2NE1 are sisters, best friends and most importantly, they are family. They are going thru the hardest time in their career but they never left each other. They know how we feel about them performing without Bom but they still did it for us Blackjacks while never forgetting to acknowledge Bom’s importance. True friendship means nobody will get left behind. They always got each others’ back ♥♥♥  

Blue Bundles

Read, Something About the First Snowfall 1/5

Read, A Tree for a Smile 2/5

Read, Plus Signs on Christmas 3/5

Read, A Kiss for the Future 4/5


“Holy fuck, Niall! It fucking hurts!” You screamed out, your eyes screwing shut. You writhed in the hospital bed, the epidermal not kicking in yet.

Niall held your hand tightly but you squeezed his hand even tighter, your knuckles turning white. The pain was something that was other-worldly. Black dots danced a crossed your vision and you screamed out again as another contraction hit you.

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