX Free Company, currently in its rough draft stage. Housing will soon be available. We are seeking new members, affiliates, and players interested in helping out. There are no strict guidelines or membership requirements. Role playing is completely voluntary.

Players do not have to be in the FC to participate in its events or activities. Artists are encouraged to illustrate XIV-based hybrids and subspecies they personally wish to see in-game, or original creature concepts that may appeal to RPers who are looking to spice up their character's story line. EquinoX serves as a story-driven foundation for artists wishing to present or sell their own ideas for new XIV mounts, companions, and minions.

* The FC itself does not classify as good or evil. There is a chance for both heroism and corruption to occur.


had a marvelous time at @thecompagnie‘s Primal-themed auction last night! it was the second auction i’ve had occasion to attended at the <<taxes>> estate, and i really wish i’d had the foresight to do some recording, because the house really outdid itself in presentation. can’t wait to see what they do next!

feat. @onwesterlywinds, @varae-ver-you-are, @tovakiin, @opo-opos, @wandererspaean, @ivaan-ffxiv, @thefateofivalice, @twelvesavethequeen, @that-singing-jackass and @anasitka