Crystmas with the Crystal Gems.
  • Steven:*wearing a Santa + Rudolph suit* Hey! Why is everything decorated in red and blue?
  • Garnet:Do you like it?
  • Steven:Well...I'm pretty sure I told you red and green...
  • Garnet:*stares quietly*
  • Steven:But...we can just tell everyone we are all colorblind.
  • Pearl:*gags* WHY do we have an open kitchen, Steven? *drops to her knees* I can't take it any longer!
  • Steven:*looks towards the kitchen* AMETHYST, the cookies go into the oven! Don't eat the dough!
  • Amethyst:Sorry! You didn't make it clear!
  • Steven:*rubs Pearls back* Well, at least everyone is

Christmas Boxes For Wildlife Rescue Centres 

Today we will be bringing you ideas of what you could include in a box for a local wildlife rescue centre 

Wildlife centres care for and rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned wildlife with the end result being the release of them back into the wild. 

Their work is so so important!

What can you include in a box for a wildlife centre?

  • Tea Towels
  • Towels
  • Small Knitted blankets 
  • knitted or crochet hats to line birds nests
  • small dishes, shallow and deep ones 
  • cuddly toys for babies to snuggle and cling onto 
  • newspapers, you can shred them into strips too for hedgehogs
  • White kitchen roll 
  • Blue kitchen roll
  • Puppy training pads

Items to check with centres first to see if they need 

  • Fresh Fruit and veg 
  • peanut butter 
  • cheese
  • honey
  • dog biscuits 
  • meat flavoured cat food 
  • bird seed 
  • sunflower seeds 

These are all ideas and if you want to contact centres or check their websites then they will also list items specifically needed :) 

If you do not have the Funds or the time to do all this?

Then do not worry! We are spread out across the UK and our aim is to help as many animals as possible!

You can Donate from as little as £1 via The following Wishlists 

catslover88 will be donating to Katz Castle -  Surrey Amazon list

suchaprettyfire is in the North west of the UK - Amazon List

charitycrochetandknitsforanimals is covering the East MIdlands -Amazon List

For every £1 Donated charitycrochetandknitsforanimals will make and donate a knitted catnip toy or fish, on top of ones already being made to be donated!

p.s i know this one is about wildlife, but this is just to let you know if you help more items will be donated :D

A cat like this could be the cat you sponsor with a Christmas box!

Sandy as you can see has been waiting for a forever home for 2 years!

We can not believe that at all as he is gorgeous!

This is the description of Sandy from the Katz Castle website

Sandy is a large gorgeous ginger and white boy who is looking for a very special new home. He arrived at Katz Castle some months ago as a stray, but, as he was not adopted, he became a popular resident at the shelter.  However he decided after a while to return back to where he’d originally been living rough which meant crossing some busy roads. Although he is dearly loved by everyone at Katz Castle, we cannot have the worry of him doing that again, so he is looking for a new loving home a good distance away from the area, and with someone who will spend lots of time with him.

Sandy is an extremely  friendly and affectionate boy who loves to be stroked. However he can sometimes be unpredictable as we believe he has been cruelly treated in the past, although he has mellowed considerably whilst living at the shelter. Sandy is 4/5 years old. He is a big cat but he has become a bit of a ‘plumpkin’ whilst living at Katz Castle as he loves his food. Sandy would not be suitable to live with children, and he does not like other cats or dogs.

There will be cats, dogs, rabbits, rodents and so many other animals that will be in this situation too and it is so heartbreaking! :(

You can build a box of your own! Or if you are not able to you could donate items from one of the following wishlists

catslover88 will be donating to Katz Castle -  Surrey Amazon list

suchaprettyfire is in the North west of the UK - Amazon List

charitycrochetandknitsforanimals is covering the East MIdlands -Amazon List

For every £1 donate charitycrochetandknitsforanimals will make and donate an extra catnip toy :)

So let’s talk about Mello.

Small, tiny, alone Mello. 

Mello who was not yet Mello, but a little boy named Mihael Keehl. Let’s talk about how he used to get so excited for his birthday each year because it meant that soon there would be gifts for good boys and girls on Christmas Eve. 

Mello who spent his first birthday without his parents hiding under his blankets at Wammy’s House, trying desperately to barter with God. Mello who promised to be the best little boy in the whole wide world if St. Nicholas would just bring his parents home on Christmas Eve. 

Mello throwing himself into homework, tests, learning anything and everything he could get his hands onto. Trying to make himself the best little boy in the whole wide world to hold up his end of the bargain, just in case God and St. Nicholas conspired to make his dreams come true.

Mello realizing that St. Nicholas is a myth, but still desperately believing that God would provide, even in his darkest hour.

Mello hearing, “L is dead”

Mello changing his bargain. If he can’t be the best little boy in the world, he’ll be the toughest. The smartest. The bravest. He’ll do anything and everything to take down L’s murderer, if only God would just bring L back on Christmas Eve.

Mello forgetting his 15th birthday altogether. Mello making his wish belatedly, just days before Christmas, between running drugs for cash through muddy back alleyways, the slush of winter sticking to his boots.

Mello fighting for his life, but wishing for L’s life. His parents’ lives. Wishing for his own life back, a steady life full of schedules instead of uncertainty. Mello washing his hands, never quite scrubbing away the filth of the streets. Mello shivering on his own, no shelter some nights and scary shelter on others.

Mello rising up, becoming more powerful with each passing day. Becoming tougher, smarter, braver. Becoming better every day. Learning the rules of the underworld. Learning manipulation, bribery, thievery. 

Mello forgetting how to wish altogether.