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FinnRey + Phantom of the Opera AU

Reine Courleciel is the long-lost daughter of late musical master Luc Courleciel and the rising star of the Paris Opera. On the night of her big debut, she is reunited with her childhood friend Finn, Vicomte de Chagny, the one person who cared for her when they were both just orphans on the streets of Paris. The two are soon betrothed, but their happiness is threatened by a shadowy figure who lurks in the tunnels beneath the Opera House. Can Finn and Rey overcome the Phantom and live happily ever?


It’s finally Friday and what a glorious Friday it is!!!
They are back baby!!!!
For my Friday faves I have picked Gillian’s profile. I adore her profile. @storybycorey here are my pics for this final themed Friday. @thexxit I will have to continue this on my own just for you 😘
Enjoy the most stunning profile I have ever seen.

I hear it is Jaxter Friday?? ? :D

I drew this cause I reminded myself of this scene in Jak 2 and wanted to “De-Ottsel”, it, as I tend to do sometimes, but it could maybe count as the theme of “Jaxterfy a scene” too, right?

(Scene is of course, when we are first introduced to Sig via Krew, and Jak turns, sees the big guy, and immediately goes into defense position and THROWS HIS ARM OUT to protect Dax, who is standing right behind him because Sig may or may not be a threat to them, he don’t know at that point)


Drawn a little crappily because my Krita is really chuggy lately. It had the good graces to be functional while I finished my big full color Jaxter piece the other day, but we’re back to this.

anonymous asked:

Whic of the Blacksad-books is your favorite?

I really like the first one because of the tragic murderous lizard man (low key favorite character), and Arctic Nation has the most detailed art and best overall feeling in my opinion. A Silent Hell has a really interesting setting and the dark and surreal drug iconography is very fascinating. To me personally, Red Soul and Amarillo are the least memorable ones, although the stories themselves were pretty good I think? They’re still wonderful and inspiring albums. I enjoyed the annoying dalmatian in Red Soul. The hyena guy in Amarillo was awesome and made me terribly sad. I think my order of favoritism is 2-1-4-3-5.
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Happy Fanwork Friday!

Here comes the first slash fic recommendation for Fanfiction Friday.  Wild, a story by @scarlet-tyler  (@jennasaisqu0i)  features Thranduil x Bard in a modern AU, and yes it does get kinky ;). It’s absolutely brilliant though, she captures the two characters so well and I have to admit, it has quite the unexpected romantic touch to it. And there might be soon a follow-up in the works. So, if you enjoyed this one, be sure to stay tuned for more.

Here is the short summary from AO3:

All work and no play makes Bard a dull boy. In comes a beautiful stranger with a baggage full of his wildest fantasies. One night, just one night—that’s all the stranger asks of him. Bard agrees and nothing will ever be the same again.

And while you are at it, go and check out her blog on tumblr :).

(floranocturna’s fic rec)
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Happy Fanwork Friday!

I hope you all are in the mood for some slash. :P @themirkyking has many slash stories for you to indulge in. I couldn’t pick just one as her stories vary greatly in their themes and romance sorts. So, browse through, and take a pick. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.
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Happy Fanwork Friday!

Here is another great slash story, the fabulous Barduil fanfic Heartsigh by @johnnysmitten transporting Bard and Thranduil into a modern AU. Be sure to bring along enough time to read, some steamy hot chocolate and fluffy cushions, because this one is a long fic, and I assume there will be more chapters to come :). I have to admit, I have only just started this recently, but I am enjoying it a lot already!

Here is the short summary from AO3:

Bard Bowman is stuck in an unhappy marriage. He tries his hardest to make things work, but at the end of the day he is lonely and unhappy. By pure chance, he meets a beautiful man named Thranduil and for the first time in years, he feels something.

Barduil Unhappy Marriage AU, in which both Bard and Thranduil are in bad relationships. They end up meeting up, and you know…fall in love.

(floranocturna’s fic rec)

Restless - Fluff Friday

Fluff Friday – Rebel
Rated T

Written in the same universe as @beyondthemoor‘s “Rose Trim”. Admittedly not my best work, but I wanted to add to her wonderful story. (Kinda a prequel years in advance of her story). She is free to totally reject this as canon.


The comforting scent of laundry detergent flooded the room the moment Sakura opened the dryer door. The heat flushed her already overheated skin, but she merely took a calming breath before she reached in and filled her arms with the load of freshly washed clothes.

Dumping the laundry onto the table, she turned her attention to moving the next load in the washing machine over to the dryer before she sat on the small stool she kept at the end of the table and turned her attention to folding the dark clothes. It was the final pile of Sasuke’s clothes.

Long ago Sakura had been taught to wash laundry by color but once she had begun living with her boys, she had quickly learned that wasn’t possible as all of them – from Madara to Itachi to Sasuke to Shisui to Izuna – wore black. It had taken her nearly a week to separate the shirts into their respective piles and return them to the correct owners after her first time and since then, she had taken to doing loads by owner.

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