Hey beautiful followers! Just thought i’d give back to you and share with you a list of our free themes we have! You’d be surprised how beautiful and well-crafted a free theme can be!











Narnia Two - update 0.0.8

Due to the many requests and messages we have added the blog description to the top of the theme.

You will need to update your theme to version 0.0.8 which you can get here:

Spread the word!

We have also fixed these issues in previous versions:

Padding in caption fix

  1.     Transparent post background added 14/05/2013
  2.     Sidebar visible on permalink page 14/05/2013
  3.     Added show menu in left column 14/05/2013
  4.     Fixed multiple tags breaking highlight 15/05/2013
  5.     Fixed hi-res photo issue on highlight 15/05/2013



I am Montage theme! A minimal grid layout based theme. You’ve never seen something faster than me. I am responsive as well, which means I fit fine on mobile devices! Try me please!

Here are some few amazing features:

  • Grid/normal layout
  • Add sidebar
  • Different header layout
  • Heart like button (show or hide it)
  • Social icons on sidebar
  • Disqus comment widget
  • And more!

What are you waiting for?! Try me:


multiple blogs are experiencing problems with themeloud themes. there is an error thats been popping up on their blogs saying there might be a virus on the page beause of themecloud. if you have a themecloud theme, get a new theme from elsewhere and the problem should go away.


Aura has been created line by line, pixel by pixel to be the most versatile theme we have created. Aura is perfect for portfolios with it’s powerful call to actions. Its beautifully simple but striking layout enables you to post all the things you used to, but looking better than ever.

Slidebar - The side navigation slides into focus when you need it, allowing your content to be the centre of attention!

Tagline - “A picture says 1000 words” but sometimes you need to say a little more. Tagline is a powerful introduction for your page.

Call to actions - Customise up to 5 buttons - allowing you to filter by tags, direct traffic to your website/shop or to your email address, they are all yours!

Lightbox - Cluttered tabs? The lightbox lets you view a full post without ever leaving the page.

Customise - Make Aura just how you want it to be! With over 20 options to customise, you won’t fail to make your blog look awesome.

Fullscreen posts - Gaps? What gaps? All your posts are tightly knitted together for a edge to edge visual experience.

View the theme here and here

Get the theme for free at

Codes: Use a tagged page as your home page.

1) Find the opening <body> tag to your page

2) Add this awesome code:

<script type=“text/javascript”>

// Code created by lukesimswilson

var sIndexTag = “index” // Your tag goes here

if (window.location.href.toString().indexOf(“tagged”) == -1)
window.location = window.location.href.toString() + “tagged/” + sIndexTag

3) Don’t forget to change the sIndexTag line to the tag you want people to see when they first visit your blog.

4) Check out we redirect our users to view the tag of “index”


I have the narnia theme code and I will be picking 10 people to give it to.

If you want it you have to complete these 4 things:

1) You must be following me.  (I will check)

2) You have to “REBLOG” this.

3) Make me a fansign and submit it on my blog

4) Put somewhere on your blog (I will check)

I will be picking when this reaches at least 50 notes. If this reaches 50 by 6/30, then I will pick then. I will give you a warning before I Pick.

The winner will get

  • NARNIA THEME CODE (for free)
  • A screenshot promo 
  • And I will follow you back

10 people!!!!

If you have any questions then message me!

What would be in your perfect theme?

We want to create something new, inspired by our customers. We would like to know what you want!

It can be anything from the layout/design of the theme to individual features such as hit counters, instagram support and disqus commenting.

All answers and suggestions welcome