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send me a heart to learn something about my muse!
  • ❤: does my muse consider themselves a romantic?
  • ♡: how does my muse act, consciously and/or subconsciously, around people they are romantically interested in?
  • ❥: what is my muse's ideal date?
  • ღ: how does my muse feel about displays of affection in public and/or in private?
  • 💕: how does my muse express their feelings? do they do through small but meaningful gestures, or through bold declarations?
  • 💘: how does my muse act/react when they first realize that they had a crush on somebody?
  • 💝: what would my muse consider a "perfect gift"?
  • 💓: how does my muse feel about physical intimacy?
  • 💌: how would my muse go about confessing to someone they liked? would they do it indirectly or directly, or maybe not at all?
  • 💟: what are three traits that my muse looks for in a partner?
  • 💙: how would my muse handle seeing their object of affection falling in love with someone else?
  • 💚: how does my muse feel about love? about falling in love? about being in love?
  • 💜: how long might it take for my muse to say "i love you" for the first time?
  • 💛: does my muse believe in love-at-first-sight? in soulmates? in fate?
One-Word OC Prompts

Short and sweet, unless you want to write a couple paragraphs of elaboration! Tell us about your OCs with one word…

  1. that describes what/how they want to be
  2. that describes what/how they least want to be
  3. that describes their foremost goal(s)
  4. that describes their deepest fear(s)
  5. that describes their current life situation
  6. that describes their #aesthetic (feel free to kick it up to two or three words if you have to)
  7. that describes their family (or immediate familial friendgroup)
  8. that describes them as a whole
Those ugly character interpretations

“Abusive Reyes”

“Hanzo is a remorseless and heartless murderer.”

“76 is racist and problematic. He intentionally stole the Commander title from Reyes”

“Mercy is also racist and cruel. She has no value on the lives of others and experiments on POC”

Please take these trash away


He makes me really happy! 

But then again I’m pretty sure he’s also the only reason I’m alive Brian was once partnered with me on a mission and he left me out in the woods with a broken leg and if that’s not an assassination attempt I’m not sure what is.

He has murder in his eyes.

Guys why did no one tell me about Deep Space 9

Princess Sakura Acute of Hoshido is ready to fight the forces of Embla! There’s just one problem: clerics like her are not exactly good at battling… She needs other heroes to help her save Askr. If your muse would like to join the Order of Heroes, add them to this group photo dressed up as a Fire Emblem character! (Also, don’t forget to make it transparent! It makes it easier for other people to add their characters.)

Let’s go! :▷

A very important discovery has been made!

You guys all recall the (devastatingly beautiful) piece of music that plays when Sherlock smashes Molly’s coffin in TFP? 

Right. Well.  

Turns out that particular phrase - the fifteen gorgeous notes played almost exclusively by the orchestra’s string section - are also featured on the soundtrack of ‘Casino Royale’, (for which we also have David Arnold’s wonderful compositional talents to thank).

But get this, they were used in the theme of one specific character. And guess who that character was…

Vesper Lynd! 

Yep, Vesper - ubiquitously the only woman with whom Bond ever actually fell in love. Or so seems to be the general consensus, from what I have so far been able to research on the subject. It is widely assumed that, were it not for Vesper’s untimely death, she and Bond may have ended up together. Her loss in Casino Royale is thought to have been the main driving force behind Bond’s cold, inscrutable and ultimately emotionally-avoidant persona that is manifest throughout the following films. But with Vesper… it was perhaps the closest we’ve ever seen Bond to surrendering himself to a life of domesticity. 

Someone pointed out this fact in the comment section for the Season 4 soundtrack. 

The piece itself is simply called ‘Vesper’ and can be found both on YouTube and Spotify :) 

Bruce: It’s been days since I’ve last bathed.

Michael: Yeah, this chick is weird.

Lawrence: [OOC] That’s real sexy.

Geoff: [OOC] Somebody’s in heat.

Bruce: Bojingles—

Elyse: Shattercock, I just cleaned you two days ago!

Bruce: [unbothered] Bojingles, my thighs rub together when I walk and it creates skin that kinda comes off, flakes off a little bit—I don’t know if you know that. I’ve got the thigh gap! But the—but the larger thighs rub together, there’s a lot of skin, anyways—

Geoff: [OOC] I don’t want to do this with you. [quitely] I’m very uncomfortable.

Bruce: I need you to soap up my thighs. Will you do that for me?

Geoff: [awkward, uncomfortable gibberish] 

Elyse: [OOC] Grimo is glaring. He is glaring at [Bojingles]. This is his job!

Geoff: I’ll be honest with you, lady. I’ma assume this is a, uh, Tiefling thing and I was actually raised by something called Halflings. Uh, and I’ve never been among the Tieflings—

Bruce: [OOC] Shattercock shoves the soap into his hand, pulls down her pants, and goes:

Bruce: [excitedly] Okay, go!

Geoff: [OOC] All right, I’ll beat her off. I mean, her thighs or whatever.

Bruce: Shattercock is not that kind of woman!

Bruce: [OOC] I’m all soaped up. I’m ready to go.

Geoff: This is hot. Where did you get the soap from?

Bruce: [OOC] It was one of the items.

anonymous asked:

I'm curious of what you think about pairings like Gintoki x Kagura, Gintoki x Shinpachi, and Shinpachi x Kagura? I personally see them as a family even though they're not related. I see Gintoki-San as their parent or older sibling but that could just be me?

I think pairing Gintoki with one of his kids is disgusting and I want no part of it.

I could see someone maybe pairing Shinpachi and Kagura in the Be Forever Yorozuya universe or something, but even then, I have no interest in it. 

The three of them are a family, Sorachi has made that very clear, and in recent chapters all Gintoki has really wanted is to get back to his apartment and be the Yorozuya with his kids. He has been their dad since he gave them piggyback rides, let’s be real.

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you:

who has the weirdest pre-sneeze face:

who gets embarrassed by their sneezes:

who unfailingly fails to stifle:

who has the most dramatic build-up:

who tries to “help” the other sneeze:

who is prone to endless fits:

who does everything in their power not to sneeze:

who tries to disguise their sneezes as something else:

who is always surprised by their sneezes:

who always forgets to cover: