Horns and leaves da Mor
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The horned one

Horned Serpent
The horned snake is a common myth in native tribes of eastern northern america. The legend varies from tribe to tribe but they all describe a huge, dragon-like snake with horns and teeth. Although it usually lives in lakes and rivers it can be found on land. In the legends of the native americans the horned serpents are supernatural, possessing abilities such as shapeshifting, invisibility, and hypnotic powers. It could control weather and if a human helped or defeated the serpent it would give them powerful medicine.
For some it is believed that the horned serpent legends may be based upon a real animal, possibly an extinct giant crocodile. Although in the legend the Horned serpent was not regarded as an animal, but a spirit which was well known to the people in the eastern part of north america.

photo from shadowulf1 on warriors of myth wikia