Narnia Two - update 0.0.8

Due to the many requests and messages we have added the blog description to the top of the theme.

You will need to update your theme to version 0.0.8 which you can get here:

Spread the word!

We have also fixed these issues in previous versions:

Padding in caption fix

  1.     Transparent post background added 14/05/2013
  2.     Sidebar visible on permalink page 14/05/2013
  3.     Added show menu in left column 14/05/2013
  4.     Fixed multiple tags breaking highlight 15/05/2013
  5.     Fixed hi-res photo issue on highlight 15/05/2013

free infinite 2 by blink and its over - works !
free infinite 2 by blink and its over - works !

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Flux is a smart, clean and easy-to-use Tumblr theme built with class. It’s a perfect fit for photographers, creative artists who need a stylish way to showcase their work! But we’ll stop here and let Flux speak for itself. We’ll leave this list of features below, but please visit our demo site to get a look at what this theme has to offer!

Cover Photo – Great your visitors with a beautiful Full page cover photo and really make an impact!

Tagline – “A picture says 1000 words” but sometimes you need to say a little more. Tagline is a powerful introduction for your page.

Slidebar – The side navigation slides into focus when you need it, allowing your content to be the centre of attention!

Customise – Make Flux just how you want it to be! With plenty to customise, you won’t fail to make your blog look awesome.

Gapless posts – Gaps? What gaps? All your posts can be tightly knitted together for an edge-to-edge visual experience.

Header – Bold yet minimal. Your header will slide into position as you scroll, featuring all your links, search and social icons

Responsive Design – Your blog will look great on smartphones and tablets

Retina Ready – Flux will look just as good on a Retina display as it would on a Non-Retina display.

Social Icons – Easily add social icons and links to the sidebar or header

Infinite scroll – Let your viewers scroll through all your posts infinitely without a single click

Custom Logo – Add a custom logo to your header or just stick with text only

Google Web Fonts – Easily add and swap one of Google’s 650+ Web Fonts to your blog

Custom tags – Add up to 5 tags to your sidebar so your visitors can filter through your posts

Flickr, Dribbble & Twitter – Ready to use Sidebar Widgets, all you have to do is add your username

Small or Large posts – If you’d like to have bigger posts on your blog then we have it covered.

Collapse Photosets – Choose whether you’d like your Photosets to show in full on the Index page, or select them individually with the tag #expand

Support for all Tumblr post types – Photo, Photoset, Text, Audio, Video, Link, Quote & Chat

DISQUS Commenting System – Add the popular blog comment hosting service to your blog

Google analytics – Use Google to track your visitors and traffic in real time

HTML5 & CSS3 – This theme has been written in modern coding languages.

Modern Browsers – Optimized to look and work great in all modern browsers

Flux is available here for free!


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Codes: Use a tagged page as your home page.

1) Find the opening <body> tag to your page

2) Add this awesome code:

<script type=“text/javascript”>

// Code created by lukesimswilson

var sIndexTag = “index” // Your tag goes here

if (window.location.href.toString().indexOf(“tagged”) == -1)
window.location = window.location.href.toString() + “tagged/” + sIndexTag

3) Don’t forget to change the sIndexTag line to the tag you want people to see when they first visit your blog.

4) Check out we redirect our users to view the tag of “index”

We present to you Narnia Two. The evolutionary update to the widely known Narnia.

Narnia has been reimagined to be all about you. It’s smooth, intuitive, and designed to let you do what you want, the way you want. 

  • Smart columns
  • Like and reblog
  • Full photosets
  • Fullscreen background
  • Highlighted posts
  • Social icons
  • Alternative headers
  • Fully customisable
  • Twitter and Instagram widgets

Check out a demo here or here

Click here to install it for free!


Make a splash with Splash, a theme by Pixel Lab.

Splash is a clean, modern Tumblr theme with a big introduction. Splash uses a grid layout which is combined with infinite scroll and a powerful lightbox. But the star of the theme is its huge introduction, with so many options, it has so much personality.

  • Unique introduction
  • Grid layout built on Masonry by Desandro
  • Two post size options (250 pixels and 400 pixels)
  • Infinite scroll
  • Advanced lightbox called Postbox
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Disqus integration
  • Google Font integration
  • Option to hide post captions
  • Highly customizable
  • Localized

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