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if we break up or stop being friends your secrets are still my secrets, i’ll stick to my word regardless

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could you by any chance find a masterlist of secrets for a character?

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These are all the masterlists of secrets that I know of, and they’re all great lists, so have fun with them!

Character Question: Secrets
  1. Is your character good at keeping secrets?
  2. Do people tell your character their secrets?
  3. What’s your character’s darkest secret?
  4. What’s the secret they are most embarrassed about?
  5. Do they have a secret that could ruin their life?
  6. Whom do they tell share their secrets with?
  7. Has anyone ever told your character’s secret to someone they shouldn’t have?
  8. Has your character ever told anyone someone else’s secret?
  9. How far would your character go to protect their secrets?
  10. Does your character write their secrets down anywhere?
What they need you to know
  • Aries: They don't do dangerous things because they need to take risks. They do it to remind themselves of what they really need and they need to feel the animalistic emotion of raw fear sometimes
  • Taurus: Just because they strive to be famous and well-know, it doesn't mean they are materialistic and shallow
  • Cancer: They can be stable and everything you want, but they are brave enough to show their true emotions when other signs fail to do so
  • Gemini: They only have a few friends. As social as they may be, sometimes they lack people they are close to and comfortable with
  • Leo: Although they are often expected to be straight-forward and direct, sometimes they do get insecure but they put up their walls to play the part of the 'happy one'
  • Virgo: Just because they like to be organised, it does not mean they are clean freaks. Disorder and confusion are things they are scared of as it can expose parts of them they don't want you to see
  • Libra: They don't mean to fall in and out of love in the blink of an eye. Their emotions are often unstable but they don't mean to hurt anyone
  • Scorpio: Something made them close off. Someone hurt them so much that every other person suddenly became untrustworthy and cold in their eyes
  • Sagittarius: Their honesty does not apply to themselves. They don't want to face the demons inside them so they cover it up, for themselves and for others
  • Capricorn: They aren't workaholics. They want to live up to expectations of others and often it becomes a struggle to keep up with the twists and turns of life
  • Aquarius: They will deal with things alone because they are scared of what people will think. As much as this sign likes to portray a 'give's 0 sh*ts' demeanour, words sting and people scare them a little
  • Pisces: They are sick of people telling them their dreams are unrealistic. This sign thrives on ambition and it cuts them to the core when their aspirations are cut down so quickly
No Secrets.

Have you ever thought how it would be,
to wear your heart for all to see:
to wear your heart upon your sleeve,
so the world could watch you as you grieve.

To wear your heart upon your breast,
and show the world you do your best;
to bare your heart all pierced with thorns,
to show the world your daemons horns.

For all  the world to see you true,
and to have no secrets left in you:
to bare your soul where e’er you go,
to sin and let the whole world know.

Ambrose Harte
Scattered Thoughts