themed auctions

I’ve decided I’m going to work on theme background auctions! I always have ibspo for themes but sometimes they don’t fit my theme or character so stay tuned for that!


Ravenous Geode - $25

Its crystal lined insides are beautiful, but can crush prey into bloody, punctured heaps with a single chomp. Its hide is hard as stone, and immune to its own corrosive saliva, which is so potent it can eventually lick its way through a brick wall.

This character has been purchased and is no longer available.


had a marvelous time at @thecompagnie‘s Primal-themed auction last night! it was the second auction i’ve had occasion to attended at the <<taxes>> estate, and i really wish i’d had the foresight to do some recording, because the house really outdid itself in presentation. can’t wait to see what they do next!

feat. @onwesterlywinds, @varae-ver-you-are, @tovakiin, @opo-opos, @wandererspaean, @ivaan-ffxiv, @thefateofivalice, @twelvesavethequeen, @that-singing-jackass and @anasitka