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03.12.17 // It took me all Saturday to make, but it is finally done! ^-^ A handmade binder cover for my book of shadows. I decided to stick with a “mori-kei” style, rather than the traditional “witchy” look. As a finishing touch, I embroidered on a dandelion in hopes that my wishes come true and that my knowledge takes flight. 

Happy (belated) birthday Mori!! It was 2 days ago but I missed it T_T sorry for the crappy gif quality…

(Headcanon that Mori hates birthdays because he thinks that everyone’s just trying to tell him he’s getting older and is going to be replaced soon but everyone just wants to celebrate their boss’ birthday)

Today was calm and warm, just as I aspire to be. I’ve always admired vintage bits and bobs, from clothing to interior, homes, music, photos… It’s almost as if you can reach into the past with the stories these designs paint for you. I hope to one day surround myself with beautiful antiques, pieces that seem to have time stopped in its tracks. Still, I know that no matter how I may love what used to be, it’s important to remember and care for the present, as well as the future, as tenderly as the past. Live and love for what you have now as greatly as you would with what could have been or used to be. ♡