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Close Quarters, by NachoDiablo

Mature / 2,191 words / MWPP / trans!sirius

Summary: Sirius gets bored on a marauders’ road trip to the beach, but Remus is happy to keep him occupied.

Worth the Itch, by NachoDiablo

Teen / 2,621 words / Non-Magic!AU / genderfluid!sirius, demisexual!remus

Summary: Sirius is smitten with the adorable curly-haired boy who stops by their booth at the farmer’s market every week.

Seaside, by NachoDiablo

G / 1,299 words / Post-DH / raising teddy

Summary: Post-war, Wolfstar and Flonks take Teddy to the beach.

Comments: Sooooooo good. First one has really cute boys in love, with it getting heated at the end there. Second one, oh my gosh, the pining is real, and James and Lily had me laughing so much. And lastly, a much needed happy post war fic, with Teddy surrounded by people who love him. Or, @nachodiablo writing amazing fic, as always. <3

Heat, by LadyAmina

Rating: Teen
Word Count: 2,076

Summary: The summer air is too warm. The campfire isn’t helping. Neither is Sirius’s head in his lap. Neither is the burning blood in his veins. Remus is overwhelmed and something has to give.

Comments: I just want to wrap Remus in a blanket and give him tea. He’s too precious. Looooove this fic. <3

Here Comes the Sun, by attheendoftheday

Rating: Not Rated 
Word Count: 3,764

Summary: It’s the summer before their fifth year, and Remus is finally able to spend it at the Potters’.

Comments: Ah, it’s so beautiful. I love the writing in this. It feels like the perfect amount of summer heat, pining, and fluff. It just makes me SO HAPPY INSIDE. 

You Can Have the Best of Me, by jprongs

Rating: Teen
Word Count: 9,025
Type: Non-magic!AU, Modern!AU

Summary: Remus Lupin is home from college for the summer and working as a lifeguard. Everything is golden until Sirius Black walks back into his life.

Comments: I love fics where they used to date and one of them has to win the other back. I don’t know why but I am trash for them. As I am for a sarcastic, slightly-jerky Remus. Lily and James were so cute, too. Just all around great, I really really liked this one.


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Spring/Summer Beach Lookbook 2014

Summer Moons, by Team_Alpha_Wolf_Squadron

Rating: Mature
Word Count: 14,427
Type: Magic!AU

Summary: AU: Sirius is staying at James’ the summer before sixth year when he meets his true love. The problem? He’s a muggle.

Comments: A cute, adolescent, fluffy summer romance. Sirius was so taken with Remus from the moment he saw him.