I have the narnia theme code and I will be picking 10 people to give it to.

If you want it you have to complete these 4 things:

1) You must be following me.  (I will check)

2) You have to “REBLOG” this.

3) Make me a fansign and submit it on my blog

4) Put somewhere on your blog (I will check)

I will be picking when this reaches at least 50 notes. If this reaches 50 by 6/30, then I will pick then. I will give you a warning before I Pick.

The winner will get

  • NARNIA THEME CODE (for free)
  • A screenshot promo 
  • And I will follow you back

10 people!!!!

If you have any questions then message me!

Hey there, I am the founder of Themecloud and creator of many of the themes. 

Themecloud was today hit with malware issue from an unknown source, google picked up on this and issued a malware warning. 

We have removed all traces of malware from all of our site and have issued a malware review from Google. Google states this can take from up to 5 - 10 hours, and in rare cases 24 hours.

We expect it to be reviewed fairly soon. We are sorry for any inconvenience this has cause to you or/and your followers. We hope you continue to use our themes once this is cleared by Google.

Please accept my greatest apologies and thank you for your time.