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02/18 HAPPY MISAWADAY!! — ヾ(`◇´)ノ彡✧♡٩(ര̀ᴗര́ )

how you get six books into Rivers of London and not realise that essays on the police system are an essential part of the whole thing I genuinely do not understand 

aries: the little leader of their friend group. does the hard thing. probably finds a lot of their friends annoying and/or ignorant. is either having the worst or best time of their life, there is no middle ground. shows people new things and then regrets not keeping it to themselves. needs a nap.

taurus: wants to fight literally everyone. sometimes says offensive things and has no clue why it was offensive. is probably going through their “random phase” and still uses XD. sends memes in the group chat. is refreshing in the sense that there are still people with kind hearts out there.

gemini: always has an excuse for everything, may it be shitty or not. is “afraid of confrontation”. about 90% of the conversations with them involve something they’re passionate about. picks up phrases that their friends say and say them all the time.

cancer: low-key thinks that they are better than most people. plays like thirty million sports. would be the most prepared for a zombie apocalypse. would try to protect their reputation at almost all costs. manipulative to a point but tries their best.

leo: more artistically talented than athletically. changes depending on who they are with, may it be texting style or their sense of humor. is smart in one way but completely clueless in another. would do anything for one or two people, even if those people wouldn’t do the same for them.

virgo: probably has a million unfinished projects. double and then triple and then quadruple texts you. needs space. laughs at literally everything and gets louder as they get more enthusiastic. can’t let go of someone, even if they’re long gone.

libra: really preppy. a full-blown thespian. cringes over the phases and friends that they used to have. has good intentions but sometimes they can fall flat. probably had a cat phase.

scorpio: wears a lot of black. is a smartass. isn’t afraid to call people out on their bullshit. has the weird “i’m mad at you because you’re mad at me” mentality. probably knows all of your secrets. is the friend that you force to interact with people when you’re too scared to.

sagittarius: that really attractive and really athletic person that you want to hate but they’re a sweetheart so you can’t. probably prefers having one or two close friends as opposed to a lot of acquaintances. is quiet around people they don’t know very well.

capricorn: are too afraid to say anything when people talk shit about someone/something that they like. has the weirdest sense of humor ever. a little bit of a perfectionist. has quirks that they thought were normal until someone else pointed them out.

aquarius: are exceptional at having people only see the side of them that they want to be shown. can make almost anybody laugh and are probably one of the kindest people you can ever see. are not above bending or breaking the rules so things can work out in their favor.

pisces: is tired of being categorized as the crybaby/overemotional sign even though it’s really accurate. probably has no clue what is happening. is better at communicating with animals than people. has lots of useless trivia in their head.

paying rent and doing laundry to celebrate halloween because adult responsibilities are spooky scary

signs + dating them

Pros: the chemistry is insane. you will feel mentally and physically attracted to them.
Cons: they are really hard on themselves and might shut you out. can sometimes be a little too intense.

Pros: they can cook or at least make mac and cheese. love cuddling and are super loyal.
Cons: can have a hard time opening up and it might seem personal. they might be annoyingly lazy at times.

Pros: romantics and will always put your feelings and needs first. adorable little geeks super smart.
Cons: can over think things and might get upset for wrong reasons. might make you feel intellectually inferior.

Pros: someone that you can really trust. will be really good with commitments and treat you right.
Cons: will never tell you what’s wrong bc they don’t like conflict. can get sometimes very defensive.

Pros: will have some of the best memories with them. never a dull moment and they’re super hot.
Cons: sometimes can get too wild and might not always be loyal. can hurt your feelings because not that sensitive.

 the sweetest person ever and will always consider your feelings. adorable yet mature and serious.
Cons: they will feel bad about themselves but take your reassurances with a grain of salt. can be overly sensitive.

Pros: really good kissers. can be really flirty and make you feel special.
Cons: sometimes their outgoing nature can leave you in the dust. playful teasing could get annoying.

someone you can always trust and have understand you. really intense sexually and emotionally
Cons: can sometimes be too intense or serious and fill the room with bad vibes. can shut down.

 a little goofball. you will always have fun with them and they love connecting mentally.
Cons: will never really commit or like to be super serious. can give mixed signals or be really immature.

Pros: will make you feel special. someone who will always be loyal and trustworthy.
Cons: very very controlling. can be manipulative with or without knowing.

Pros: they’re always up to try new things. will never make you feel uncomfortable.
Cons: sometimes they can’t be the big person in situations and it can lead to problems. can be a little too aggressive.

you will pee yourself laughing with them. they will be your best friend.
Cons: they will close up without telling you why. miscommunication can turn into a problem.


11 • 01 • 2017 | My new cell phone theme, I loved the way I edited, with the applications I use most, with the beautiful music player, meteriological information, basic theme, but it is still cute. My inspiration of the day. Using a super cute wallpaper found on tumblr. 🌿📱


would you like to save your game? ♡


“Maybe it’s impossible to live life without any regrets. Even when you know the future… you’ll still mess up.“ 

orange wallpapers requested by anonymous ☆

i don’t think that one of the jacobis is real and the other is fake. both sounded very convincing; both were able to answer maxwell’s questions; both were able to speak in a profoundly human way, which hasn’t previously been true of the dear listeners. 

think about lovelace in ‘variations on a theme’: that episode may be highly conceptual in nature, but the three versions of her talking are very explicitly engaging with and disrupting the linearity of the story. it also shows multiple versions of her engaging with one another. they talk about past, future, and present as overlapping, simultaneous, ensnared in one another. lovelace talks about repetition: 

lovelace: and then…

second lovelace: rewind.

and at the same time:

third lovelace: fast-forward.

lovelace: I’m back. go straight to the hephaestus. do not pass go. do not collect two hundred dollars. 

third lovelace: meet the new gang

second lovelace: same as the old gang

lovelace: sequel’s never as good as the first movie.

again, this episode is highly conceptual: it is arguable that the three lovelace’s are simply a function of lovelace’s traumatized, sleep deprived, paranoid mind. it is possible that their interactions and statements have no narrative consequence. but the last time we had a conceptual episode dealing with the minds and thought processes of characters, it came back in a big way with the door that wasn’t there on any of the previous missions. what we assumed was metaphor became a physical reality with which to be engaged. what was peripheral became centered.

in light of this episode, and in light of the two equally convincing jacobi’s carrying the same knowledge and the same fears, i can’t help but think that this isn’t as simple as one of them being fake and the other being real. i don’t think that there is a simple answer to which is the original and which is a replica. is it not possible that they are both real? that they have, in some way relating to the star, been split or duplicated? 

lovelace lost three years of her life. it was claimed that her craft fell into the star. whether or not this is the case, it is confirmed by hera that her shuttle’s computer appears to have never even been turned on before her encounter with the new hephaestus crew.  she came back, after three years of being missing, in a ship that had certainly not experienced three years of space flight: we don’t know what happened to her, but whatever it was doesn’t make sense in the context of a linear progression of time. she seems to have almost been out of time, blinking back into the narrative world from nothingness. she also expresses uncertainty as to who she is after this gap, stating “it’s all different. it’s all the same. rhea. hera. selberg. hilbert. lovelace. me. whoever I am now.” I initially interpreted this as an alienation from self as a result of her trauma, but now I think it might also be very literal. 

so here’s the thing. lovelace as we know her now may not be lovelace as she was when she embarked on her mission with her original crew. but based on everything we’ve seen of her, and on ‘variations on a theme’ in particular, I don’t think she’s an evil double. in her internal monologue, she has shown herself to be profoundly hurt, desperate, human. we see her at her most intimate, and she’s a terrified, angry, traumatized woman trying to survive and trying to save as many people as possible. whether she is the original or not, whether she has been changed or not, she is real, and she is a person. i think the same is true for jacobi. i think he has, in some way, been repeated: copied, made real in two places and moments. i think both are real, and both were scared, and one was made to die horrifically all alone in the cold. i think lovelace made a terrible, cruel choice that also made perfect sense given the lack of knowledge and context she has for this. i think we’re going to see a lot more doubles as the show progresses. i think we’re going to see more overt disruptions of linear time around wolf 359. 


you and me, we make each other better, we may not be perfect but we’re perfect together~♡